Whiskey, Make It A Double.

Cas and Dean had done their fair share of missing the point. This definitely wasn't the first time they had a misunderstanding. This time however it would take an oblivious Angel with a plea for help to get them both on the same page. The question is, will Dean be ready to go the lengths Cas needs him to when he finally loses control.


4. Blood, On the Rocks

Sam was not normally a drinker. He definitely didn't drink before taking on a witch, let alone a large coven of witches, however he was making an exception. His fourth shot went down easy much smoother than the last three. He chased it with a beer, well his third beer, and gasped shaking his head slightly. ‘uughhh' he groaned sitting back onto the barstool he checked his watch. Quarter to eleven. He stood dropped a fifty on the bar and slumped out the door.


'What was going on with his brother….' He thought 'what was up with Benny….He couldn't be . . . jealous could he?' Sam reached up and rubbed the palms of his hands against his eyelids. "Uuugghhhhh" he ground out with loud frustration. He didn't have the energy to deal with this. Not with everything else that was going on.


Sam was always aware of his brother sex appeal, more so than any guy rightfully should have and it haunted Sam most of his life. Any girl he had ever been interested in, the moment they set eyes on Dean with his easy going confidence and bad boy persona, leather jackets, faded jeans, cocky 'come get some' smirks. Sam hadn't stood a chance. They'd forget he was even in the room. Sam trudged the mile back towards the motel his thoughts swirling. Sam just couldn't wrap his head around it. It didn't bother him that his brother gleaned attention from both sexes. In this line of work you never knew if your wake up in the morning let alone who you were kissing. None of that mattered to Sam it was all so trivial.


'And honestly' he thought to himself 'I'm kinda happy it's Cas at least with Cas Dean was safe, protected.' He didn't ever think Cas would hurt Dean. Sam's thoughts paused as he screwed up his face in thought. 'Well not intentionally anyway. Cas could be a little oblivious…..' Sam shrugged his thoughts taking a different path. 'I mean when was the last time Dean really tried to sleep with someone. It had been months. If not longer.' He had thought the dry spell had been from Lisa, but was it really. Sam honestly couldn't remember if his brother had actually ever had a real relationship. He certainly hadn't remembered anything before Lisa and nothing that lasted more than a night or two after.


Sam thought of all the women he had dedicated himself to since Jessica. It was a surprising amount but Dean….never. Now there was Cas and even though it was a little strange Sam was sure he would get used to it quickly. 'I mean Cas was around recently more than he wasn't and he was in this line of 'work' so there would be no awkward explaining of things or…..' He stopped suddenly 'oh my god what was he even thinking… just cause they fucked didn't mean they were in a relationship.' his head tilted and his brows arched at his thoughts as he started walking again closing in on their motel room 'he had fucked Ruby a bunch' he thought flashes of her body springing across his mind. He shoved them down sighing 'and they were never in a relationship. But then….' His thoughts conflicted again 'had I ever been as close to Ruby as Dean was to Cas? Had Ruby and I ever even been friends….' Deep down Sam knew the answer to his question. He and Ruby had used one another, there had never been anything but a means to an end between them.


Again Sam staggered backwards as he ran headfirst into something hard and wide. He looked up his hand slipping behind his back to grip the pistol he had hidden in the band of his jeans.


“You really gotta stop doin’ that little brotha’” Benny's voice growled. A smile slipping over his lips. His clear blue eyes slid over Sam's form, slowly. He rocked slightly onto his heels before coming up to meet Sam's eyes. “You know…” he drawled “ you sure don't look to much like your brother.” Benny licked his lips in a predatory way that had Sam bending his knees slightly in case an attack came.


“What do you want Benny….” Sam asked a little harsher than he had intended. “Didn't you leave, why are you back?”


'Was Benny blushing? Could vampires blush?Sam stared in amazement ‘yea he was, Benny the big southern vampire was blushing’


“Bout that….” Benny started. “I know you're going for the coven tonight, I wanna help. Your bro has done a lot for me.” Benny was looking out into the parking lot avoiding Sam's eye. “I’ve been following you and him for a while now keeping uglies off your tails. I didn't know what else to do… I don't fit..” Benny stopped abruptly his hand balled into a fit and a snarl rose from his chest. “It don't matter you two can't take’em on by yourselves.”


