Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy

Katsu Dragsteel is a Flame Demon Dragon Slayer who is trying to be the best mage possible. He encounters Erza Scarlet, then his journey at Fairy Tail begins. He faces off with some of the powerful mages such as: Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Jellal Ferndenaz, and some new faces in Magnolia. He faces other hard challenges in his way to the top, by exploring ancient ruins, ambushing an enemy guild, and many other things.


13. A Day With Yuki

 Katsu wakes up at Yuki's inn. Yuki's inn is closed until 8 a.m, some of the waitresses are already there. The morning sun shines through his window and he sees that Snowy must have already gotten up. He gets out of bed and walks out of his room and he closes the door behind him. He walks to the stairs and he walks down them. One of the waitress sees him. 

 "Good morning Katsu. I heard you joined a guild." The waitress says. Her chin length blonde hair moves as she turns her head toward Katsu. 

 "Good morning to you too Kate. Yeah I did." Katsu says. He stretches and yawns. "Where is Snowy?" Katsu asks. Kate smiles. 

 "He is in the kitchen trying to find leftover fish people had thrown away." Kate says. "Yuki is still in her room. You should probably wake her up." Kate winks at Katsu. Katsu turns around and walks upstairs. He turns toward Yuki's room, and he opens the door. He sees Yuki undressed without any cloths covering her lady parts. She is brushing her hair. Katsu's cheeks turn a bright red in embarrassment. He shuts the door and tries to get the redness from his face. Luckily Yuki didn't see him, or she would have gotten angry and punched Katsu in the face like she did when they was kids. One night Katsu accidentally walked in on Yuki in the bathroom, and Yuki punched him in the face and called him a pervert. Katsu didn't see anything that time, but this time Katsu saw everything.  

 Katsu quickly calms down and gently knocks on her door. 

 "Wait a minute i'm not dressed yet." Yuki says from the other side of the door. 

 "Well no shit." Katsu thought. He leans on the hallway wall and waits. The door opens and Yuki has a black v-neck shirt with some sweat pants on. 

 "Oh, so what is it Katsu?" Yuki asks standing in the doorway. 

 "Kate wanted to tell me to tell you that some of the waitresses are already here." Katsu says. Yuki nods. 

 "Thank you, but today i'm off, so I was going to the mall. Wanna go?" Yuki says. Katsu stretches his arms out above his head. 

 "Well, I do got a job now. So I guess I can go." Katsu says. Yuki smiles. 

 "I'll be ready in just a few minutes." Yuki says. She backs up in her room and closes the door. Katsu turns toward his room and he shuts the door also. He takes off his shirt and lays it on the bed. He goes to his closet and puts on a white short sleeved button up shirt. He then grabs a black vest and puts it on. He walks to his dresser and takes out a dark pair of blue jeans and puts them on. He puts on black ankle socks and a pair of white and grey sneakers. He stands up and looks at himself in the mirror. He grabs his scarf as he walks out of the door. He goes downstairs and he wraps it around his neck and leaves both ends over his shoulder. Kate looks at him. 

 "Who are you trying to impress?" Kate says teasing Katsu. 

 "To be honest myself." Katsu says standing in one of those men modeling poses. Kate chuckles. 

 "You're something else aren't ya." Kate says. She begins to cook. 

 "Yeah." Katsu says. He waits for Yuki to come out of her room. A few minutes later Yuki comes out of her room. She has her hair up in a pony tail with a violet bow. She has on a hot pink v-neck shirt that has a light blue spatter paint heart on it. She is wearing a black skirt. and high black socks with black boots that come just below her knees. 

 "Guys i'm taking a day off." Yuki says. Kate nods her head. Yuki walks to Katsu who is standing at the front door. She grabs her purse and she opens the door and they go out. "I have a question for you." Yuki says.

 "Okay what is it?" Katsu asks as they walk on the sidewalk. 

 "Do you even like shopping?" Yuki asks. 

 "Well since i'm a guy no, but its something new to do." Katsu says. Yuki nods. 

 "Yeah you are right." Yuki says. 

 "Your mother told me that girls love to shop." Katsu says. Yuki giggles.

 "She is right about that. I go shopping every Friday. That's how I found that scarf, and your new outfit. Which it seems you like it, because you're always wearing it." Yuki says looking at the scarf.

 "Yeah, don't you know purple is my favorite color?" Katsu asks. 

 "Yeah, that's why I bought it." Yuki smiles. "You look good in it too." Yuki says. 

 "Thanks." Katsu says. They get to a mall and they walk to the girls section. Yuki picks out a black dress. She finds some of her favorite kind of shirts, so she gets a few of them. She goes to the bra and panties section, Katsu just waited outside the store. Yuki comes out and smiles at Katsu and says how much of a gentlemen he was. Katsu just rolled his eyes. She goes to the other girls apparel. She picks out some shorts, skirts, and pants. She gets through with her shopping. She asks if Katsu wanted to buy anything and he said no. They buy her cloths. The cashier made a minor mistake we she asked if his "wife" loved shopping. When Katsu heard the words "your wife" his skin went pale and he felt sick. Yuki just giggled and said that they aren't dating that they are like siblings. The cashier laughed at her mistake. Yuki took Katsu out of the mall and into the nearby park. They sit at a bench after they get ice cream. Yuki has chocolate ice cream while Katsu has vanilla. Yuki licks her ice cream. Katsu just stares at it. Yuki looks at him. 

