Queen of Cosmo

With the decline of the big names in makeup and household products due to new animal testing laws, many companies go out of business. But how do the last few keep going? how are they funding the non animal testing with all the cuts? are they hiding something?


1. Prologue

“I hereby declare that passage 21:9 animal testing rights has been amended so that it now states that it is illegal to use animals to test for environmental safety of consumer and industry products; including cosmetics, household cleaners, food additives etc with the exception of medical related testing”.

She paused for a split second glancing around at her fellow panel.

“Anyone who fails to comply with these regulations will serve anything from the minimum to the maximum penalty possible depending on the case”.

With that the minister of the World Rights organisation shut her folder signalling the meeting was over. She left abruptly surrounded by security. The rest of the board was soon to follow. The protests outside grew louder as people shouted obscenities and demanded a change in the law. But it was no use and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The news cameras turned around filming the mob of protesters-most of which were probably the owners of multi million dollar companies that would probably go bankrupt. The new law had fueled the anger and people were throwing everything from tomatoes to paint at the sleek, glass building.  Metal railings were separating the two groups of people and masses of police lined were up against them-to keep the peace. The animal rights activists had won and the victory was clear and evident. They had content smiles plastered on their faces and cheers and whooping was shared among them. News crews stayed on their side-clearly not wanting to be in the middle of the massacre. People had come from far and near to witness it- It was as though every channel wanted to report on the issue. 

I flicked through the rest of the channels trying to find something else to watch that would calm my mind. My whole world revolved around makeup. I have practically spent my life in this industry. With my mum being the director of the world’s largest cosmetics company and me being the face of Queen of Cosmo I was really worried. Did this mean that we’d go out of business? Was I going to be poor? The money we had wouldn’t last long enough I thought to myself.

“And your absolutely right John it’s the new law” Carrie Adams, the presenter of daily scoop was telling her co-host John Mc Faden as I turned my attention back to the TV screen  on the wall.

“Is that right Carrie?” John said in such a sarcastic manner showing his clear lack of uninterested in the subject (not that this was anything new).

“Every country will now be expected to abide by these new laws and anyone who doesn’t will face severe penalties.”  Carrie replied wearing a look of exaggerated shock and disappointment on her face.

“Well it looks like you ladies are in trouble.” John answered and then chuckled at his own joke. Carrie joined him and the fake laughs grew louder and went on for quite some time before they both sobered up and regained composure.

“But on a more serious note ladies and gentlemen the ultimate question still stands: Why can’t we test on other things?” Carrie paused for a moment as if in deep thought... “And we have your answer people, from the World Rights organisation herself- Mrs Maggie Akowana” and with that the cameras turned to face away from the hosts as they welcomed the Minister .  The audience clapped politely but the tension in the atmosphere increased a little.

“Now thank you so much for joining us today Mrs Akowana, it’s a pleasure to meet you” Carrie said staring at the minister with ‘admiration’.

“I’d hold that thought  Carrie, by the time you hear what she has to say I bet you’ll be wanting to pull your hair out or should I say wipe off your mascara” and with that both Carrie and John dissolved into a laughing fit, while Mrs Akowana sat with an uneasy expression on her face.

“So tell us Mrs Akowana why can’t we find alternative methods of testing, even though it may be more expensive we’ve been testing cosmetics using other methods such as computer modelling and in-vitro testing, can’t every company just switch to these ways?”  John asked is a voice that could only be described-once again- as fake and exaggerated.

“Well you see Mr Mc Faden our governments can’t afford to spend money like that anymore. There have been too much drops in the global economy and resources are becoming scarce, so essentially we have no choice but to cut down.” She replied

“There you have it, right from the lady herself, so if I were you I’d be saving my lipstick for a rainy day because it looks like there’s going to be a whole lot less of it” Carrie giggled at her own joke, before a commercial break came on.

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