Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


9. Attacking Fort Frostmouth

 Katsu is sitting at a table with Wendy at the guild. Katsu is leaning in his chair with his eyes closed and his purple scarf flowing behind him as the wind blows. Carla is reading a book carefully watching Wendy as she is sitting next to Katsu. Snowy is curled up and sleeping on the table.

 "Uh, Katsu. Want to go on a request?" Wendy asks nervously. Katsu opens one eye. 

 "Sure, its not like I got anything else to do." Katsu says as he is rocking the back legs of the chair. Wendy smiles. She gets up and offers him a hand. He doesn't notice it and he gets up on his own. Wendy frowns. Carla flies close to Wendy.

 "Miss, what are you doing?! Are you trying to make him like you?" Carla asks scolding Wendy. Wendy lowers her head. 

 "I'm trying to be friendly." Wendy says. Katsu is already at the request board. He picks a quest and then he turns around and bumps into Erza, who was standing behind him. 

 "Sorry about that, I have an offer for you and Wendy. I have a request for all of us, and I was wondering if you wanted to go on it." Erza says. 

 "Well me and Wendy was going on a request, but how much is it paying?" Katsu asks. Erza looks at the request and looks back at him. 

 "Five-thousand and thirty jewels." Erza says. Katsu's mouth drops. 

 "Are you kidding?! That will be enough jewels to pay off my rent for years!" Katsu yells excited. Snowy wakes up and looks at Katsu punching in the air. 

 "Wh-what just happened? Did he become a S-Class mage?" Snowy asks still sleepy. Wendy looks at Snowy.

 "He is going on a request with Erza for five-thousand and thirty jewels." Wendy says. She sighs and walks off. Katsu runs after her. 

 "Hey Wendy! We're going on a quest with Erza for a shit load of jewels! A fucking shit load!" Katsu says still excited. Wendy looks back. 

 "Why are you asking me to join you when you have Erza?" Wendy asks gloomy. Katsu tilts his head. 

 "Because you're my partner. If I join a quest, so do you." Katsu says smiling. Wendy feels better because she was always alone except those times she went with Natsu on quests. She was finaly accepted as someones pernament partner. She smiles and winks at Katsu. 

 "Alright, i'm coming to!" Wendy says cheerfully. Katsu smiles. He and Wendy walk to where Erza is standing. Erza is standing with Gray. Gray has a white collared shirt and dark green pants, and blue boots. He has his hands in his pocket and his eyes are closed. Katsu walks up to them. Katsu crosses his arms, and looks at how bored Gray looks. Gray opens his eyes and looks at Katsu. 

 "So you're Katsu Dragsteel right?" Gray asks. 

 "Yeah, and you're Gray Fullbuster. We've met before." Katsu says. Gray looks at Katsu's cloths. 

 "You was wearing a white and black jacket with black pants. This time you're wearing a red and black jacket with white pants." Gray says. "Now I know who you are." He offers a handshake and Katsu smiles and shakes his hand. Juvia faints and Gray looks behind him and see's nothing. He shurgs. 


 A few hours later Erza and the group are in the forest walking to the fort. Katsu is walking with Wendy and Snowy is sitting on Katsu's shoulder. Carla is also on Wendy's shoulder. Wendy looks up at Katsu. 

 "So where are we going?" Wendy asks. Katsu looks down at her. 

 "Fort Frostmouth. Its suppose to be this powerful fort with dark mages guarding it." Katsu says, he looks forward. Wendy gulps when he says "dark mages." Erza leads the group and Gray follows behind her. They stop at a sign that says "Fort Frostmouth." 

 "This is it guys. Make sure you are ready." Erza says. She countine to walk to the fort. They get to the fort and there are a few mages walking around. Most of them are in hoods. Some of them are on guard, and some are just talking. Gray gets into his Ice Make stance. Erza summons her sword. Katsu lights his fists on fire, and Snowy goes into his jacket. Wendy gets ready to fight, while Carla goes behind her. Erza signals them to go ahead and attack. Gray makes the Seven Blade Ice Dance and he runs into the fort. Erza runs in with her sword and slashes some of the men. Katsu runs in behind Erza and punches the men she misses. Wendy fights on her own and she keeps an eye on Katsu. One of the men try to attack Katsu with a magic blast, but Katsu moves his shoulder out of the way while he runs and then Katsu knees the man in the stomach and then uppercuts him, making him fall on his back. Gray strikes the men with his ice blades and they fall on the ground as his strikes them. Erza summons swords to attack the men running into the fort. She makes the swords hit the men and they go into the door of the fort. She runs in and their is a big muscular man that has an axe. He summons another one. "I'll take this one. You three go on ahead." Erza says as she summons one of her armors. Katsu and Wendy nod. They run up the stairs. Katsu hits the men that come and attack them. Wendy dodges the bodies that fall from the stairs. Wendy then jumps on Katsu's back. 

