Why Do You Do This To Me?

Nikki is your average teenage girl.... Until she meets Ashton... She used to cry herself to sleep and have panic attacks and have bad chronic depression... Can one boy change her life or end it...


8. Your My Escape

(Song Of The Chapter - Evil Little Genius by Jordan Sweeto)

Weeks had gone by and Ashton and I had gotten more active sexually and let me just say god he had a huge huge daddy kink. I had gotten home from work a few minutes ago when I saw a note on the refrigerator 'Kitten Go Upstairs And Change Into A Dress On The Bed We're Going To Calum's Party And I Want You To Look Even More Beautiful Than You Already Do. Love, Your Loving Daddy.' By the last word of the note I had a face as red as a tomato knowing how serious he was I went upstairs changed my bra to a push up bra and put on a dress that was two sizes to small it hugged my curves and pushed my boobs up. I knew exatly what he was doing he was trying to make his friends jealous at the thought I felt as if I were a trophy and not a girlfriend. When Ashton got home I was putting on my chain necklace and doing my make-up I hadn't seen him he put his hands on my waist and I had bit my lip. "How do I look daddy?" he had smirked. "Very pretty darling are you ready?" he cooed. I gave a nod and followed him to his car.


We had gotten to the party and I had gone off with his friends we were laughing and talking but I noticed Ashton was watching Calum the whole time so I moved closer to Calum and got up sitting in his lap smiling as he smiled at me standing with his hands on my hips. Perfect I could get Ashton jealous and have a nice night. Calum took me to the dancefloor and we were Dancing then it happened and my heart shattered he had kissed another girl I wouldn't kiss Calum I had tears streaming down my cheeks and ran out Luke Michael and Calum glaring at Ashton and going after me I had grabbed a bat from Calums yard and dragged it to Ashtons car raising it when I felt three pairs of arms around me I sat the bat down and hugged them crying. "Why'd he have to do that..." I whimpered they all rubbed my back when Ashton walked over. "Kitten?" He looked concerned and then looked at his hands. "I Wanna go home with Mikey Ashton you can go take your new sex slave home I'll pack up my stuff and i'll go home to Ireland." I looked really hurt and he let out a sigh nodding kissing my head and going home. Maybe I couldn't fix what we had maybe it was broken...


Should I continue do you wanna know what happens? Could Ashton Win Danielle Back Or Is It Over For Good.

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