Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


7. Sazerac


1/4 oz Absinthe,
One sugar cube,
1 1/2 oz Rye whiskey or Cognac,
Three dashes Peychaud's Bitters

Rinse a chilled old-fashioned glass with the absinthe, add crushed ice and set it aside.
Stir the remaining ingredients over ice and set it aside.
Discard the ice and any excess absinthe from the prepared glass, and strain the drink into the glass.
Add the Lemon peel for garnish.


Sam sat back, running his hands through his hair. The chair under him creaked as he shifted his weight before leaning forward to reread the web page again. The chair to his right scraped across the floor as Meg flopped down into it, lifting her bare feet up onto the table as she crossed them at the ankle. She flexed out and flicked the edge of the laptop screen with her big toe causing it to wobble slightly. Sam sighed, his head falling forward and chin falling against his chest.

"Meg, If I have to tell you one more time…," he began, his eyes narrowed as he slid a glance over to her.

She was looking up at the ceiling, her head tossed back, the length of her neck exposed. "But I'm bored…," she crooned

"Well isn't that just too damn bad..." Dean's voice rumbled low and mirthless. "You're lucky you aren't back in that damn Demon trap where you belong." He pointedly looked at Sam on the last few words. His boots slid duly across the floor as he skirted the remains of the destroyed table making his way to the chair opposite his brother. Dean couldn't hide the way his lip curled in disgust at the cracked and splintered wood.

Benny sauntered silently into the room behind Dean and took the chair counter to Meg. She looked up suddenly her feet slipping to the floor as she leant in, her elbows sliding onto the table. Her brows were lifted and her lips cantered into a smirk. "Why, hello handsome..." She smiled over at Benny, her hand coming up to rest below her chin. Her eyes raked over his broad shoulders, thick neck, heavily corded biceps, and wide chest. She licked her lips and looked over at Dean, mock envy laced into her features. "How do you always get the best toys…" Her eyes slid back to Benny as Dean stiffened in his chair. "Do you like pizza?" she asked her brown eyes shimmering with mirth.

Dean slapped his palm down against the wood of the table snapping all eyes to him. He had a soft flush creeping up his neck, from anger or from embarrassment at his actions he didn't know, or care. He lifted his hand and pointed at Meg, "Shut it…" he growled and she smirked, sitting back into her chair again. He turned his attention to his brother.

"What happened to meeting in the war room?"

Sam perked up, his hands flying to his computer as he spun it around. "Right, about that…" he started pointing to the laptop screen. "There is very little about the Witch of Endor, just a few snippets here and there on the internet; it's as if she wasn't important enough to have any serious mention anywhere." He paused as Meg made a scoffing noise and rolled her eyes "There is even less for the name Sedelca, only one reference, here." Sam pointed to the screen again and Dean leant in to read. "So I figured I could dig through some of the records here in the library…"

Sam's voice faded out as Dean began to read from the web page out loud. Benny hunched over towards him, their shoulders brushing as Dean's voice sighed out.

"Blah blah blah, the Witch of Endor or Medium of Endor was a woman, as reported in Samuel I of the Old Testament of the Bible, blah blah blah, who possessed a talisman through which she called up the ghost of the recently deceased prophet Samuel, blah blah blah the witch in question is not actually named in the passages, but according to rabbinical. . ."

Dean paused and looked up a Sam... "Rabbinical?"

Sam shrugged "It has to do with Rabbis and Judaism..."

Dean's brows rose; they hadn't had a lot of experience with Judaism directly. His eyes tipped back down to the screen and he mumbled out the rest of the short description from the webpage.

" Blah blah blah…. she was either Zephaniah, the mother of Abner -first cousin to Saul and commander-in-chief of his army-, blah blah blah…. or Sedecla, the daughter of Aod of the priests of Madian"

Dean sighed, his eyes skimming over the screen as he mumbled out loud. "So what, are we dealing with a Witch, a Priestess, a Medium or what..." he searched his brothers face "And more importantly how do we kill her and stop her from opening the Gates?"

Meg sat forward, "Opening what gates?"

"Shut it Meg." Dean warned on a growl. "You know what no, what is she even doing here?" Dean snapped, looking over to his brother "Look Sammy I know you've got this soft spot for Demons or whatever but come on…"

Sam's jaw clenched and he scowled at his brother. "Really Dean?" he snapped back, "Really?"

