Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


1. Whiskey, Neat

"Dean. . ." Cas's deep voice startled Dean out of his stupor. He had been reading the same page of the same book for the last twenty-five minutes and had not even realized it. Dean glanced up at Cas who was standing a few yards away in the center of the dingy hotel room. He closed the book and shifted his weight in the uncomfortable motel room chair. Placing the old volume on the weathered table he cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes before responding.

"Yea, Cas... What's up"

Cas licked his lips and shifted from one foot to the other before responding.

"Dean, I…" he paused again taking a few steps closer to the seated man. Hesitating his hands fisted and relaxed then fisted again at his sides.

"Cas, man, just get to the point.." Dean was tired, Lord was he tired. His shoulders ached and a dull throb had started in the back of his head that signaled a mean hangover was creeping its way into life. Dean looked around and found a half empty bottle of whiskey on the table in front of him. He casually poured himself another glass. How many glasses was this now, how many bottles this week. Dean sighed and downed the glass in one gulp. His eyes closing in a mild grimace as his free and motioned Cas to get on with his story.

"Dean," Cas said with more conviction stepping closer to where Dean was seated "I believe that, what I'm saying is, I think that I, after having spent so much time here amongst Humans, may have developed…"

"Cas, if you aren't going to speed this up. . " Dean cut across him his green eyes flashed as he looked up at Cas from under furrowed brows.

"I believe my vessel" Cas cleared his throat and shifted on his feet again 'may require interactions of a physical nature.." Cas managed to stammer out, moving now with assured steps to the seat across the table from Dean. "I mean, I have been having these thoughts…." Cas looked down at his hands, the fingers interwoven in his lap. He hunched over a confused look on his face, his elbows pressing into his thighs he let his fingers fall apart and flashed a sideways glance at Dean. "Confusing thoughts. . . and I'm just not sure how to proceed. . "

Dean was smiling, a crooked little smirk, his lips pulled up in a way that almost made Cas want to punch him, or.. did he want to punch him? The palms of Cas's hand suddenly began to tingle, itch, and he balled it into a fist against his thigh. He was certain that he wanted something from Dean, maybe it was that Dean could help him. The confused expression Cas normally wore was back and Dean laughed. Dean sat back in his chair bringing one booted ankle up to lay lazily over his other knee. He reached back running his long fingers through his sandy blond hair. The muscles in his arm and shoulder bunching in a way that made Cas very uncomfortable. Turning suddenly Cas brought his fisted hand down on the wobbly table, his jaw clenched so that a muscle jumped under the stubbled skin.

"Dean," he said again, his voice menacing and low. Dean shifted suddenly, his arm dropping quickly to fall onto his thigh and across his lap to grip the elevated ankle, his bright eyes widening slightly. Cas watched as a small flush came and went on Dean's cheeks, observed as Dean's tongue suddenly swiped out over his lips.

"This is serious." Cas continued his eyes leaving Dean's lips and following the motion of his arm, lingering too long on his forearm and how the muscles bunched as he gripped his ankle.

"I cannot get my vessel to cooperate,' Cas confessed his crystal blue eyes narrowed as they snapped up to Deans, "it is as if Famine has returned and I am craving red meat to the point of distraction. But it is far worse now as I cannot simply gorge myself on meat at any time I like! This hunger… appears to be one I am unable to satiate so simply…" Cas fidgeted slightly, his head cocking to the side as it often did when he was seriously considering something. "I was hoping since you are so versed in the carnal arts, that you might offer me some assistance, some guidance. . ." Cas's voice trailed off into a low rumble as Deans sharp laughter erupted out. Dean tossed his head back and sighed loudly before a rumble of discontent came across the table from his friend, who was now looking almost embarrassed for having brought up the topic.

Dean cleared his throat again making his face as serious as possible, his arched brows knitted together as he looked over Castiel's confused and concerned features. "Alright Cas," he said leaning in, bracing his forearm on the table between them "But the last time I tried to help you. . " Dean paused his eyes flicking over Cas's form before returning to his face "You scared the damn girl off…" Dean licked his lips and that smug little smirk returning to his face.

