Say the Words

Every person grows up to be 16, right? Well in this world, when you turn 16, 3 words magically appear above your belly button. These are the exact words your one true love will say to you. No one knows what words are written on you besides yourself. Aron, the main character, is turning 16 tomorrow. She's heard the rumors, but doesn't believe them at all. Oh, and one more thing, the words disappear temporarily when someone is looking. They are gone forever when you get with you one true love. See what happens in Say the Words!

This is for the 'Create your own worlds' competition!!


1. get to know me!

Hi! I'm Aron! I'm a girl. I'm 15, turning 16 tomorrow! Yay!! I have red hair and brown eyes. I was born when my mother was 18. My father too. I'm openly bisexual. I prefer guys tho. Girls are cool too. No one makes fun of me. In fact, I helped a bunch of People come out of the closet. I've had many girlfriends and many boyfriends. Just trying to find my true love. If that even exists...

I live in a world called Ulaisia. Pronounced U-lay-she-uh. Not many People know about it. It's not on any map you could think of. There's a population of exactly 1992 People here.

I have one friend. She my very best friend. Her name is katylynn. Pronounced Kae-tea-line. We met in first grade. We had the same classes. And in 2nd. And in 3rd. And in 4th. And so on. We're both now 15. Same classes all our lives. Crazy, right?

There's this weird rumor. It goes:

When you're 16 you get mature enough to really love someone. Some words magically appear onto your stomach and those are the exact words you one true love will first say to you. The first words your life long lover will ever say to you. No one else knows the words. Only you.

Well I don't believe it. In fact, I think it's a piece of horse crap...

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