"so you're telling me, that there is a sex tape of us out there somewhere. you have no idea how they got it, no idea what it looks like. that the person who has it is threatening you to do stuff, that both our reputations are on the line, you think you're pregnant and that you expect me to get along with you to help find and destroy
the tape?"

"pretty much, yeah."


1. chapter one

"That's because you're a bitch."

"Wow. I've had snappier comebacks from a bowl of rice crispies."

"Nice glasses, geek." I take my fake glasses off my head and aiming them at the bin, smiling at the success of the landing.

"Nice outfit, slut. Did it come with a pole?"

"Do you even wear makeup, like me? It might fix your face."

"Please, theres a fine line between makeup and looking like you got gang banged by a crayola."

At this point, Rebecca flicked her hair in my face and strutted off.

I frown at the sound of her glossy heels trotting down the halls and turned away feeling a body crash against mine.

"Ohmygosh, I'm so..." A reasonably angry face met mine getting up and reluctantly holding out a hand to help me.

"...sorry."I end bluntly. The same blunt expression met mine- Rebecca's quarter back boy toy, Ryan Clarke.

"Geez, what's the rush?"he huffs with a bare chuckle.

"Um, I didn't mean- I had no idea you were- I'm so- Sorry."I stammer waiting for him to excuse me.

He nods in forgiveness picking up his dropped football.

"Hey, you're, uh, Rebecca's....?"

"Yeah, I'm the one Rebecca bitches about to you."

"She doesn't, uh, say anything to me."


"We broke up."he smiled awkwardly.

"Um, sorry to hear."


"I've gotta get to class."

"Sure, right, see you around...?"


"Lauren."he smiled politely holding a five second glance before I turned away and broke it, gracefully walking upstairs to my Biology class.

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