Dean had a momentary flash of embarrassment before the sound of feet had his eyes sliding away from his brother's. Cas was standing at the entrance of the room, his eyes locked on the shattered remains of the table. He was still shirtless; the soft grey cotton of the drawstring pajama pants he wore were slung low on his hips. Dean cleared his throat, his eyes straying down the perfect V shaped lines of Cas's hips; those pants were definitely hanging too low.

"Oh, yes," Cas sighed his hand lifting to rub the back of his neck. Blue eyes lifted at the sound from Dean. "I can fix this…," Cas began his eyes slipping from Dean over to Meg. Castiel stopped what he was doing and made a beeline for her. His hands came to cup her face, tilting her head left then right. "Meg…," he deep voice grated and she smiled up at him.

"Clarence…," she purred her eyes sparked as she flashed a look at Dean from behind Castiel's bare arm. Castiel hadn't noticed as he hovered close to her, his eyes wide, concern laced into every movement.

"How are you feeling?" His warm fingers slid down to her neck hooked into her borrowed shirt collar and pulled out so he could look down at her body. Dean stood up suddenly as Meg laughed. "Not in front of the children, Castiel," her fingers coming up to slide along his hip at the waistband of his too low pajama pants. Her eyes again strayed to Dean; his eyes were narrowed and his lips were slowly parting in a quiet snarl.

Castiel looked at her in confusion. "Ch..children?" he asked, letting go of her shirt and looking around the room at the men there. "While we are considerably older, I would not call any of these men children."

The overtly sexual tension of the moment seemed to be lost on Castiel as he removed his hands from Meg and took a step back. His eyes slid back to her as her fingers lost their purchase on his hips. "Meg, have you had any relapses?" he asked again softly. "How is your body?" Meg freigned a shy look up at Cas from where she was seated. Dean shifted as if to come around the table and Sam grimaced.

"That's enough…" Sam finally snapped, "Cas, just sit down…" He looked away as Cas turned to face him "and pull your pants up." Cas looked suddenly down at his body.

"I wasn't aware..." he shifted and gripped the top of the pants, lifting them slightly "There's a knot..." he fumbled for a moment with the string before hefting the pants up and letting them fall again. "I couldn't find my own clothes…" Cas was plucking at the strings causing Sam to sigh deeply. "I seem to be out of sorts…" Cas grimaced at the strings, releasing them as his pants shifted low on his hips again. His other hand came up to rub the small welt at his temple. "I was very confused when I woke…"

"Come'ere" Dean gestured to Cas as he sat back down into his chair. Meg snorted a laugh as Cas approached Dean, seemingly wary.

"Dean?" Cas mumbled softly as he stepped in between Deans spread knees, a slight tension settled across his shoulders.

Sam had angled the laptop between himself, Meg, and Benny. The three quickly fell into a rowdy conversation that was edging into an argument about a possible plan to take on Sedelca.

Dean wouldn't meet his eye. The younger man sat shoulders stiff, legs braced on either side of his own. Deans long rough fingers brushed against his abdomen softly as he worked out the knot in the drawstring. Time seemed to stretch out for Cas as he looked down at the top of Dean's sandy hair. His thoughts were brought back to what he must have looked like kneeling before Dean, his lips wrapped tightly around his thrusting cock. Cas licked his lips, wishing Dean would look up, wishing he could see if Dean was flushed with the memory as well. The rest of the room seemed to melt away from Cas. He couldn't help but notice how Dean's fingers seemed to flutter across his skin more than they needed to. The thoughts in his head and the sight of Dean's face sitting so close to his hips caused a slight warming in Cas's stomach. Each little stroke of those calloused digits so close to his apex caused the warmth to spin and coil inside of him. By the time Dean had fished out the tight tangles of the knot, drawn his pants higher up on his hips, and pulled the strings into a large loopy bow just below his bellybutton, Cas felt as if his head was spinning. When Dean finally looked up, his lips slightly parted, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth, the barely there pink flush on his cheeks, Cas couldn't suppress the soft groan that left his chest.

