Bromance (ScorpiusxAlbus)

Since the first day they met, Scorpius and Albus have been the best of friends. They instantly fitted with each other no matter what their family background was. Lately Scorpius has been wondering why is it that when Albus grins at him playfully he gets this funny feeling in his tummy just like Albus wonders why is it that every time Scorpius awkwardly hugs him his face feels all hot and doesn't want him to let go. They've just convinced themselves its just a phase, that its just what friends do.


1. New School Year



               A new year starts at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The students were eager to see their friends and finally practice magic once again in school grounds. Especially a pair of young wizards known as Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter. The two best friends had been communicating through mail through out summer break and were excited to see each other again. 

Albus had already packed his belongings almost to weeks prior to the first day of school. The Potter family were already used to Albus giddy outbursts, but James always wondered if it was just simply the "just eager for school to start" or was it something else too, or someone to be more precise. James being the eldest knew that something was up with Albus even if he didn't know it himself yet. 

The Potters arrived at Kings Cross in no time, thanks to Albus' 'are we there yet?' 'cant we go faster?'. The station was noisy with muggles and train whistles, footsteps and children's loud chatter, the whining of cart wheels and the occasional hoot of a wizards owl. Albus didn't wait for the others as he ran right into the magical wall that led to platform 9 3/4.

This would be their sixth year now and Albus was already 16, this summer he had been thinking a lot...mainly about a certain wizard friend of his. He couldn't help it, the blond Malfoy boy, he called best friend, kept circling through his thoughts. Every time he received a letter from the other boy he found himself smiling like crazy, even subconsciously. He kept dreaming about his best friend. He kept writing his name on the corner of his notebooks. He kept writing letters and then throwing them in the trash because they weren't good enough. He kept thinking about all the things he wanted to tell him in person but then erased those thoughts out of his head. It was nothing but Scorpius, Scorpius, Scorpius.  

Just thinking about him now made him a little flushed, though Albus wasn't clear why. He just blamed it on the fact that he was the only true friend he ever had and that he was the only person in the world that understood him, that's it. It was the only explanation. 

Albus stopped at the entrance of the Hogwarts Express, staring at the majestic magical train. Even though he was excited about seeing Scorpius he couldn't help but worry. This summer his letters were lesser and shorter and he couldn't help but think something had happened. He couldn't help but worry that Scorpius didn't want to see him anymore. He bit his lip out of habit and didn't enter the train yet.

"Albus!" he heard his mother call. Not long after the entire Potter family appeared besides him, Lily ran inside the train after kissing both her parents on their cheeks while James walked past Albus and saying teasingly "You should hurry inside, your princess is waiting." James gave him a smirk and then boarded the train. Albus on the other hand glared after him. He let out a discouraged sigh. 

Harry noted his son's expression and dropped a hand over his shoulder "Everything alright son? If i remember correctly you were really eager for school to start." he gave him a kind smile. Harry's and Albus relationship had improved in the last few months. After the whole time turner affair they had grown closer.

Albus  gave his father a small smile nodded "I'm alright dad." he said and the kissed his mothers cheek and waved goodbye. 

A couple of minutes later the train's whistle blared loudly announcing they were soon departing. Albus walked down the small hall towards the Slytherin compartments. He felt his hands trembling slightly due to his nervousness, after two whole months he was finally seeing him. He walked towards their usual seats and his heart skipped a beat when he saw a flash of stark blond hair. It was just the excitement of seeing his friend, he told himself. Nothing more. It was just that they hadn't seen each other during the whole summer, he told himself. Nothing more.

He slid the compartments door open and Scorpius instantly glanced his way. A huge grin appeared on Scorpius face when he saw who it was "Albus!" The knot in Albus' chest dropped when he saw how casually he acted. Nothing was wrong. They were still friends. Scorpius stood up as if to hug him but then thought it over and just lowered his arms awkwardly. Albus couldn't help but feel a bit dissapointed at that.

As usual, all sorts of candy were splayed all over the seats, Scorpius was still even chewing some Hocus Pocus Pops. His hair had grown longer and he hadn't bothered to cut it, Albus couldn't help but think it suited him. His eyes were as light as ever and he actually seemed taller and slimmer. Albus had to changed his gaze to something else or else he would keep noticing all the little changes. Trying to finish what he was eating he cleared his throat and sat back down "How you've been?" 

Albus sat down on the opposite seat and clasped his hands on his lap looking up at his friend with a small smile that he just couldn't keep in check. "Fine, great actually. Dad and i have been talking more, but..." he stopped mid sentence. But what? What was he going to say? Scorpius raised a brow when he didn't continue "But...?" he repeated.

Albus shook his head after a moment "N-nothing." he lowered his gaze. What was he going to say? A small blush crossed his cheeks not really knowing why. But he knew it had something to do with a certain blond Malfoy. They were just friends, he thought.

Scorpius stared at the dark haired boy for a moment longer than necessary with narrowed eyes "Okay..." just like that he continued eating his sweets and talking about his summer. Apparently he had been too busy bonding with his father, or at least what Draco called bonding, to send long detailed letters to Albus. He wanted to tell his friend in person. So Albus ha worried about nothing. They were okay. They were friends. Scorpius kept talking with his mouth half full with sweets excitedly. He told Albus about how he rode a horse for the first time in his life, of how his father took him to a muggle movie theater (After a lot of convincing), of how he tasted the most delicious ice cream in the world, of how read the most curious book about gnomes, of how he saw a gorgeous red haired girl who resembled Rose and of how he kept daydreaming about that Albus' grin dropped. 

A pang of something hit his chest. He didn't know what it was. But whatever it was, it was just because Scorpius was his friend and no one else's...

"Its bad manners to talk with a full mouth." Rose's familiar voice filled the room. Scorpius attention quickly changed to the Weasly-Granger girl. The sudden appearance made him choke on a hard candy he was chewing and he coughed a few times before settling down. "R-rose." The red headed girl's attitude had changed this last year, she talked more with Scorpius which at first Albus hadn't mind. But then Scorpius wouldn't stop talking about Rose and of how one day he would most certainly ask her out on a date and of how one day they would get married and of how one day they would have children and of how one day they would grow old together. Then it bothered him. 

Rose then looked at his cousin with a smile "Hey Albus." Albus gave her a small smile that wavered and didn't last long. "Hi." he raised his hand as if to wave but then dropped it back on his lap. It wasn't like he didn't like Rose, Albus liked Rose, she was his cousin, but sometimes he wished she wouldn't hang out with him so much. Sometimes he just wished to be alone with Scorpius. Because he was his only true friend, he told himself. 

Scorpius gave Albus a curious look and then turned his attention back to Rose. "Wanna sit down with us?" he gave her a hopeful grin. Rose thought it over but then shrugged after looking at Albus' weird expression "I should go to the Gryffindor compartments. With that she turned and left without another word. Scorpius watched her go with a sadden expression. The he looked at Albus "Did you two fight or something?" 

Albus shook his head too quickly and let out a nervous chuckle "Why would you think that?" 

Scorpius shrugged still eyeing Albus "No reason..." 

The rest of the ride to Hogwarts was passed in an awkward silence. 

This was not how Albus had imagined their first meeting after so long would be. 







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