Why Do You Do This To Me?

Nikki is your average teenage girl.... Until she meets Ashton... She used to cry herself to sleep and have panic attacks and have bad chronic depression... Can one boy change her life or end it...


4. Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

(Song Of The Chapter - Heart Like Yours by Willamette Stone and All I Want by Kodaline)

Ashton and I stood there when it started to rain. I ran to his car giggling as he followed me and grabbed me so I was facing him. For the second time tonight we kissed but this time in the rain getting us drenched but in that moment I didn't care I was drenched. I pulled away and asked him a question. "How could a heart like yours love a heart like mine?" He paused a moment and then replied. "Because your worth loving and I wanna be the one to do so." He hugged me. I broke into tears of joy hugging back. "N-Nobody has ever said that to me.." I smiled. "If you love me take my body." He bit his lip and brought his lips to my ear whispering. "Oh princess I will." He smirked  as goosebumps rose onto my skin. "Let's go home Ash." I said getting inside.



When we arrived Ashton opened my door and helped me out even though I could've gotten it. He took my hand and took me inside. I gasped when someone took a grasp of my thigh he was a tall colorful haired boy I heard Ashton call him Michael. "Michael stop let go of her." Ashton snarled. I looked at him and his hand. "Your just like him he'd touch me when I didn't want him to he'd hit me and sexually abused me you touched me like he did!" I shoved Michael away and ran out. "I can take so much until I've had enough cause I'm only human.." I sniffled when a boy probably in his early teens hugged my waist. "Please don't leave my brother he's sitting in the livingroom upset he wants you and needs you. For a moment that's the happiest we've seen him since our dad left come back for him please..." I nodded and followed the boy inside Ashton shooting up and holding me tightly sniffling a quiet whimper muffled by my neck. "Cmon Ash lets go to your room." I weakly smiled as he rushed to his room he sat on his bed and pulled me onto him finally laying down. "Wanna change?" He asked sweetly as I gave a nod he pulled out a shirt and undressed me putting his shirt on me. He changed into a pair of dry boxers... I noticed his length and noticed it was semi-hard. "Did you like undressing me?" I teased as he looked down and saw I noticed. "Heh yeah..." He bit his lip as he grew harder from the thought of my exposed body which I had let him clothe. "Let's just go to sleep." He climbed under the covers pulling my body against his. We were so close my boobs were smack against his chest. I noticed he'd sneak glances and his hand went under the covers. I moved back and rolled over I didn't notice his smirk at all and closed my eyes. I wondered what he was thinking.. 


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