Cas opened his mouth to explain but Dean raised a hand and waved him into silence. "Remember the Pizza Man?" Dean asked

"Of course" Cas replied relaxing back into his chair "He and the babysitter had a very complicated relationship, one I shall not soon…"

"Right, right," said Dean again running his hand through his hair, "Maybe this time we start a little slower. . . " Dean stood up, Cas jumped to his feet following Dean's lead. Arching a brow Dean looked at him "That bad huh?" Dean commented absently.

"Yes, Dean. It is quite serious." Castiel assured him.

Dean shook his head, "Alright, gimme a few hours to get you some supplies and I'll be right back, You. Stay. Here." Dean motioned pointing deeper into the hotel room on each word. "Sammy should be gone a few days, so you don't have to worry about being interrupted." Dean grabbed his jacket and keys and left Cas alone in the room.

"Well," Cas said aloud as he removed his trenchcoat and tossed it over the chair Dean had just vacated. "That went better than expected." his fingers moved up to loosen the tie around his neck.

Dean was gone roughly 2 hours and as he entered the room again Cas sprung to his feet from where he had been sitting, perched on the edge of one of the beds. "Hello Dean" he rumbled as the other walked over to him.

Dean faltered a step as he met Cas's gaze, the paper bag in his hand swayed slightly. The last time he saw that look on Cas's face, he was really pissed. "Yea, Cas, here man." He handed over the bag which Cas dumped out on the bed expectantly. Five Items tumbled out of the bag, 3 dvd's a bottle of lube and a pack of soft hand towels. Dean reached down and picked up the first dvd holding it up for Cas. The look of confusion sprang back to Cass' face.

"I didn't know where I should start so I picked this one up, the freakin cashier gave me a look. . . you owe me…" The dvd was titled Idle Hands and pictured an athletic man with his head tossed back and his own hands down his pants. 'This one should show you how to.. You know.." Dean gestured at Cas's crotch area.

"Ah, I see…" Cas said simply taking the DVD and looking to the other two, 'Annie Loves Oral' and 'Rough Riders 3, Cowgirls Gone Wild'

"I'd start with Annie, as every girl loves a man who knows a little tongue play, and then move onto Rough Riders" Dean smirked rocking on his heels slightly, "Then we can head over to Hunny's Pot and you can choose a lady you like…" his eyes flicked over Cas again more slowly this time, before he cleared his throat and nodded "My treat"

Cas opened his mouth again, but Dean was already leaving "I'll be back in a few hours. . " He said not meeting Cas's eye.

Cas stood for a long moment watching the closed door, his lips parted, his shoulders hunched ever so slightly before looking at the DVD in his hands. Squinting slightly he tried to examine the man on the cover. Lean with fair skin and dark blond hair, toned muscled and slim hips Cas's frown lessened slightly.

He followed Deans instruction and watched all three movies. He watched the first one twice. Feeling his frustration grow with each video. His palms were itchy and he had unconsciously but steadily removed his clothing as the room seemed to grow hotter and hotter with each passing hour. When a stiff banging finally came from the door Cas felt a wave of relief wash over him as Dean stepped into the room bringing in the cool night air behind him.

The room was stifling hot causing Dean's brows to raise fiercely. The bottle of whiskey he had in his hands formed a thin layer of condensation quickly. Dean looked to where Cas was seated on the edge of the bed his eyes going wide as he took in what he was seeing.

Cas sat in nothing but his slacks, his torso, tan, taught skin was coated in a layer of sweat and glistened like he had just come out of a bath. His dark hair was messed as if he had been consistently running his hands through it for the better part of the night. A soft flushed ran across his cheeks and down his neck fading into the wide smooth planes of his chest. A chest that was rising and falling rapidly. One of his hands sat gripping the fabric of his pants on his thigh, the other holding the TV remote as if it was a lifeline. The muscles of his shoulders were tense and it seemed as if he was a spring waiting to pop. Deans eyes moved slowly up to Cas's face and he subconsciously took a step back. Lips parted slightly, his tongue trapped between his own teeth Cas was staring at Dean, hungry, starved. His normally crystal bright eyes had darkened into a stormy grey sea of desire.

