Say the Words

Every person grows up to be 16, right? Well in this world, when you turn 16, 3 words magically appear above your belly button. These are the exact words your one true love will say to you. No one knows what words are written on you besides yourself. Aron, the main character, is turning 16 tomorrow. She's heard the rumors, but doesn't believe them at all. Oh, and one more thing, the words disappear temporarily when someone is looking. They are gone forever when you get with you one true love. See what happens in Say the Words!

This is for the 'Create your own worlds' competition!!


4. present time!!

I've been opening presents for the last half hour. When I got to the last one, it read 'to Aron. The light of my life and my very best friend. Love you. Love katylynn!' I smiled at the hand painted paper that covered the box.

I opened carefully, trying not to rip the paper much. Luckily, I didn't. Only a few tiny rips. Inside was exactly 16 bottles of hair dye. 2 of each color. There was red, blue (light and dark), platinum, grey, purple, magenta, and, lastly, dark orange. Under all if that was a $200 gift receipt to a hair salon. This was, by far, all hands down, my favorite gift.

Finally I squealed out "OH MY GID THANK YOU SO MUCH KATYLYNN!!!!" I was ecstatic.

{*later that night*}

I looked at myself in the mirror one last time that day. My dress was beautiful. 'I'll save it for my kids.' I thought to myself. Still in front of my mirror, I took off my dress and found something on my stomach. I couldn't really see what it was so I thought it was just dirt. I took everything off and got into the shower.

When I was done in the shower I brushed my hair. I could still see the little black things. I decided to go downstairs and ask my mom. I already had my night clothes on when I went down.

A/N: I hope you guys liked that one! It was my fave so far. See why Aron likes the gift from katylynn next! Keep reading. Like. Comment. Fan.

Love you tootsies!!!!

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