Dean stood slowly and gripped Cas on his shoulder, leaning in. "Cas, buddy, you better sit down before anyone notices…" Dean's voice was barely more than a whisper against his ear, but the reaction was instantaneous. A shiver of desire raced over his shoulders and made the hair at the nape of his neck stand on end.

He felt his eyes go wide as Dean's words sank in. He dropped his gaze down to where he was straining up against the loose pants again. Not as badly as he had been when Dean had kissed him but if anyone would look they would be well aware of his predicament.

He flinched, his right hand moving to press against his hips as Dean steered him down into the chair he had just vacated. Cas shifted quickly, bringing his legs under the table and pulling himself in until he was pressed up against the cold wood.

'2500 plus years without…." his thoughts grumbled in his head 'now not even a day can go by without this wretched thing popping up…"

Under the table Cas gripped himself between his legs, squeezing his half hard member around the base, his eyes narrowed as he watched Dean. He understood now why humans always seemed so preoccupied. It was almost impossible to focus on anything else when his vessel demanded release.

'Lead me not into temptation….' his inner voice scoffed as Dean circled around the table to look at Sam's laptop from over his brother's shoulder. Dean Winchester was walking temptation. Castiel's eyes narrowed into slits as he watched the younger male. How was Dean not affected? Was this punishment for giving into his carnal desires, that he couldn't control his vessel anymore? His thoughts rumbled with discontent. A hand on his shoulder snapped his attention around and he released himself from his own grip under the table.

Benny was looking at him from the corner of his eye, a small sympathetic canter to his features. "Be careful or you'll rip it right off…" Benny mumbled out of the corner of his mouth, trying hard to suppress his laughed as a shocked and appalled look washed over Castiel's features

"Can…That can't... Can that happen?" the Angel said, leaning in towards Benny, his eyes wide, his brows lifted. Castiel knew that humans were not as impervious as other creatures, but could he really do such a thing to his own vessel? The Vampire just laughed, patting him on the shoulder softly before turning back to what Meg was saying.

"I don't know, do you want me to say it in Latin for you, would you get it then?" Meg was snapping her hands around her head as her eyes slid between the brothers. Sam was leaning back into his chair and Dean was standing behind him, his arms crossed. What the hell had Cas missed in the past few short moments?

"So what you're saying is we need the amulet." Dean shifted, mock disbelief on his features.

Sam shifted the book that was laid out between him and Meg. She leant in and poked at the illustration. "Yea, that's what I've been saying for the last 10 minutes."

The illustration was of a woman, her body bowed around an altar, atop of which sat an open book. Her raven hair was piled up on her head, a few ringlets cascading around her face and over her bare shoulders. A loose cloth of gold was draped over one arm and hung low, exposing her breasts and the soft round curve of her stomach. Her left hand was elevated, a long silver staff pointed towards the sky; her right was cast out, fingers wide, palm down pointed towards a fire burning in a large carved basin. Between her breasts rested an extravagant pendant. At the center were three jewels set in an inverted triangle - one ruby, one onyx, and one sapphire. Inscriptions curled in rings out to the edge of the large slate pendant.

"Look boys, it's simple, I'll lay it out for you real slow." She pushed the book towards Sam her brows raised as she spoke slowly, as if they were children trying to grasp something that was far too difficult for their tiny brains. "The pendant is said to be the source of Sedelca's power, amplifying her mediocre abilities 10 fold. So destroy the pendant, destroy Sedelca!" Meg sat back with a huff crossing her arms over her chest. "It's really not that complicated; isn't this just another Tuesday for you boys?"

Dean watched her, his eyes narrowed. "You know Meg, not that I don't appreciate what you're doing…" Sam looked at him over his shoulder "But why should we trust you, and how do you even know all this crap anyway…"

Cas frowned. "Dean…," he said softly his hands coming up to rest on the table "You have trusted Crowley with more than this, why won't you at least put a little faith in what Meg has told us." He looked over to Meg who nodded at him.

"Thanks Clarence." She turned her head to Benny. "What about you big boy? Things I'm sayin' making sense to that blood soaked brain of yours?"

Benny shrugged, a smile curling his lips. "I don't see why it wouldn't, but I'm sure Dean has a reason to not want to trust you." He eyed the Demon over again "It does sound like the only plan we got for now, though."