Sam blinked.Benny had been following them… He hadn't he noticed. He was slipping.’  “We aren't alone.” Sam said flatly “We've got Cas”


At the mention of Castiel Sam noticed a stiffness came over Benny but he seemed to get control over himself and relaxed quickly.


“Fine” Benny growled. Turning he stalked away.


Sam shook his head and closed the last few feet to the motel room. Standing in front of it he took a deep breath and knocked.


A quick scramble from inside and then the door inched open. Dean’s crystal green eye met his.


“Sammy, whatcha knocking for?” he asked swinging the door wide and turning to go back into the room.


Sam chose not to answer. A stiff mirthless  chuckle came from him as he swing the door closed behind him. Castiel was sitting at the table putting the tops on the last few bottle grenades. The little round table had roughly 24 little bottles on it. Sam's eyebrows rose in surprise.


“Good, you actually managed to do some work.’ he picked up one of the bottles and examined it.


“What's that supposed to mean?” Dean asked as he shoved the last of his belongings into his duffle.  


“Never mind” Sam sighed. “Let’s just get this show on the road.” Sam looked over to where Cas stood sorting the bottles. “You with us Cas?” he asked


“Of course Sam, I will help in anyway I can, you know that.” He stated simply.




The old warehouse loomed up in the darkness, the surrounding woods split around it were slowly creeping back in to reclaim their territory. Shattered windows and dingy forlorn walls were draped in half dead creeping vines. Trees had sprouted inside branches punching out towards the sky through glassless windows and fallen portions of the roof.


A gaggle of crows seemed to be hovering in the general vicinity. The overly large ink colored birds swooped now and again their lonely cries echoing into the darkness.


“Why is it always a creepy old, abandoned, warehouse thing!” Dean complained as he leant forward both hands gripping the steering wheel. His eyes lifted as he watched a few crows come and land on one of the large old oaks that stood leaf bare not far from where they’d parked.


“Isn’t it strange” Sam said also looking out to the building “All the plants are either dead or dieing…” He looked around at the forest. “It looks like for a 50 foot radius around the building everything has had the life sucked almost completely out of it.


In the back seat Castiel shifted uncomfortably. “I have a bad feeling about this.”


Sam turned to look at him eyebrows raised. While Dean said “yea well we usually have a bad feeling about anything we do...You’ll get used to it.” and pushed his door open getting out.


“You OK Cas?” Sam asked


“Something just feels off..” Cas said softly his eyes fixed on the building in front of them.


The squeal of Deans door as it swung shut sent the crow’s off their branches into screaming flight. Sam frowned as Cas’s expression darken as he watched the birds furious accent. Their bodies blending into the starless night sky.


Sam watched Cas, the blue eyes shifted to him his brows were furrowed. “What’s up Cas?” Sam asked his stomach sinking.

“Did you know a group of crows is called a Murder….” Cas paused leaning forward so he was looking out the front of the car again. “I just don’t understand, it doesn’t make any sense. Do they murder people often?” Cas looked at Sam, his face was very serious “The Crows I mean.” He said seemingly to clarify his statement for Sam’s confused face.


Sam couldn't suppress his smile as he got out of the car.


It was easy enough getting into the building, there wasn’t much in the way of defenses a few demon warding symbols scrawled poorly here and there. Carefully they wandered deeper and deeper into the decrepit structure. The slow rhythmic sound of chanting whispered in the stillness around them. Something was definitely off, the walls seemed to be slick with some strange substance. They were dry to the touch but seemed to waver with an odd incandescence.


Cas was breathing heavily, sweat dripped from his temple and he seemed to be a few steps behind the brothers. He reached out his right hand pressing against the wall of the corridor, his fingertips brushed one of the poorly drawn symbols and he flinched back sucking a breath in through his teeth. He was beyond confused, these symbols weren’t even Enochian, they weren’t anything he could even recognise, they shouldn’t be able to harm him. He looked at his fingertips they were an angry red color, he was tired.


“Cas?” Dean’s voice echoed back to him in a rough whisper. He looked up they were at least 6-7 yards ahead of him, how had they gotten so far,Cas thought his vision blurred as he tried to take another step, he slumped, his body falling towards the wall only there wasn’t a wall there. His shoulder hit a set of double doors his entire body weight falling against them and they gave way sending him crashing into the room.


“THEY’RE HERE” a high pitched cackle erupted from the room Cas had slumped into.


