Why Do You Do This To Me?

Nikki is your average teenage girl.... Until she meets Ashton... She used to cry herself to sleep and have panic attacks and have bad chronic depression... Can one boy change her life or end it...


5. The Sound Of Silence Kills Me

(Song Of The Chapter - The Sound Of Silence by Disturbed.)

There I sat with Michael on the couch not a word escaped my lips nor his. Ashton was still asleep I sadly wasn't lucky enough to still be asleep I was rather scared right then so I turned to Michael. "Can we cuddle?" I asked my cheeks heating up. "Yes by the way that Silence was killing me." He chuckled holding me in his embrace when I fell asleep I hadn't slept well lately. Michael was rubbing my back slowly falling asleep until Ashton saw us. "NIKKI!" He yelled making me jump up looking at his hurt expression. "Get out and go home." Ashton crossed his arms. I nodded and went upstairs changing and collecting my things walking out. "Bye." I said blankly I looked at my phone I had a text from Mikey. 'I'm Sorry.' I never replied I ran home and sat in my room.


I hadn't left my room in three days I had 24 calls and voicemails from Ashton and at least 30 texts from Mikey and him they were worried but I wasn't I didn't care what happened to me anymore. I hadn't gone to school I had given up. There was a knock on my door it was my mum. "Nikki a boy is here to see you his name is Ashton." She waited for my answer but I stayed silent I heard her tell him to come in and he did I just sat in my window seat looking out the window half crying like I had been for three days. Nothing that happened to me would matter. "Nikki?" He whispered. "I killed a girl once.. That girl? She was me. I'll never be the same.." I whimpered. He grabbed me hugging my body as I cried he kept kissing my face but it made things worse. "I hate this life Ashton I just want you I can't deal with all the Panic and Anxiety attacks as well as the Chronic Depression I just want us." He nodded and squeezed me tight. "Baby I'm sorry Mikey told me everything please come home." He looked at me and I nodded leaving with him.


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