Bromance (ScorpiusxAlbus)

Since the first day they met, Scorpius and Albus have been the best of friends. They instantly fitted with each other no matter what their family background was. Lately Scorpius has been wondering why is it that when Albus grins at him playfully he gets this funny feeling in his tummy just like Albus wonders why is it that every time Scorpius awkwardly hugs him his face feels all hot and doesn't want him to let go. They've just convinced themselves its just a phase, that its just what friends do.


5. Nightime memories






             That night Albus was left with Blake's words bouncing in his head. He did needed to do something. If somehow Scorpius still had feelings for Rose, doing something would prove to be even more difficult. Also, there was the fact that maybe Scorpius wasn't even slightly interested in boys. Then there was also the possibility that if Albus did make a move, Scorpius would reject him, which would also end their friendship. That was the main reason why Albus had kept his mouth shut. Because he preferred this to nothing at all. Sometimes Albus wished that this newborn feelings would just vanish. 

Albus glanced at the bed besides him where Scorpius slept snoring slightly. He let out a small chuckle at how Scorpius looked silly even while sleeping. In that moment he wished he could crawl into his bed and snuggle with Scorpius and wrap his arms around him tightly and bury his face in the crook of his neck and breath in his cool scent and feel his warm pale skin against his. The thoughts even startled himself. And with those thoughts in mind he doze of with a small smile tugging at his lips.


             In the middle of the night Albus heard some rustling. He opened his eyes groggily ready to spat some curses to whoever woke him up after he had finally fall asleep. With a small frown and half closed eyes he looked around and then noticed Scorpius trashing in his bed mumbling. More awake now and with slightly wide eyes he sits up and whispers "Scorpius." but the boy didn't answer.

The others hadn't woken up yet so he slowly made his way towards Scorpius's bed. "Scorpius." he repeated while nudging him trying to wake the boy up. He seemed to be having a nightmare, which was odd. Scorpius usually slept soundlessly, apart from the snores. 

Albus jumped a bit startled when Scorpius suddenly woke up and in the process of sitting, he banged his head with Albus's. They both let out a small yelp and held their heads. Still panting a bit Scorpius looked up at Albus "What are you doing?" 

Albus rubbed his forehead wincing a bit at the bump that was already forming. "You seemed to be having a bad dream. And i was trying to wake you up." he mumbled.

"Oh...well, its okay. I'm fine now..." Scorpius expression then changed to a worried one. "Are you alright? I'm sorry." he said reaching up to Albus face. The dark haired boy on the other hand started blushing, noticing how close they were. Lucky it was dark in there and Scorpius wouldn't see his reaction. 

Scorpius gingerly touched Albus's bump and murmured "You should go to the Hospital Wing or at least put some ice in it." 

"N--no,  its okay. Its just a bump." Albus found himself leaning into Scorpius warm hand. The blond boy pulled his hand away and looked down at his lap. A bit disapointed Albus started to climb off the bed. "We should probably catch some sleep." but Scorpius grabbed his arm tugging at it slightly "Wait. I, uh..." he struggled to get the words out, a bit embarrassed of what Albus would think. "Could you...stay?" Albus's eyes widen at the invitation and Scorpius misinterpreted his expression "I'm sorry. Its stupid and weird." he was about to hide under the covers but Albus prevented him from doing so.

"No! Wait--I didn't mean it like that. Its long as its okay with you." After those words left his mouth he thought it over, he was getting his hopes up. Scorpius probably wanted him to stay due to the nightmare but Albus didn't know if he could resist in a position like this. 

Scorpius seemed relieved "Thanks." 

Carefully Albus settled besides Scorpius without touching him. He then asked "Do you want to talk about it?" he said referring to his nightmare.

Scorpius grimaced and shook his head slightly. Albus didn't push him knowing that he would tell him when he was ready. 

Albus felt as if he wasnt able to breath, being so close and yet so far from him. The urge to wrap his arms around the blond and kiss his neck was unbearable. He thought he wouldn't be able to sleep. Then a few minutes after Scorpius turned looking at him. "Albus?"

At that point Albus was pretty sure he wasn't breathing. "Hm?" he managed to get out. 

