Bromance (ScorpiusxAlbus)

Since the first day they met, Scorpius and Albus have been the best of friends. They instantly fitted with each other no matter what their family background was. Lately Scorpius has been wondering why is it that when Albus grins at him playfully he gets this funny feeling in his tummy just like Albus wonders why is it that every time Scorpius awkwardly hugs him his face feels all hot and doesn't want him to let go. They've just convinced themselves its just a phase, that its just what friends do.


4. Confirmation



                   Scorpius made it into the team, he was a natural chaser. He also tried evading Rose as long as he could. Instead he kept thinking about Albus and of how odd he had been acting ever since the school year started. He couldnt quite point down what it was though, and then there was the fact that he kept spacing out with a silly smile in his face and whenever Scorpius nudged him so he would pay attention in class, Albus would blink several times and blush when he noticed Scorpius was watching him. Albus couldnt help but ponder on the fact that he had falled for his best mate. 

Of all the people at Hogwarts it had to be him. Sometimes he had the urge to come out clean and tell him everything, from the I love yous to his silly fantasies. But then he would think it over and quickly told himself it was useless and stupid. He was like that for days.

One Friday, Albus sat on the benches of the Quidditch field while practice was at hand. His eyes wouldnt leave Scorpius form as he flew through the field. There was no denying he was really good at the sport and somehow that made Albus like him even more. In his little admiration trip he hadnt noticed someone had sat besides him. "He's really good, isnt he?"

Albus glanced to his side startled at the voice, it was a Gryffindor boy he had seen with his brother several times, but he didn't know his name. As if the boy knew what he was thinking he grinned and extended his hand "Name's Blake." Warily he shook his hand and studied him. Blake had shaggy unruly hair and warm kind brown eyes. When he grinned dimples showed in his cheeks, his shirt was rather a mess with buttons misplaced and some eve open, along with his red and yellow tie. When Albus decided he seemed friendly enough he said "Albus Potter."

He grinned even wider making his eyes crinkle at the corners. "I know, your brother has told me about you." Albus tilted his head wondering what James had told this guy. "Really? I never thought James talked about me."  

Blake chuckled noticing how Albus wouldn't take his eyes off Scorpius. "Are you guys dating?" he asked casually.

Albus blushed up to his ears wide eyed and started stammering excuses "What? N-no. W-we're just friends." Blake gave him a cheeky grin "Relax. Its my bad. I only presumed you guys were dating because of how much time you guys spend together and James is always saying stuff about you guys ."

"Its called being friends." Albus countered trying not to look so embarrassed.

"Also," Blake quickly added. "I assumed that you liked him, with the way you've been looking at him..." he let the words hang in the air with a know it all smirk.

Was it that obvious? Albus thought. As if guessing what he was thinking again he said "Yeah, its a bit obvious. Except that i don't think he knows that."  Blake said pointing his chin out in Scorpius way.

 "He likes girls." Albus blurted out.

"And you dont." Blake answered slowly leaning back as the wind messed up his hair even more. 

Albus stayed silent for a while looking at his clasped hands thoughtfully. Did he like girls? He had never truly been interested in a girl before. Having a romantic relationship with someone had never crossed his mind until he started having this sorts of feelings towards Scorpius. He then looked back at the older boy. "Doesn't it freak you out?" That i don't like girls?"

Instead of what Albus had in mind Blake glanced at him with a kind smile. "I don't have a preference in gender. I just like the person for who she or he is." he grins wide "More fish in the sea to choose from right?"

Albus was relieved at his answer knowing Blake wouldnt judge him.

"And as for him," he said motioning again towards Scorpius. "You got two choices, either tell him and maybe he feels the same way or tell him and be rejected. Either way you should do something." 

Blake stood up, hands in pockets and looking down  at Albus he said "In the mean time,'' he leaned down grabbing Albus' chin and tipping it up, he placed a small friendly kiss on the corner of is lips "I would very much like to get to know you better." he winked tugging a a strand of dark hair behind a petrified Albus' ear. "Dont worry i know you havent had your first kiss yet. I'll let you decide who you want it to spend it on." With that he strode off leaving a shocked Albus in the benches with confused thoughts.

He was almost kissed by a boy. A very good looking boy. His face was probably redder than a tomato and for some reason he lost the ability to move or form coherent thoughts. All he could think about was of how warm and close Blake's lips were. Without him noticing practice had ended. He managed to make his wobbly legs work and take him down the stairs. 

All his giddy thoughts ended when he saw Scorpius laughing with Rose.Had he mentioned before  that Scorpius had gotten quite popular with the girls lately? Which really pissed Albus off. Some girls stood behind Rose whispering and giggling behind their books. 

Albus jaw clenched as he stomped in Scorpius way once Rose and her friends were gone.

"I thought you said you guys weren't dating anymore." the comment came out louder than he intended spooking Scorpius as he came from behind.

Scorpius clutched his broom close wide eyed "Merlin Albus! Don't sneak up on people like that!" Albus crossed his arms waiting for an answer, knowing Scorpius had heard him. The blonde boy sighs and says "We're not dating. At least, we haven't gone out again exactly.And come one Albus, I've had a crush on Rose since forever. Its kind of hard to get rid of those feelings in just a few days."

Albus knew he was right and that he had no reason to be mad at his best friend, because at the end of the day he chose who to love.

"Besides, are you okay?" he leaned forward inspecting him "You seem a bit flushed." That comment made Albus remember Blake.

"Its nothing, I just made a new friend." he mumbled a bit pissed off at him.

Scorpius rose his eyebrows surprised "Really?"

With a roll of his eyes Albus started walking towards the castle.


















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