 "Mind if I get a piggy-back ride?" Wendy asks holding onto Katsu's neck. Katsu smiles with his eyes closed. 

 "Haha! Sure!" Katsu says laughing. He Wendy wraps her legs around his waist and he punches the men that come at them. Wendy hides her head by laying it on Katsu's back. He runs up to the next floor. He stops at the floor.  

 "Is something wrong?" Wendy asks lifting her head over Katsu's shoulder. 

 "No, but something isn't right on this floor." Katsu says as he lets Wendy down. "I might have a hard time fighting someone here." Katsu says as he lights his fists on fire. A magic ninja knife goes toward Katsu. He hears a sharp sound, and he ducks and the magic knife disappears as it hits the wall. Katsu looks up at where it came from. A man in a ninja hood and ninja cloths is standing on one of the open windows. 

 "You made a dumb decsion coming to attack our fort." The man says. He jumps down and then looks at Katsu. 

 "I made a dumb decsion. You're the one facing a Dragon Slayer." Katsu says smiling. "A matter of fact, two." Katsu looks over his should at Wendy, who is nervous. "You ready wendy?" She snaps out of her nervous shaking and she gets serious.

 "Yes." Wendy says. Katsu nods and looks at the man who is now two feet from punching Katsu. Katsu was to slow and he gets punched in the face and he flips on the ground and the his back hits the wall. The man makes magic shrunkens at Katsu. Wendy gets in the way and she makes wind around her and they disappear. "I won't let you hurt Katsu!" Wendy's hair is now pink and wind is surrounding her body. Her eyes are narrowed and she is looking seriously at the man. He closes his eyes. 

 "Ah, the Sky Dragon Slayer Wendy Marvell." The man says. "Since I know your name, you should know mine. Its Gyru Kadashi." Gyru says. Wendy doesn't lower her guard. Katsu holds his arm, and then he gets up. He sees Wendy's new appearance, 

 "W-Wendy?" Katsu asks. He holds his arm. Wendy looks back and nods. 

 "Just stay away from this fight Katsu. I don't want you to get hurt." Wendy says. "I can take this one." Wendy looks back at Gyru. He sends some more magic shrunkens at Wendy. She makes a wind circle around her arm and she punches the shrunkens and then she tries to hit Gyru. He dodges her attack and she slides on the concrete floor. Gyru sends a sword her way and Wendy dodges it. She flies into the air with her wind boost, and attacks Gyru in mid air. Gyru dodges and blacks her attacks. Wendy then dodges one of his attacks and she punches him in the ribs. Gyru falls on the ground and then get gets up. Wendy charges for her Sky Dragon Roar. Gyru makes some magic shrunkens and they go toward Wendy. Katsu makes a Neo Fire Dragon Roar hit the shrunkens and they disappear. 

 "Sky Dragon Roar!" Wendy says making wind come from her mouth and at Gyru. He gets slammed into the wall and it breaks making him fall on the ground. Wendy looks at Katsu. "We did it!" Wendy says hugging Katsu. Katsu was shocked and looks at her. She looks up at him and her eyes are sparklying. Katsu also smiles. Erza comes up from the stairs with Gray. 

 "There are three more people we have to fight." Erza says. "We took out two of them. The last one is the boss of the fort, and we need to not use much magic energy." Erza walks to Katsu and Wendy. Gray has scratches on him and his shirt is off. Katsu only has one of his sleeves gone. Wendy is perfectly fine just like Erza. Snowy comes out of Katsu's jacket. 

 "We'll need to work together on the last one so lets take the next to people out fast." Katsu says. 

 "I argee." Wendy says. They run to the stairs and up to the next floor

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