"Thank you, for always being there." he paused smiling while Albus's heart hammered in his chest so loudly he thought Scorpius would be able to hear him.  "You're the best friend i could ever ask for." Scorpius laced his fingers with Albus's and then closed his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.

In any other moment this would have been bliss for Albus, but after those words, Albus was pretty sure how Scorpius felt about him.





         Albus had woken up before anyone else did. As much as he wanted to stay with Scorpius he crawled back into his own bed. He pulled up the sheets up to his chins. With half closed eyes he kept watching Scorpius peaceful form sleep. He didn't fall asleep again and when the sun rose up he was the first one to tidy up. Scorpius was last to rise and shine, when he did Albus almost melted on the spot at how cute he looked sleepy. Many times he had seen him wake up but this time was different, his heart sped up and his lips kept tugging up. He hurried out of the dorms before Scorpius noticed and then made his way to the Great Hall. 

Even though he tried forgetting last night, Albus chest kept hurting making him remember and sometimes he wished his feelings for Scorpius hadn't changed into this. Because he knew Scorpius didn't feel the same way. Because he knew they would always be best friends. And the thought made his chest ache even more.

“Potter!” Albus glanced over his shoulder at the mention of his name. Blake’s dimpled grin and messy hair came into view. He was walking towards Albus in a rather cheery mood. Albus had already sat at the table with toasts and eggs and a glass of orange juice. Blake settled down beside him obtaining a few flares from the Slytherins, but Blake didn’t seem to mind “How’s it going mate?” he asked casually while Albus dug into his breakfast.

After he swallowed he cleared his throat and looked up at Blake a bit awkwardly. Albus hadn’t forgotten the almost kiss he shared with Blake the other day and still didn’t know how to act around him. “Good.” He simply stated deciding that was the safest answer at the moment.

Blake rose a delicate eyebrow as if saying he could see through Albus’s rouse. When he kept staring, Albus squirmed under his gaze uncomfortably so he let out a long sigh and said “I think last night I was friend zoned.”  He then stared down at his plate flushing a tad embarrassed, while Blake seemed to be having a hard time to not burst out laughing. Of course he couldn’t help himself so he burst out laughing anyway. Albus pressed his lips together in a thin line obviously not pleased with his reaction, when Blake calmed down and saw his expression he let out a few last chuckles and then looked at Albus trying to be more serious. “I’m sorry.”

Albus rolled his eyes and went back to eating with a slight frown. Blake rested his chin on his hand and smiled softly at him “Oi, don’t get mad at me. I’m sorry, but I did tell you that was a probable outcome.”

Albus shook his head slightly and mumbled “I didn’t exactly…confessed my feelings to him…”

Blake tilted his head slightly confused, when Albus saw his expression he added to clear things out, “He told of how much he wouldn’t change our friendship for anything else…or something along those lines. Anyways, it was pretty clear how he felt about me.”

Blake didn’t laugh this time, instead he shrugged and leaned closer “You know, you can go out with me instead.” He said with a flirtatious smirk. Albus couldn’t help but blush beat red at Blake’s proposal. He wasn’t sure he liked Blake that way. He wasn’t sure he even liked guys in general. He was only sure he liked Scorpius, no, he loved Scorpius. That, he was sure of. He had to admit he was somehow attracted to Blake, he couldn’t deny that. But it was simply that, attraction. It didn’t sum up to the feelings he felt towards Scorpius. Even so, he couldn’t help but consider Blake’s proposal.

Albus opened his mouth a few time to say something but he kept closing it up. His eyes wandered behind Blake and he spotted a stark blond talking enthusiastically to a really familiar redhead. He completely forgot about Blake at that moment as his face dropped any emotion it had been carrying. He felt his chest clench with that familiar pain he had started to get used too.

Rose tugged a strand of hair behind her ear and let out a chuckle at whatever Scorpius said. The blond Malfoy looked rather pleased with himself. After a few minutes Scorpius finished talking and with a silly grin he made his way towards a frowning Albus. Even after all that smart talk about going out with Rose not being what he thought, he kept having that lovesick puppy expression.