"Uh, Cas…" Dean said as his hand holding the bottle dropped to his hips. What the fuck was going on. Dean thought to himself his mind racing as he felt his own blood pounding through his veins, listened as his heart sped up and his mouth went dry. Was this what his prey felt like? Is this what they felt when he hunted them…. The sudden thought startled him, no no no, this isn't right...what the fuck… Dean's eyes snapped down in confusion as he felt desire pool between his legs. The air in the room was hot, heavy even and every breath Dean pulled in tasted spicy, it was distracting making it hard for him to focus. Cas always had a way of looking at him that had made him slightly uncomfortable. He couldn't put a finger on the type of discomfort Cass' looks had given him until just now, the way that those eyes had made his pulse quicken, made his palms tingle. He understood now, but damn was it startling. Cas…. Cas is a man, well he's an angel.. Of the lord…. His life was really fucked up…. Deans eyes snapped up from where he was staring; at the bottle now pressing gently into the front of his hips in a subconscious effort to hide his growing erection; and jumped back a few inches.

Cas had moved from where he sat and he was standing far too close now his head tilted in a way that exposed way too much of his long tanned neck. Dean couldn't help it, his eyes traveled down that tasty bit of flesh to where it met his shoulder and he licked his lips. "C..Cas…" Dean's voice came out broken and low, he barely recognized it. "We… we've talked about this man," Dean licked his lips again and leant back against the counter that now pressed into the small of his back. "P..personal space…." Dean looked down at Cas's face wanting to meet his eyes, however Cas was not only moving closer he was looking at Dean's body like he was seeing it for the first time. Dean's chest rose and fell more rapidly as Cas looked up to his face.

"Dean.." his voice was a low growl, his top lip curling slightly around the name. The sound of Cas saying his name always sent a strange feeling spiking into the pit of his stomach. This time it was different, so incredibly intense, as if he had been struck in the head. Dean felt a hot flush creep up his neck, his ears grew red and he could feel sweat starting to trickle down his back.

Cas was reaching out for him, Dean could feel Cas's whisky scented breath against his neck, he could see the multi faceted cuts of blue that danced in Cas's eyes. Too close… Dean could feel his head spinning, maybe the last 5 hours at that bar wasn't such a good idea after all, maybe that bottle of Jameson he and the pretty barmaid polished off wasn't the best plan. He felt dizzy. He tried to step back but there was no place left for him to go. Cas's strong warm fingers slipped over his own; suddenly gripping the bottle he had forgotten he was holding. Dean jumped, trying to pull his hand away. If Cas hadn't been there the bottle he was holding would have smashed violently against the floor.

Carefully Cas set the full bottle down on the counter, moving deliberately slow. His soft pink tongue flicked out over his lips as his eyes shifted to glance up at Dean's face. "I feel as if I have gained a detailed knowledge of the skills I must possess, as a human male" He began "I also believe I am quite aware of the affliction I am suffering from now…." His voice trailed off into a low rumble as his fingers came away from the bottle to grip the edge of the counter on either side of Dean's hips. Cas shifted slightly his bare feet planted firmly on the cool laminate floor. "I really.." he went on lifting one of his hands to slide up Dean's toned forearm, a smirk curled the corner of his lips as the muscle jumped under his fingertips. "Must thank you for all you've done"

"Cas, I…"

"I need you to give me permission, Dean" Cas cut across Dean softly as he leant in further; his strong hand wrapping around Dean's forearm sliding firmly up to his bicep pulling the t-shirt down his arm exposing the flesh of his neck and shoulder. Cas brought his face towards Dean's newly exposed skin, the sweet spice of his breath made it hard for Dean to breath.

"I understand now, why it's always you, the power you have over me. Why I cannot stay away when you call my name. Tell me Dean. Tell me why you only pray to me, tell me why you whisper my name in the dark of the night…" Cas's lips danced dangerously close to the bend of Dean's neck.