Benny pulled the book over to him and studied the illustration. "I have a few contacts I can scrounge around for some information . . . it'll take me a few days, but..." He paused and pushed the book back towards Sam.

"Personally I usually find myself jumpin' in head first, but I gather you boys like to go in with as much ammunition and information as possible." Benny shifted, rising slowly from the table. "I won't be gone too long..." He strolled away from the group. Dean frowned as he watched Benny heading back towards the sleeping quarters. After hesitating just a second Dean got to his feet and headed off after him.

"Hey, you just got here..." Dean grumbled, gripping Benny by his arm and forcing him to turn. "We can figure this out together; there's no need for you to go so soon…" Dean searched his friends face and watched the tough features harden further. Something in him didn't want Benny to walk back out the door again. He had just got him back and though Benny said it would be a quick trip, something didn't feel right letting him go off on his own again.

"Chief," Benny smiled patting him on his shoulder before stepping away again "We ain't in Purgatory no more, you don't gotta watch my back every step of the way." As much as it caused the flare of pain in his chest to do it, Benny turned his back on Dean.

"Hey, this isn't what that is." Dean said, grabbing his arm and turning the large man around again. "I mean, sure I wanna watch out for you but, come on man, you just got here." Dean was frowning; he had crossed his arms over his chest. "I could go with you?"

Cas frowned deeply. He watched the two men interact, watched how close they stood to one another. His hands fisted against the table every time Dean reached out to touch the other man. Drawing his eyes away from their conversation was difficult, but Castiel focused in on what Meg and Sam were going over. Well, he tried to anyway. His ears strained to hear the words spoken between Dean and Benny. Something deep inside of him needed to understand, Castiel needed to wrap his mind around Dean's desire to have Benny so close. He also needed to understand why that bothered him so much. He had never had a problem with their friendship before. Gritting his teeth he again pulled his eyes from Dean's back as Meg waved her hands at his face.

"YO! Clarence..." she snapped her fingers at him "Are you with us…" she looked over to where Cas was staring and then back to him.

"Of course I am with you Meg, I am sitting right here aren't I?" Cas monotoned at her as if it was plainly obvious and he shouldn't have to explain it.

Sam looked at Meg, his brow arching as he half shrugged. "You know what Cas," he said "Why don't you go get some rest; it's been a pretty rough day and this can wait until tomorrow…" Sam was holding a piece of paper with some symbols sketched out along it.

Cas frowned again. Why were they treating him like this, like he was confused? Yes when he woke up he had been dizzy and lost and there had been a disconnect in his thoughts, but he was following along fine now. Cas looked between Meg and Sam; Sam's face was carefully guarded. Meg on the other hand was assessing him, her eyes narrowed slightly, her lips pursed.

Meg mumbled suddenly, her gaze flicking away from Cas. "Maybe you do need a nap. . ." she looked over to Sam who glanced back at her. He seemed rather uncomfortable, his face twisted somewhere between concern and confusion.

Cas reached out grabbed the paper from Sam's hands and stood. "I do not appreciate being treated like a child. I am well aware of how to proceed in an investigation. I know what our priorities are." His tone was even and controlled but his eyes betrayed him as they strayed to where Dean and Benny stood.

A small white flash flickered between the two men as they leaned towards one another, heatedly whispering. Cas frowned; neither Dean nor Benny seemed to have noticed the little spark. What was that? Before he could stop himself he had pushed away from the table and was marching with purpose towards Dean.

"Listen Benny, I still don't think you need to do this alone,"Dean was whispering, his hand lifting to reach out for Benny's upper arm.

Cas gripped his wrist before Dean's hand found its perch. Both men looked down at him. Cas, though shorter than both men, was not perturbed. He gazed briefly at Benny, giving the man a short nod before turning a piercing look back to Dean.

"I believe Benny can handle himself Dean." Cas said softly "I also believe we have a discussion that needs to be finished." The low rumble of Castiel's voice held an odd authority to it and Dean's brows rose in surprise, a soft flush crept into the tips of his ears and he subconsciously licked over his bottom lip.

Benny's head dipped and he smirked. "You boys do that…" he said in a gruff laugh. Turning, he took his leave.

