The Tale of the New Born Dragon

This is a tale, about a Mother and a Baby Dragon, living in there home happily and as a family. There is not that much to say about this book yet, but when one day, The Baby gets separated by His Mother, he goes adventure out to find her. And makes friends as he goes, until one day, he will find his Mother and live happily again!


1. <>The Beginning<>

The sun starts to rise from the clouds, and starts to shine in the cloud like cave, where two adult dragons are sleeping. They both are sky serpent dragons, with a type of gemstone attached to there neck, and there colors matches the type of gemstone they have. Both of them are curled up, sleeping on each other, to keep something warm from the cold wind.

The sun starts to shine on the male dragon and wakes him up from his sleep. He uncurls himself from his wife and walks to the opening of the cave. He makes a big dragon roar, and it wakes up all the other male dragons on different clouds to get food for there family down below. Him and the other male dragons flew down under the clouds and went searching for food like, fruit and berries. And maybe some flowers for the females. 

The Male Dragon's name is King Moonstone, he is the alpha of the sky serpent dragons, and he is the wisest of them all. In the cloud like cave on the highest cloud is Moonstone's wife, Queen Opal. She is the one that helps out the female dragons and there kids.

Opal starts to wake up and looks down in the middle of her curl and sees her little dragon egg not hatched. It was past matting season, where all the female dragons eggs has hatched all ready, but her's was taking a while. Opal starts to rub agents her little egg with her cheek, giving it love so it will hatch faster.

Few mins later, Moonstone comes back with a patch of fruit, rapped in two big leafs like a basket. He lays the fruit in front of Opal and they both eat. When they were done eating, Moonstone grouped up the male dragons again and they all went off to there morning training for there baby male dragons.


Later that afternoon, one of Opal's friends came over to see how things were doing.

"Hello Opal, did your little dragon come yet?", ask's Sapphire.

"No not yet, but I am hoping soon. I hope he or she isn't going to come out because of the cold wind these past few nights. I just hope he or she will be on the way soon, it has been a while.", says Opal.

Sapphire walks to her and lays on the side of her and the egg and says ," All dragons are born differently. You know that Opal. Its is just taking his time to find out what he or she will become."

"I hope your right, its been a while before the males get back from training. Moonstone thinks its time for the baby males to get ready for battle, even though no one has tried to take us down. I just don't want my baby to get in that mess yet, so its a good thing he or she is taking there time." says Opal's friend.

"Your husband is just trying to find a way to make the males more powerful if we ever get in a battle. Good thing too, some of the males are pretty lazy and the kids are so active, the males are really something! The females like us, know a thing or two to instead of acting like them.", Sapphire says in a sassy voice.

They both begin to laugh a little and watches the egg, waiting for it to hatch.

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