The Tale of the New Born Dragon

This is a tale, about a Mother and a Baby Dragon, living in there home happily and as a family. There is not that much to say about this book yet, but when one day, The Baby gets separated by His Mother, he goes adventure out to find her. And makes friends as he goes, until one day, he will find his Mother and live happily again!


3. <>The New Born Dragon<>

Days and weeks later and Moonstone didn't come back searching for the other Gemstone Dragons.


The sun starts to shine in the crystal cave and shines on Opals face. She starts to squint her eyes and wakes up. She picks up her head and looks at the opening of the cave and sees her husband didn't return. She looks down at the center of her curls body and sees the egg has a little crack on the top. Opal gets surprised and rubs against the egg with her cheek to make sure the little dragon will come out.

She picks up the egg with her mouth and carries outside of the cave. She flies down and lands on a field of grass and puts the egg down on a bed of flowers. Opal sits and waits for the egg to crack more. An hour passes and it didn't hatch.

Opal starts to think, "The little dragon only hatched a little while being in the cave. Maybe the gemstone crystals are helping him or her to come out then being outside. Being around real gemstones are the source!"

Opal picks up the egg with her mouth and carries it back into the cave. She finds a pedestal surrounded by crystals. Opal lays the egg on the pedestal then sits and waits for the egg to hatch. Mins later, the egg starts to crack more and more and shocks Opal!

A little hole starts to crack open close to the top of the egg and a little dragon nose pops out. The little nose starts to sniff the air, then Opal moves her head to the nose and nose touches the baby dragons. The little Dragon makes a little squeak and starts to push its little hands out. Then two little paws pops out of the egg and starts to move around feeling the air. But the little paws goes back in the egg and and tries to crack the egg some more from the inside so it can all come out. On the top of the egg, it starts to crack a lot and the little head popes out.

The little dragon tries to open its eyes and Opal watches. Opal gets close and rubs her forehead on the little dragons cheek. The Little dragon finally gets its eyes open and does a little squeak and rubs against Opal. Opal grabs the little dragons head with her mouth and the little dragon gets scared. Opal lays the little dragon on the on the cave floor. The little dragon looks up at Opal and makes a little growl.

Opal looks at the little dragon and sees that she is snow white and has a little Crystal Gemstone on her neck. The little dragon tries to stand up and walk around Opal. Then she starts to run and and jump around Opals tail. Opal laughs and watches her excitement playing with Opal's tail.

Opal bows her head down to the little dragon and says, "I shall call you Crystal."

Crystal looks up at Opal and squeaks again. Then she looks at Opals tail again and starts to chew on it meaning she is hungry. Opal stands up and tells her to wait in the cave, so Crystal sits and Opal leaves the cave to get something. Mins later, Opal comes back with some fruit from a near by tree, she lays them down, and Crystal gets a confused look. Opal starts to eat some of the berries, Crystal watches her and eats some too.

When they were done eating, Crystal starts to become tired. She does a little yawn and curls up next to Opal and falls asleep. Opal is smiling and is happy her baby finally came, but then she looks out the opening of the cave and becomes sad thinking where Moonshine could be. She curls up around Crystal and they both go to sleep.

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