Say the Words

Every person grows up to be 16, right? Well in this world, when you turn 16, 3 words magically appear above your belly button. These are the exact words your one true love will say to you. No one knows what words are written on you besides yourself. Aron, the main character, is turning 16 tomorrow. She's heard the rumors, but doesn't believe them at all. Oh, and one more thing, the words disappear temporarily when someone is looking. They are gone forever when you get with you one true love. See what happens in Say the Words!

This is for the 'Create your own worlds' competition!!


7. meeting him

I went to my bedroom and looked at my calendar. I had an appointment at the hair salon. I got ready and picked out some colors I wanted. I used the gift card and hair colors from katylynn. I've been wanting to do bright or unnatural colors since I saw one of my cousins with bright orange hair. I got in the car and drove off.

When I arrived I was greeted by a lady at the front desk. "Hello! How may I help you?"

"I have an appointment under Aron Apriles."

"Ok! Right this way!" She cheered and took me away from the front seat and to a seat. I sat down and she left me alone, waiting for the stylist. I was tracing my pointer finger along the words on my stomach. They read 'so, what will we be doing with this beautiful stuff?" I went around the whole city trying to find the special person. It's been a month and I finally gave up. If thought 'if it's fate, don't push it. It'll come to you.' Right?

I was then approached by a young man. I looked at his name tag. It read 'Kyle'. He was probably my age, if not, a little bit older. He was looking at my hair and played with it a bit. After about a minute, he says "so, what will we be doing with this beautiful stuff?" And I'm speechless. I couldn't think. 'Say something, Aron!' Was the only thing going through my mind. Besides the fact that he's my one true love.


I was waiting for her to say something. Anything. It was getting awkward. "Ma'am?" I asked.

"Oh, right, I was thinking platinum or blue?" She said, pulling out colors. And at that moment, I knew why she wasn't speaking. I'm her one true love. She's mine.

I got up the courage to finally talk. "How bout both? I can ombré. Platinum ombréd into blue."

"Sound perfect" she smiled

{*2 hours later*} (still in Kyle's POV)

We talked for about 2 hours. It was the best time ever. I learned her name was Aron. Aron. Wow. That was a beautiful name. She stood up and I asked for her number.

"Oh! Right. 862-354-1391. And I wanna tell you something. At lunch? We can go to Starbucks?" She asked.

"I get off at 11:30. See you there?" And she nodded her head yes.


I got ready for lunch with Kyle. He was amazing, charming, funny, cute, and I loved the way his smile made his dimples deepen. At 11:45 I arrived at Starbucks to see him sitting in a corner with a coffee in his hands. I walked over sat across from him. We talked for hours when I finally got the nerve to say something.

"You. Uhm. I don't know how to say this. Well, we should be together. You said the words that are on my tummy and-"

He cut me off "I was gonna say the same thing." He stated. "I'm 16. Almost 17. I've been waiting for you for what seems like forever. I finally have the chance so I can't just let it go."

"Me too. I've only been 16 for a month and a few days. It already seems so freaking long."

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