Dean turned and leant towards the vampire's retreating back "Benny...Come'on man." He started to step away but Castiel's tightened his grip on Dean's wrist and he stopped, his green eyes turning to Castiel's. His heart fluttered in his chest and an unease set into his stomach.

Cas was looking up at him, his gaze penetrating. His brows were dipped and his lips were pressed into a firm line. The soft sound of chairs scraping registered only faintly to Dean as Meg and Sam quietly made their escape from the tension. Sam more quietly than Meg as a whispered 'I wanna watch…" was followed by a grunt and a soft "Hey" as, Dean assumed, Sam dragged her from the room.

"Cas...?" Dean shifted on his feet, the question written all over his face. He had no idea why he felt like he was about to be scolded and that caused his anger to spike. No, he wasn't the one who was wrong. He wasn't the one fucking the first piece of flesh that wandered into his vicinity. He yanked his hand out of Cas's grip and stalked a few steps away from him. Turning suddenly he came back.

"Cas!" he said firmly his finger pointing out, his other hand going to his hip as he scowled. His tongue came out again to wet his bottom lip. He was struggling to find his words.

Cas had the urge to laugh. He watched Dean prowl back and forth, licking over his lips, biting the flesh as he floundered for words. Cas's spine softened as he watched the adorable display. He knew Dean was mad, confused, and that he had hurt him. Apparently Dean hadn't realized the extent it sometimes took to heal non-human beings, more specifically a Demon who was injured as badly as Meg had been. Cas decided he was determined fix what he had done and make his intentions completely clear to Dean.

First thing was first; Cas stepped forward.

Dean had paced away from him, his shoulders bunched as he shook his head. Cas stepped in again and slipped his hands around Dean's waist pulling the taller man's back against his own chest. Dean froze, his back going rigid in Cas's arms. Cas nestled his chin on Dean's shoulder and hummed slightly as he gripped his left wrist around Dean's waist. His right thumb pressed against the spot just below Dean's belly button over his shirt. He rubbed gently up and down holding Dean tightly to his chest until he felt the younger man shift slightly and lean back into the embrace.

"I'm sorry, Dean." Cas rumbled softly "I should have explained what the process entailed; I shouldn't have acted on my own. I am learning that I do not have to act on my own any more." Cas shifted his hands slightly so that he could slip his fingers under the hem of Dean's t-shirt. He pressed his thumb to the warm flesh there rubbing small circles. He felt the muscles shudder under his fingers as Dean drew a deep breath.

"I need you to understand," Cas cut across whatever Dean was about to say.

He leant back and nudged Dean to turn around to face him. When he had, Cas settled his hands back to Dean's hips, gripping him tightly. "What happened between Meg and I," Cas paused as Dean's jaw tightened and he felt the younger man's body go stiff in his grasp again.

"Dean," Cas waited until Dean lifted his eyes, the lovely, stormy, emerald eyes were narrowed as they met Cas's own. "What happened, it was different then what we did," he said firmly.

"What you and I did, it was, amazing" Cas whispered the word with such reverence Dean blinked. "What you did for me, to me, I have never known it could be that way, it could feel like that." Cas paused his eyes unfocused as he gazed up at Dean. The memories slid over his face as a slow flush rose up over his bare chest and creeped over his neck.

"I never knew I could feel like that." Cas was pulling Dean closer to him, their bodies bumped gently together as Cas slid his palms over Dean's hip to rest at the small of his back. His eyes dipped as Dean again wet his lower lip. A soft groan leaked past Cas's lips as he watched. His eyes snapping quickly back up as Dean cleared his throat.

"Cas, you've had sex before." Dean countered "You aren't even making sense…it's.. it's just sex!"

Cas frowned darkly "Dean, if you think for even one second that what I did with April could even be compared to what occurred between you and I." Cas stopped. He needed to stay calm; he could feel anger seeping into his voice and that was not the direction he wanted this conversation to go.

Drawing a calming breath, he pressed on. He needed Dean to understand how he was different. How in all his many years, sex or not, no one had ever moved him like Dean did.