“And they brought the Angel, just like Mistress said they would.” a second voice hissed.


Dean cursed as he saw Castiel's feet slide into the room, they must have grabbed him and dragged him inside.


“Dean..” Sam's voice called back to him as Dean took off towards where Castiel had disappeared. Doors blasted open next to Sam and he was assaulted by a large fireball. He ducked just in time as it whizzed past his head and exploded against the wall behind him. Sam raised one of the small bottles from his coat and lighting the cloth at the top threw it at the figure that was advancing on him. The woman wailed as the bottle exploded, green gas enveloped her and she slumped to the ground. A ball of light flew threw the green smoke as another witch advanced on Sam from deeper in the room.


Dean scrambled his boots sliding against the rocky and broken cement floor “You ok Sammy…” he called as he turned towards the double doors Cas had disappeared behind.


“Yea, I’m good, get Cas!” Sam called back pushing off the wall he charged at the witch.


Dean nodded and darted through the doors a small vial in one hand a pistol in the other. Without taking time to fully asses the situation he tossed the vial into the air lifting his pistol he shot it and it exploded, green gas spreading out into the room. Dean heard the familiar thud of a body hitting the floor.


“Cas!” he called his eyes finally settling on him. Castiel was on his knees the front of his shift was clutched in the hands of a tall beautiful woman. Her fingers were on his forehead and she was chanting. A second smaller woman hovered in the background far behind the one who had Cas. At Dean’s call she looked up and laughed. Her crimson lips parting her violet eyes glowed.


“Dean Winchester” She cooed her eyes moving from Dean down to Cas at her feet. Her long ruby tipped nails slid over Cas’s cheek, his head rolled back his mouth parted. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” She smiled her eyes never leaving Castiel’s face. Dean had been slowly reaching for another vial.


“I hoped you’d bring him,” she sighed leaning down to run her nose through the dark hair at the top of Cas’s head inhaling deeply. “Mmm.. Dean, Dean, Dean..” She said standing and finally looking to him. “He smells like you, wreaks of you…” the woman smiled “What were you two lovely boys doing. . .” She giggled her head tossing back, raven hair flowing over her shoulders. Slowly she lifted her fingers from Castiel’s cheek and brought them to her lips, “He tastes of you…” her eyes drifted closed and she groaned softly.


Dean growled and moved to close the distance between them. The woman pulled her finger from her mouth and flicked her hand out sending Dean flying backwards into the opposite wall. Dean grunted the pistol falling from his hand with the force of hitting the wall.


“Dean…” Cas groaned his eyes unfocused, he swayed on his knees. The woman’s hand gripping his shirt seemed to be the only thing keeping him upright.


“Now, now, now Castiel,” she began “don’t you think you should be a little more concerned about your own well being.” She closed her eyes and the ground around her and Cas began to glow. Dean struggled against his invisible bonds as ropes of light erupted from the ground around them, curling into an Angel’s trap, sealing Cas and the ivory skinned woman in the center. The woman smiled dropping Cas’s shirt. He immediately slumped down in a heap on the floor.


“Hey!” Dean called “Hey, bitch!” he snarled his feet dangled as he kicked out trying to dislodge himself from the wall. “Hey!”


The woman stopped in her tracks, a few explosions echoed deeper in the building. “I see your brother is busy….” She commented with less concern the Dean would have liked.


“Yea, cause we’re going to fucking kill you and your shitty little coven.” Dean grunted out


“Well,” the woman sighed turning to him “You can try,” she said her tone almost bored. Her eyes glowed again as she raised her hands palms up her voice filled the room and she chanted. Next to the circle Cas was slumped in red lines began to burst out of the ground, swirling and twisting, much in the same manner the white had done so shortly ago.


et vocavi te , exaudi vocem meam” she chanted the red lines glowing brightly.


Dean's fingers had managed to slip into his back pocket he was desperately trying to get his grip around a small vial.


The red lights grew bright and then faded away, in the center of the demons trap sat a figure. Blood oozed over her body blond hair sticking out at strange angles her face was puffy from bruises and her clothing was torn.


“Winchester . . “ the demon sighed “Why am I not surprised to see you here.” Her swollen eyes scanned the room she snarled her eyes landing on a slumped Castiel not far from her. She fought to get to her feet, her hands bound behind her back making moving difficult.