Albus clenched his fists over his lap and then looked back at Blake “You know what? It’s not such a bad idea.” He said determined. Albus’s answer took Blake by surprise, he didn’t actually believe Albus would have said yes. Still, it made him happy he did so.  A smile appeared on his lips as he said “Well, how about this weekend at Hogsmeade.” He paused shrugging “Since there isn’t really any other place here to go to.” Albus chuckled and nodded “It’s a date.” He didn’t know what he was getting into, or if he was even doing it because he wanted to. After Blake left he felt a bit anxious, why did he say yes? Was he trying to prove something?

Just in time Scorpius plopped in front of him his eyes following Blake. “Who was that?”  he asked curiously with slightly narrowed eyes.

“No one.” Albus mumbled while keeping his eyes glued on his plate, still mad at Scorpius. The reason? It probably had to do with the fact that he still liked Rose. He also didn’t look up because he knew if he did he would lose it and start regretting his decision of accepting Blake’s proposal. He would drown in Scorpius’s ocean blue eyes and keep on regretting things. He would start getting crazy thoughts like; he should probably tell him how he felt, and how he should also tell him that Rose wasn’t the girl for him and of how they belonged together, and of how he didn’t want to be just friends, and of how he wanted to spend the rest of his day alongside him, and of how cute he looked, though also ridiculous, when he slept.

“Okay…” Scorpius mumbled noting his rather pissed off attitude. A small frown rested on his face wondering why was he upset. Since the beginning of this year Albus had been getting this strange mood swings. He thought things had settled down between them after last night’s exchange. Thinking about last night made Scorpius remember his nightmare. He grimaced a bit at the memory. He would usually tell Albus about it… but this time he didn’t feel like it, since he wasn’t even sure himself of why he had been so frightened. Granted he had watched his other self, the one from the alternate reality, torture and kill his remaining family and friends. Though of course that would never happen. Firstly, because Albus never existed in that other reality and secondly because he would never ever, not in a thousand years or more, do something like that to his friend.

The thought of there actually being a possibility of that event happening, sent shivers down his back and made an unsettling feeling rest on his belly. Albus meant everything to him. The thought of losing him made him sick. The thought of him being the cause, made him even more sick. He couldn’t imagine life without Albus, Albus was his life.

Not knowing where that thought had sprung from, Scorpius decided to stop thinking in general. Of course that didn’t actually help, it made him think about last night. He actually thought Albus would tell him to sod off after asking for such a weird request. Because it was weird that two same gender teenagers slept together. He was surprised that Albus had said yes. After that Scorpius slept like a baby, and actually wished they could sleep together like that every night. But that was a one night only. Because if anyone found out, they would say things about them, and people would whisper and give them looks. Because it wasn’t normal. Because they were just friends.

“Why do you like her?” the question came out of the blue. Scorpius glanced at the green eyed boy raising I brow confused. Then he processed the question and let out a sigh. “I thought we had settled why.” At his answer Albus rose a skeptic eyebrow. True, Scorpius had never really said a specific reason, but now, it made him think…why did Scorpius like Rose?

“Well…” he started “She’s pretty, and smart. And she’s good at everything she does…and has, pretty hair?” he chewed on his lip thinking of another reason why he liked Rose.

“But she doesn’t even really like you!”

“Thanks, mate.” Scorpius said drily.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Albus replied frowning. “I just meant…You’re great bloke. You deserve to be with someone who really likes you, and not just because you suddenly joined the Quiditch team.  Someone who thinks you’re something special…”

Scorpius then grinned at Albus “I’ve got you for that.”

Maybe Scorpius hadn’t said those words with any romantic intention but all the same it made Albus heart flip over in his chest. He was rendered speechless and had a hard time making his vocal cords work properly. His cheeks tinted red and eyes wide. Clueless Scorpius said those words carelessly not knowing it just made his best mate fall more in love with him.

“Look, maybe you’re right. Maybe Rose isn’t the right girl for me but…I want to give this a chance…I was thinking of inviting her to the Surley Ball. If it doesn’t work after that I swear we’ll be over.” Albus stared at him with a blank expression thinking of how Scorpius quickly forgot what was Albus point. The whole point was of Scorpius forgetting about Rose, but there he goes and invites her to the Surley Ball. Albus couldn’t believe this.

“Right. Good for you mate.” He stood up and added “Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to class.” With that Albus exited the Great Hall with a disappointed look on his face.










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