'This wasn't happening…' Dean thought frantically to himself, 'Cas is your best friend..you don't see him like this, Hell, you've never seen a man like this…..' His body was betraying him, his pants were tight his pulse pounded and it took every fiber of his willpower not to lean just a fraction towards Cas to let him have the tender flesh at his nape. Dean's mind swam, could he turn Cas away now, when he needed him so badly. 'honestly,' the thought floated sarcastically through his head 'had he really never thought of Cas like this, His Castiel, his own personal angel. Had he really never pictured what his Cas would look like half naked his blue eyes blinded by desire….Cas was not a man, not just any man, he was something far greater. And he knew he couldn't even let that hope live because he didn't deserve him. . .he had never let himself hope, because of who he was, what he was. . .poison. He couldn't have Cas, everyone he cared for died...But maybe' Deans clouded eyes started down as the man in front of him 'maybe, maybe now with his Cas it could be different….'

'Dean!' Cas barked his name a short sharp call that snapped him out of his head and brought him crashing into his reality. He didn't remember the last time he had needed so badly, so fiercely to quench his urges. Hell, he couldn't remember the last time he had even been with a woman. . . "I need you…" Dean's heart clenched at Cas's words his skin tingled as Cas moved, opening his mouth and swirling his hot, wet, tongue against the vein pulsing in Dean's neck. Dean's hands curled tightly on the edge of the counter his knuckles white, his breath caught in his throat as his eyes slid closed. Cas pressed his tongue on the soft flesh of Dean's neck then suddenly he bit him. The sharp quick nip of Castiel's teeth snapped Dean's eyes open and pulled a deep groan from him.

"I need you, Dean, to give me permission…" Cas repeated looking into Dean's eyes. His pupils dilated, black pools with silver blue rims. Dean's face was flushed his full lips parted his eyes wide as he searched Castiel's face, 'So erotic, yes . . . erotic would be the correct word to describe Dean Winchester' Cas thought as his control slipped and he pressed his hips forward rocking his erection against Deans. 'Father, give me strength..' Cas prayed as a satisfied but barely controlled smile flitted across his lips. He could feel Dean's excitement, matching his own; feel Dean's body responding to him with vigor. Cas's head dipped his dark hair falling onto his forehead, his free hand moved to grab Dean's hip as he pressed more firmly against him. He heard the breath catch in Dean's throat felt his hand come up and grip his shoulder.

"Fuck.." Dean managed as ripples of pleasure began to assault his senses. The slight friction of his jeans against him, feeling Cas pressing down on him. He was losing his damned mind. Cas's hand at his hip tightened and Dean snapped.

"Yes, Cas…" Castiel's head snapped up at those words his eyes meeting Deans. Dean cleared his throat and said more firmly "Yea . . . Cas" Dean groaned as Cas in his excitement ripped Deans shirt down his shoulders where he had been gripping it. "Fuck, man…" Dean looked down at his bare chest, rising and falling rapidly, the tattoo etched on his skin stood out starkly covered in his own sweat. Dean was mortified, his nipples were hard and his skin danced with goose flesh as Castiel leaned down to trace the tattoo with his tongue. The hand that was still on Dean's hip relaxed a little, Cas's thumb traced small circles over his hip bone massaging the taut flesh under the remains of this t-shirt.

"Dean," Cas purred his name and shivers of pleasure raced over Dean's scalp. "I will try and control myself…" Cas whispered as his white teeth nipped sharply at Dean's exposed nipple. Cas sucked roughly on the flat plane of Dean's pectoral, nipping and tasting the hot salty skin. 'I must be gentle' Cas repeated to himself.

Dean's hips bucked under Castiel's palm causing him to take in a sharp breath and lift his lips from Dean's skin. Tension flexed Cas's shoulders as he closed his eyes and tossed his head back. "I.. will try to be gentle" he said aloud as he easily lifted Dean up onto the counter; his hands on either side of Dean's hips, slowly sliding up, lifting the remnants of Dean's shirt up over his head. Cas took a step back, his hands clenching and relaxing, a muscle in his jaw jumping as a bead of sweat dripped down his chest.