“What a strange reaction…” The woman in black said her brows arching at the petit demon “Now now my pet, settle down you are key in all of this don’t forget” The woman waved her hand and the trapped woman arched off her feet, her scream pierced the air as she was lifted off the ground.


“Bitch,” she snarled her feet kicking in the air “ Sedelca,” she managed before her throat gave a gagging noise and she choked her eyes bulging  up at the ceiling.


“Thats enough my dear….” the witch said smartly before turning her back on the floating woman “first let me finish here…” She moved back to Cas again gripping him by the front of his clothing and pulled him back to his knees. He groaned as his head flopped back, he was pale so pale. Sedelca placed her fingers gently against the center of Castiel's forehead and recited a few words her eyes going bright again. Castiel screamed his arms flying wide his back arching as a bright light shot from both of his shoulder blades.


Sedelca looked over to Dean “Pay attention my dear you aren't going to want to miss this.” Her voice floated sardonically over to him


She released the front of Castiel's clothing as his scream faded and in one flick the light was gone, like it had been turned off as quickly as it had begun. From his back now fully exposed were two gigantic black wings.


Dean's breath caught in his throat. The were beautiful. He had never seen anything like them. Inky feathers shimmered in the light from the trap he was in. Cas groaned slumping over he caught himself on his hands which only brought his wings into greater prominence. They stretched and flexed behind him creating a small gust in the dust at Sedelca’s feet. Castiel's wings were large, the took up so much space Dean was amazed, but there was something wrong, they looked off. His left wing didn’t extend as far as his right and in a few spots there were gaps where feathers should have been but weren’t.


“Feather from a Hell Scorched Angel.” She whispered moving forward her eyes wide transfixed on Castiel's wings. “You’re the only one, the only one in all of history… in all of time” Her voice was breathy as it faded away in astonishment, her fingers slid into the shimmery feathers at the joint. She brought her cheek down to press against the wing lovingly. “I’ve waited… I’ve waited so long..” She almost moaned. Castiel was gasping “No..” he groaned. A flush rose over his face standing out starkly against his pale skin. “Stop..” his voice gritted out.


“C...cas..?” Dean called worry and confusion hung on every syllable “Don’t you touch him, you skank!” Dean cried now frantic in his attempts to break whatever was holding him so high against the wall.


Castiel groaned again, he had reached out his fingers gripping her ankle “No..” he moaned his wing jumping in her hands “More…” he was panting his eyes closed tightly he wouldn’t look at Dean no matter how much he called.


Sadelca laughed. “Do you know why Angel’s do not expose their wings?” Her voice sang back to Dean over Cas’s pleas “Because it makes them vulnerable” she cooed her fingers slid among the feathers and Cas moaned out. Dean realized with a shock it wasn’t pain. He stopped struggling his green eyes transfixed on what was happening.


“Do you know why it was so very difficult for me to get the beautiful wings to appear” She purred walking around Castiel shaking his fingers from her ankle. Dean could see his friend fully now. Cas’s lips were pulled back his teeth clenched, his hands were balled into white knuckled fists against the dusty ground.He was sweating, groaning, deep whispered, throaty pleas were falling from his lips as his wings seemed to flutter with each stroke of the witches long crimson tipped fingers.


Sedelca never took her hands from the glossy feathers as she moved and Castiel couldn't suppress his shivers. “Because…” she almost snarled her face changing from serine to monstrous in an instant as she ran both hands down Castiel’s wings towards his back. Castiel was on his hands and knees his head tossed back his mouth open he panted his wings straining, feathers shivering. “When anything but a heavenly being touches them, the pleasure they experience is crippling.”


Shock rocketed through Deans system to see Castiel reduced in such a way. “NO!” Dean barked finally getting his fingers around the little vial in his pocket. Now just to get it out.


“Yes!” Sedelca hissed her eyes flashed with madness as she reached down and ripped a feather from Castiel’s back. His scream was pure pain, it was deafening, the windows shattered and the ground under him cracked. The light from his trap faded and he slumped forward onto his stomach, his wings disappearing before he even hit the floor.


“CAS!!!” Dean screamed. “Sam, SAAM!!” Dean was frantic kicking wildly his arms still bound to his side. “Cas, Cas!” he called


“SILENCE!” Sedelca cried and Dean's voice died. She held the beautiful feather in her hands it shimmered in the dull red light as she moved towards the demon. “And now for you.”