"While yes, you are correct, I did have sex with April, I was under the impression that what had passed between us was more than just bodies and hormones and all the other usual human reactions to such stimulations…" Cas floundered "I again see that I was not clear enough... in my... haste that night…"

Cas's hands slid up Dean's back pushing under the edge of his shirt as he pulled Dean towards him. Tentatively, he kissed over Dean's parted lips. Softly, he licked over the bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth until Dean leaned into the kiss, answering with hunger. Deans arms came up, finally, and wrapped around Castiel's neck, cradling his head.

Cas pulled back and Dean gasped for air, his lips plush and pink from their kiss, his green eyes half lidded. Cas leant his forehead against Dean's as their breathing returned to a more normal level.

"Dean, if I…" Cas grunted in his confusion "If I could kiss only you, be with only you, for the rest of... of however long... I would never look back. I would consider myself exceptionally fortunate." He paused for a moment "As I have considered myself for the longest time, just being by your side as . . . your friend, but now, knowing this..."

Cas's words caught in his throat as he slowly slid his right hand down Deans back and let his fingers tease at the top of Dean's jeans. "Knowing what you have done to me," his voice dropped to a whisper as he slipped a finger under the waistband to slide along the pale flesh at the top of Dean's ass, "how you've changed me, I do not think I can ever go back."

Cas took a step forward, causing Dean to retreat. Slowly, they paced back until Dean's back was pressed against one of the bookshelves. "You have to know," Castiel went on leaning in and fluttered soft kisses over the length of Dean's neck. Dean lifted his chin, his green eyes fluttered closed, giving Cas move of his skin to taste. "You have to know what you do to me."

"Cas..." Dean groaned softly, his hands moving up, one gripping Cas's bare shoulder, the other sliding behind his neck to card into the dark strands of hair.

"I know you're confused Dean." Cas said tilting his head back to meet Dean's eyes. "I do not fully understand either. I do, however, know what feels right." Cas tilted his hips, pressing his growing erection against Dean's pelvis. "You feel right Dean; you feel like nothing I've ever felt before." Cas leant in and nipped Dean's adams apple, roughly sucking the flesh into his mouth.

Dean shivered beneath him and then quite suddenly Cas was stumbling back. Dean had placed his palms on his shoulder and shoved.


His wrist had been snagged roughly and Dean was pulling him

"Damn it Cas, what's with you and common areas?" Cas was being pulled by his wrist down the hall towards his bedroom. Cas couldn't crush the smile on his lips. Dean hadn't rejected him; he was, at least for the moment, accepting his jumbled and still slightly confused confession. Cas could see the flush of heat that had turned the back of Dean's neck red.


Cas pressed into Dean's space the moment his door clicked shut. His fingers sliding up over Dean's hips, tracing up over the smooth angles of his ribs. Dean's skin was hot under his touch and Cas groaned as his thumbs scraped over the hard peak of Dean's nipples. Their kisses were hungry wet, tongues fighting for dominance as Cas backed Dean up until the bed bumped into his calves and Cas pushed.

Dean fell back easily, his body bouncing up on the soft mattress, a lusty smile tipping his full lips. Cas could feel his desire pooling between his legs, his body reacting fast and hard to the heated gaze of dilated green eyes, as they slid down over his torso. His abdomen tightened as the gaze dipped lower; his skin prickled and he fought back a shiver as Dean's eyes lingered over his hips. Cas felt his pulse quicken as Dean's soft pink tongue swiped out and wet his lips.

"Dean, you are wearing far too much."

Cas moved forward his knee coming up onto the mattress as he crawled up the length of Dean's body. His hands slid over jean clad thighs, up over the metal buttons and found the hem of Dean's faded t-shirt. As his weight settled over Dean's thighs he felt the shiver of anticipation race up the other man's body. Cas fought back a moan as he gripped the hem of Dean's shirt in both hands a tore it right up the middle.

"Shit!" Dean grunted his eyes narrowing.

Dean opened his mouth; his lips hitched like they did when he was about to snark but his words choked in his throat as Cas leant down and dragged his tongue over one of Dean's nipples. Cas's fingers slid around Dean's ribs, gripping the flesh of his back hard, forcing Dean's torso up towards his face. Cas felt ravenous; his tongue licked the salty skin of Dean's chest. He pressed his hips down, blunt white teeth scraping over Dean's nipple, as he ground his hips down onto Dean's jean clad erection.