Dean was on display for him, his wide chest bare, a small mark on his right pectoral between his tattoo and his nipple grew redder by the second. Cas licked his lips. 'Take off your pants." He growled every muscle in his body tensed to keep him from ripping the rest of Dean's clothes from his body. 'I must be gentle' he reminded himself.

As if hearing him from far away it took Dean a second to recognize Castiels command, but as soon as he did he was compelled to move quickly. His fingers fumbled at the button of his jeans at the same time he toed one boot off then the other. They hit the laminate with hollow thuds. Cas smiled at how suddenly adorable Dean looked. His shoulders hunched muscles bulging as he hopped down from the counter stumbling over his discarded boots, his pants falling around his ankles. Very shy suddenly Dean flattened his palm against the front of his hips his fingers curled over his pelvis, his other hand moving to grip the first. He shifted and squirmed the rest of the way out of his jeans flicking them with his toes a few feet away from where he stood again braced against the counter.

"Now those too." Cas said, his voice deeper and more gravely then Dean had ever heard it before. It sent shivers over his body and even if he wanted to he knew he couldn't disobey Cas now.

As Dean hooked one thumb then the other into the waistband of his boxer briefs Castiel casually undid the buckle of his belt, his eyes glued to the shy striptease happening in front of him. Dean bent pushing the boxer briefs to the floor as Cas smoothly stepped out of his slacks. As Dean straightened he again cupped his manhood, hiding himself from Cas's view. Frowning deeply at Dean Cas tilted his head to the side, he looked down as his vessel's body. His erection jutted out from his hips, the tip glistening, pulsing as it rose and pressed firmly up against his abdomen. It was almost painful in the way it ached and throbbed. While this body had reacted like this before, Cas had not truly understood the depths of his need, nor, he noted with distraction, had his member ever been this painfully erect. He wasn't sure he had ever seen it this large. His brows furrowed and his frown deepened as he looked from himself to where Dean stood. Emerald green eyes darkened dramatically with desire staired at him with an unconscious brooding expression Cas found irresistible.

"Dean.." he said as he moved forward reaching out his, fingers gripping around Dean's wrist. He pulled suddenly, ripping Dean's hands away from his hips out of the way of his view and released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. Deans cock jump up from behind his hands, hard and needy, and Castiel felt relief flood him. 'Why was that…' he wondered for only a moment before Dean moved, his hand wiggled out of Cas's grip and he cradled his chin bringing Cas's face to his own.

"Let me..you know.." Dean shrugged slightly as he closed his eyes and took Cas's mouth to his own. His hand moving to cup Cas's neck the other finding the small of his back and pulling their bodies together. Cas devoured Dean's lips, quickly turning the soft kiss into a hungry embrace.

Hips rocking against one another Cas caught each one of Dean's hot moans and soft curses in his mouth. Biting his lips and gripping the younger male's ass until he could feel his nails digging into the soft flesh. He pulled back suddenly Dean's lips were swollen and red his mouth was wide as he panted, his eyes fixed on Cas's face, cheeks flushed lost in his all consuming arousal. "Cas.." he whispered his voice husky as he moved in for another kiss. Cas leaned back and Dean frowned, confusion and rejection flashing across his face for a moment before Cas lifted him again up onto the counter.

Castiels strong hands moved over Dean's thighs his fingers pressing into the warm flesh drifting lower and lower until they rested in the bend of Dean's knees. With ease he lifted Dean's legs causing him to slide back on the counter his ass moving to the edge as Cas pressed his knees into his shoulders pinning Dean's shoulders to the wall and his hips to the counter exposing him fully for Cas's hungry eyes.

"C..Cas?" Dean's voice came on half groan half question as Cas took a moment to survey all that was his now. Beautiful creamy skin speckled with freckles taught muscle flexed and danced as Cas held him down, now exposed for the first time to his vice, a soft pink little hole. It quivered under his gaze as he licked his lips subconsciously.

"I will try to be gentle" Cas repeated out loud again.

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