Flicking her wrist a long curved blade appeared his her milk white hand, words streamed from her red lips as she closed on the floating figure. Slashing out she sliced the torso deeply, cutting her from one side of her body to the other. Dean watched in horror as her legs flailed for a moment before she went still. Sedelca waved her hand and the demon dropped with a sickening smack to the floor blood leaking from her body. Sedelca dipped and filled a small vial with the blood “Blood of a tainted Demon.” she smiled at Dean “You have no idea how long it took me to figure that little puzzle out.”


Deans eyes flicked from Sedelca as the demon groaned. “She was the key really,” The violet eyes went to Dean and then back to the demon on the ground “none of this could have happened without you my love. Now be a peach and die for me” Sedelca purred bending slightly to run her fingers over the pale and bruised cheek.


Sedelca turned her attention to Dean. “Now for you, I have no need for you. You Winchesters always seem to get in the way….” Sedelca raised her hand fingers curling. Dean grunted out in pain. His green eyes bulging, ringing started in his ears as his vision blurred. It was at that moment an explosion happened in the rafters above them. A manic roar erupted as Benny jumped down and landed on Sedelca taking her to the ground. Dean slid down the wall her hold on him broken in the witches surprise. Dean gasped his fingers finding the pistol he had dropped as he pulled the vial out of his pocket and threw it into the air firing one shot it exploded. From the hall two more witches entered the room fire bursting from their palms as the finally came to their mistresses aid.

Sedelca tossed Benny off of her with ease. “A vampire,” She snarled regaining her composure. “I didn't expect you to run with such a crowd Winchester.” She fired off a bolt of lightning from her palm at Benny who quickly avoided it. “Where have you been?!” She hissed at the two witches who were running to flank her.


“The big one, he…” one of the witches started to explain.


“Dean?!” Sam came charging into the room he ducked as a fireball followed him. “There are so many!” he called tossing another vial back into the hall.


“It doesn’t matter Winchesters!” Sedelca called her voice high and manic “Once this demon dies I’ll have everything I need to open the gate!”


Cas was getting to his feet as Benny charged the raven haired witch again. She launched bolt after bolt at him. Dean had raced across the room he was straddling a witch just feet from where Cas was slowly regaining his composure. His fists falling in rapid succession onto her face as she screamed out and tried to choke him.


“Cas!” he cried looking over “Go, Get her out of here! Go!” Dean reached behind him grabbed another vial and shoved it in the witch's mouth before punching her and sending the contents down her throat.


“Dean, no I can help!” Cas argued weakly as he got to his feet his body already slumping with the strain. A mousy brown haired witch was approaching him her hands cackled with sparks.


“You’re useless here angel, we’ve hidden Enochian symbols over every inch of this building. Mistress is going to drain you of your power and make you her pet.” She hissed “we hid the symbols behind a veil that's why you cannot see them let alone erase them” She charged Castiel her palms inches from his face blue sparks tingled over his skin, the woman missed him by a fraction as she suddenly hit the ground.


Dean was standing in front of him breathing heavily a large metal pipe in his hands “Cas, go! We can’t let her die!” he growled gripping Cas by his shoulder and shoving him towards the woman in the demon trap.  “As much as I never thought I’d say that…”


“Alright, I will do what I can. Let me know as soon as you are safe, or I will come right back” Cas said in his flat tone. Dean fought the urge to lean in and kiss him, relief was flooding his system now that Cas seemed to be ok, if not weak.


“We got this buddy boy..” Benny shouted as he charged passed them taking out a witch with a tackle and deftly slicing her head off.


“Is that the only way you know how to kill things!” Dean snarled running after his friend.


Cas’s eyes lingered on Dean's back as he watched him and Benny fall easily into their combat routine. He had a momentary flash back to purgatory before a soft groan called him out of his memories.  


Sam watched Cas destroy the demons trap and run from the room the limp form in his arms. “Do what ever you can!” He called as Cas moved passed him. Sam positioned himself in front of the door ensuring none of the remaining witches followed Cas.


Sedelca snarled “My Angel…” rage erupting from her as she watched Cas snatch the demon and retreated.


“Not so fast sweetheart” Sam smiled pistol raised. Sedelca screamed out grabbing the closest witch to her she pulled the woman by the hair until she stood like a shield.


“I will die for you my mistress” the smaller woman moaned her dull brown eyes looking up at Sedelca with unbridled devotion.