 "Have you not eaten an ice cream before?" Yuki asks. Katsu looks at her. 

 "I never tried it. So no." Katsu says. Yuki giggles. 

 "You're suppose to lick it." Yuki says. 

 "Lick it? Why?" Katsu asks. 

 "Katsu its melting. Here i'll show you." Yuki licks her ice cream. "That's how you are suppose to do it." Yuki says looking at him. Katsu hesitates to lick the ice cream. He continues to lick the side of the ice cream that is melting. "See, that's all you do." Yuki says. She licks her ice cream. They finish their ice cream. Yuki and Katsu sit back on the bench. Katsu taps his fingers together. Yuki watched the birds fly over the trees. She looks at Katsu. "Its been a long time since we hanged out like this." Yuki says. 

 "Yeah, to be honest I missed it. We always had fun." Katsu says. He looks at Yuki. Their eyes locked on each others. 

 "Its always fun when we're together." Yuki says. She looks back at the sky. 

 "Yeah, it was." Katsu looks at a child and her mother. He smiles, because it reminded him of Erasteel. He looks back at Yuki. "So do you want to go to anything next?" Katsu asks. Yuki looks at him. 

 "We can go to someplace fun like the amusement park." Yuki says. Katsu nods. A few hours later Katsu and Yuki arrive at a amusement park. Yuki takes him to a roller-coaster. Katsu gets in and so does Yuki. The roller-coaster starts up slow and builds up speed. Yuki was having fun and Katsu was too. Next they go into a maze. Yuki and Katsu made it out in a hour. They took a rest by sitting on the benches near the canteens. They went through a haunted house. Yuki got scared and Katsu accidentally punched one of the pop ups and it lighted on fire. They luckily put it out. Yuki scolded Katsu for punching it. Katsu's excuse was it scared him so he punched it. Yuki rolls her eyes. They left the amusement park. Katsu and Yuki are sitting on a bench looking at the ocean. Yuki thought it was beautiful, and that she always wanted to get married on a beach or at least have her honeymoon there. She asked Katsu where he wanted to get married, and he said he doesn't know. They are walking down the sidewalk to a fast food place. They get something to eat and drink. 

 "That hit the spot!" Katsu says wiping his lips. Yuki nods. 

 "Yeah it did." Yuki says. They go out of the fast food place and walk to a dancing place. Katsu was not going to a dancing place, but Yuki wanted to go. They had to change outfits, but Katsu refused so he danced in the outfit he was in. Yuki put on her black dress to see if it fit her, and it did. Some people were there dancing. Yuki took Katsu's hand and started to try and slow ance with him. Katsu had no rhythm so he messed up. The slow dance song was almost over. 

 "This song is really sad." Katsu says.

 "Yeah it is." Yuki says. She was moving to the song, and Katsu tried to keep up. She put her hand on his shoulder and her other hand on his chest. She stepped back and pushed herself into his chest like she saw on a movie. "That is hander than it looks." Yuki says. She looks at Katsu. He looks at her. 

 "When this song is over do, you want to go?" Katsu asks.

 "Yeah, its getting late." Yuki says. The slow danced some more and when the song ended Katsu and Yuki left. She put on her outfit she had on to start the day. They walked to a hill and Katsu sat near a tree. Yuki sat beside him. "So how was your day?" Yuki asks looking into the starry night sky. 

 "It was fun. It brought back a lot of old memories." Katsu says. He plays with a flower that has eight peddles. 

 "Yeah, you still couldn't dance like always. When we had our school dance back in school, you stepped on my toe and you almost sprained it. I got so mad." Yuki says. "But then my mother told me it wasn't your fault, that you stepped in the wrong place." Yuki giggles at the memory. 

 "Yeah, and also how we went swimming a lot during the summer." Katsu says. He is still playing with the flower. 

 "Yeah, you had to save me because I got pushed into the deep end and you jumped in after me." Yuki says. "I still remember how you almost drowned." 

 "Yeah, those memories are the best." Katsu says. Yuki looks at him. She scooted next to him. She rested her head on his shoulder. 

 "I'm a bit sleepy." Yuki says. She fights her eyes to stay awake. 

 "Yeah, its getting really late." Katsu says. He lays back on the tree. "I guess we could sleep here." Katsu says. 

 "You know we can't do that, we'll get cold." Yuki says. Katsu laughed. 

 "That's right." Katsu says. 


Moments later Katsu and Yuki was laying on Yuki's bed. Katsu had a black shirt on with white boxers. Yuki had on a dark red v-neck shirt with light blue booty shorts. She was laying across the bed and Katsu was laying on his stomach in the same direction as Yuki. They was fast asleep. Snowy was sleeping on the dresser. Yuki moved in her sleep and got closer to Katsu. Katsu also moved in his sleep to get closer to Yuki. 

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