"Fuck Cas…," Dean hissed as Cas rolled the point of Dean's nipple between his teeth.

He could feel Dean's palms sliding up his thighs, gripping tightly then relaxing, as if indecision warred through Dean's body. His hands tightening to take control over Cas, then loosening again, leaning in to let Cas have his way. Cas sucked his way up Dean's chest, placing wet open mouthed kisses over his skin. His teeth nipped the bend of Dean's neck, causing the younger man to tilt his head away, offering the soft length of his neck to Cas. He took it greedily, sucking a deep bruise against Dean's pulse point. Dean's hands tightened on Cas's thighs; his hips lifted and he pressed up, rolling his erection into the soft heat of Castiel's body.

"Cas, please…," Dean's please was like music to Castiel. Heat burned from his ears to his cock with each gasp and husky whimper he pulled from Dean.

"Of course Dean…anything. You just have to ask." Cas pressed one last heated kiss to Dean's lips before he rose up off his lap and slid from the bed.

He wasn't gone long, his fingers flicking along Dean's waist, popping open the button at his hips and sliding down his zipper. Cas had them both stripped before he could blink. The heated air of the room hung heavy against them and Dean could swear he tasted apples.

Cas slid up the length of Dean's body again, his hands slipping up over the broad plans of his freckled chest before gripping his shoulders and pressing him back into the mattress. Cas stretched out over Dean, settling between his beautifully bowed legs. Cas rolled his hips pressing their erections together and Dean closed his eyes, biting into his plump lower lip.

Cas couldn't look away as pleasure danced along each line of Dean's face. Dean's hands were sliding down his back, his fingertips ghosting across the top curve of Cas's ass as it flexed with each slow roll and thrust of his hips.

The pleasure was building as Cas reached between their sweat slicked bodies and gripped them both in a loose fist. He propped his torso up, his free hand braced on the pillow by Dean's head, his eyes fixed on the play of emotion fighting its way over Dean's features. Dean's hips punched up, sliding his cock forcefully though Cas's fingers, sending lightning bolts of pleasure rocketing through his nerve endings.

Cas gasped; the arm supporting his body began to shake with strain. Cas quickly changed his grip on their cocks, releasing Dean's he grabbed the end of his shaft, tightening his fist around it. His orgasm fought up in a sudden and fierce rush that almost had him spilling himself over Dean's flexing stomach.

"Cas?" Dean shifted below him, his eyes wide with concern.

"I.. I... " Cas peeled his eyes open as he regained control over his body. "You're too much, everything you do, it's... perfect," he panted out, dropping himself so their chests fell together and he could kiss Dean deeply. His fingers found their way into the sandy gold locks and he tugged gently.

"Dean, ah... Father... yes" Cas managed between soft gasps as Dean rolled his hips up seeking the friction between their bodies.

Dean bit hard into Cas's lower lip, pulling on it as his eyes fluttered open. The bright green was flushed out, wide voids of black rimmed in shimmering emerald stared up at Cas as Dean's lust took over.

Cas's breath caught in his chest; he had done that. He had caused Dean to look like this, his cheeks flushed, freckles standing out like stars against the rosy background of his skin. His lips puffy and pink, swollen from heated kisses. Cas's fingers knotted tightly in Dean's hair and he pulled, causing the younger man's neck to arch and a soft whimper to escape his parted lips.

"Oh Dean," Castiel groaned dropping his lips to the exposed flesh of Dean's neck, "You are so beautiful, so perfect." His leaned back so his eyes could roam over Dean's body; his free hand slid over Dean's ribs as the younger man arched up against his chest. Cas couldn't open his eyes wide enough. His jaw fell slack as he sucked in air, air tinted with Dean's sweat, Dean's flavor. Cas felt Dean lifting his legs, the inside of his knees dragging up the outside of Cas's hips. Dean found the bed under his heels and pressed his hips up causing pleasure to shoot through Cas's system again. "I've never seen anyone like you," Cas bit out "You, you're... beautiful." Dean was arching under him, his hands lifting, sliding through Cas's hair, pulling him down until their lips ghosted against one another.

"Cas, shut the fuck up and fuck me already."