“Good!” Sedelca snapped yanking the woman's head back her eyes snapping to Sams “This isn’t over Winchester” she snarled as her finger came up and the sharp ruby red nail sliced the smaller witches throat. Sedelca dipped her fingers into the blood and smeared it into a strange symbol on her breastplate. She tossed the smaller witch aside the spell spilling from her lips as she pressed her long fingers onto the symbol at her chest. A loud snap cracked the air and she was gone.


The last few witches either attempted to flee or were easily suppressed by the remaining men. Standing in the center of the carnage, green smoke, and blood Dean looked up to Benny. He reached out putting a hand on the man's large shoulder. “Damn it's good to see you” Dean huffed as he pulled the vampire into a tight hug. Benny’s face dipped right away, his nose pressed into Dean's neck, his eyes however were fixed on Sam as the younger Winchester watched him from across the room. Benny returned the hug with fervor gipping his friend tightly.


“I cannot tell you how good it is to see you too Brother.” Benny grunted as he felt Dean slap hard on his back a few times.


Dean stepped back after a moment and laughed “Just like old times!” He smacked Benny's upper arm lightly before placing his hands on his hips and looking around the room. Sam was frowning at Benny, but Dean didn’t notice. Benny couldn’t care just being this close to Dean had the nausea in his stomach quieting.


“Yep,” he responded softly “Just like the good ole’ days” Benny shifted under Dean's gaze. Dean reached out and gripped his upper arm again a small smile tilting the corners of his lips. There was very little if anything about their days in purgatory that were good but neither of them would refer to their time there as anything else.


“How the hell did ya find me man?” Dean asked “Not that I’m complaining you know, it’s always good to have you in a pinch.” Dean’s hand was hot on Benny’s upper arm. It was making it hard for him to think. He didn’t want to lie but the words ‘I’ve been tracking you since we parted.’  just didn’t seem like the right thing to say right them. Benny fumbled.


Sam chose that moment to speak up “I saw Benny in the parking lot, by chance” Sam was closing in on their group “I told him about the job but he wasn’t sure he wanted in….”


Sam was lying for him...Why was sam lying for him?’


Dean looked between Sam and Benny “Really…?” Dean asked a slightly suspicious smile lifting his features.


“Ah, Yep..” Benny said rocking on his heels.


“Thats awesome!” Dean nodded in earnest this time. He looked around sighing roughly at the mess. “Y’a know… I would say it was a cold day in Hell before you two would get along.” Dean pulled out his cellphone taking a few steps away from his brother and Benny.


“Cas…?” Dean’s voice mumbled as he turned his back on the other two men.


Benny and Sam stared at one another. A muscle in Sam’s jaw jumped.


“Thanks…” Sam started as Benny raised his hand to cut him off. “No really, I didn’t think we would have made it out of this if you didn’t show…”


“Listen Sammy…” Benny started


“Well...Better get to cleaning this mess up.” Dean shouted, he was dragging the closest witches body into the center of the room.


Benny frowned “Yea…” He said lifting his hand to scratch at the back of his head “......yea…” he sighed


“Hey!” Dean grunted out “What the hell, am I doing this on my own?” He was pulling another body by its feet and adding it to the first.


“No, right…” Sam called taking one last look at Benny before springing into action.


The fire burned high as the three men stood together watching it.


“Lets hit the bar, Cas says he has a plan to heal the demon so we’ve got some time on our hands. Benny you can fill us in on what you’ve been up to.” Dean reached out and gripped Benny by the upper arm again before turning his back and heading towards the exit.


Benny looked down at his arm where Dean’s hand had been.


Sam looked over at him and nodded before following his brother.


"You know…. I think I’m going to take some photos of the walls, see if we can figure out what the symbols were about, maybe how they affected Cas so much.”


“Great idea Sammy…I also have to tell you about what that crazy bitch was saying...” Dean called back “Comin’ Benny? There's a round of beers with our names on them.”


Long a/n: I really hate OC [original characters] but I realized that I wanted to separate my story from the main plot of the show as much as possible. I find that I am using it as a reference instead of a guide. I also realized that the O.C’s I hate are the ones who become part of the ‘team’, so I thought an OC villain might work out. Reference for Sedelca will come in the next few chapters A/N’s I don’t want to give too much away too soon. Please Read and Review, I could really use some input on my work.


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