Different But Best Friends.

- Ryder is from a family of money.
Her father works 24 / 7 which makes them have a lot of money. She is used to getting what she wants and has her parents wrapped around her fingers.
- Claire on the other hand, is from a family of divorce, no money and a lot of siblings.
She has to make her own path, and she just wants to be independent.

How will things work out between two best Friends, who lives different lifes, but want the same things?

- For our 12th year anniversary.


2. How it all started - CLAIRE'S POV

So this was the big day. This was my very first day of school and I was so thrilled to learn.

But it didn't turn out the way I imagined. I said goodbye to my parents in front of the door to my new classroom, and as soon as the door closed the boys started the mean comments about my clothes.

I ran to a corner of the room and cried so much, that my eyes turned dark red.

This was nothing like kindergarten. No one wanted to play with me. They looked weird at me and whispered mean things, I was sure of it.

But a little chubby girl walked towards me and it was in that moment I was unaware that I met my very best. 

She took my hand and said:

"Hi I'm Ryder" and with a shaking voice I said:

"I...I... I'm Claire"

And from that moment we were unbreakable and did pretty much everything together.

We played together from that day and "played" ever since.

Everyone should have a friend like her, she's amazing. 









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