Hours later, Dean laid staring up at the ceiling of his room, Cas's head resting on his shoulder, his body draped across Dean's. The words Cas had whispered to him as he had loved Dean's body echoed through his mind. Dean ran his fingers through the dark hair at his shoulder. Cas hummed against his chest at the feeling.

He had to admit it, this felt nice. Cas was warm, his skin was soft, and the way Cas had draped himself over Dean's entire left side made him feel safe, protected. Dean decided he really liked the way Cas's hair felt as it slipped through his fingers. Every time Cas hummed or sighed Dean could feel his pulse flutter in response. His body was truly sated; he felt wrung out from the pleasure, his muscles languid. Dean didn't think he could get up even if he had to. For the first time in a long time he felt calm.

His brain was clouding up with that pleasureable fog of sleep, his eyes drifting closed. His mind on a fuzzy replay of the last few hours. He felt Cas shift against his chest, pulling back, sliding away.


Dean stiffened, his fingers curling into Cas's hair as his mind snapped back online.

Not again.


Cas's voice was laced with concern, the question hung heavy in that one word.

Dean felt his arm curing tightly over Cas's shoulders his lips pressed together on the words he wanted to say. He drew in a slow breath and forced his body to relax, letting his arm slip from Cas's shoulders. He opened one eye and looked over to where Cas was now sitting up slightly on the bed next to him, before shutting it again. He forced himself to relax, bringing his now Cas free arm up and tucking it behind his head. Since when did he care? He knew he couldn't get used to this thing between him and Cas and honestly, if Cas didn't like to cuddle that was fine... wasn't it? Maybe Cas just didn't know cuddling after mind blowing sex was a thing? Maybe it was just Dean's thing….

Dean must have been frowning, because Cas sighed and leaned in kissing the corners of his mouth. Dean's eyes popped open in confusion.

"I'm not leaving Dean," he said flatly "I learned the hard way that that is not something you do. I won't make that mistake again."

Cas tilted his head slightly considering Dean. "I was wondering..." he started a little shyly "If this was a time for a thing called spooning?"

Dean laughed, a sharp bark as his eyes widened slightly.

"I know," Cas said gesturing slightly "I also don't understand how silverware would come into play, but I did read online that it was an appropriate thing to do post coitus." He paused, his eyes narrowed as he looked towards the door of the room. "It is supposed to reaffirm bonds between partners..." His eyes swung down to Dean's again "Are the other utensils also involved; will I need to retrieve a full set from the kitchen?"

Deans ribs hurt from trying not to laugh. He had no idea when Cas had found the time to research the 'appropriate' things to do after sex, but apparently Dean's reaction to him leaving the last time had made an impression.

"No, Cas," Dean said "Just tell me if you want to be the big spoon or the little spoon."

The look of confusion on Cas's face set Dean over the edge and he almost missed Cas grumbling about what the spoon size had anything to do with it.

Drawing a breath, Dean sat up wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes. He gripped Cas by his shoulders.

"Cas, big or small, man, let me know and I'll teach you how to spoon."

"I don't know why I need to be taught how to use a spoon but alright, big."

Dean smiled, his eyebrows rising in surprise as his head tilted in acceptance. He laid down rolling onto his side. Dean directed Cas to lay down behind him and slowly he scooted back until their bodies pressed together. He snuggled down and sighed softly as Cas came up behind him. Dean reached over and pulled Cas's arm over his ribs, tucking it around his torso. Cas hummed suddenly as his face pressed into the back of Dean's neck.

"Humm, I see, this is quite nice," Cas mumbled softly.

"Yea, yea it is..." Dean stifled a yawn.

"I still don't see what this has to do with spoons..." Cas grumbled softly before placing a small kiss between Dean's shoulder blades.

A soft smile stirred over Dean's lips and he let out a sigh as he felt himself slipping into the grip of sleep. He could get used to this.

Dean wasn't that lucky, though. He knew that.

Hey guys, sorry this has taken me so long to get to you. I have been struggling with my faults as a writer, trying to learn from them and grow, for myself and for you guys. So first and foremost, thanks for sticking it out with me. Your comments and theories and suggestions have helped me through this period of doubt!

Also, I am really proud to say I now have an amazing Beta, Jess and a serious adviser and guide Dawn. With out these two beautiful Muses, this story would have been abandoned. Don't worry though, that's all in the past now.

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