The Tale of the New Born Dragon

This is a tale, about a Mother and a Baby Dragon, living in there home happily and as a family. There is not that much to say about this book yet, but when one day, The Baby gets separated by His Mother, he goes adventure out to find her. And makes friends as he goes, until one day, he will find his Mother and live happily again!


2. <>The Bad Storm<>

Days and weeks pasted and the little egg didn't hatch. The little dragon is sure taking his or her's time.


It starts to become nighttime and all the dragons are getting ready to go to sleep in there cloud like caves in the sky. Opal start to get ready for her and her husband to get ready to sleep by being curled around there egg. Moonstone is standing in the opening of the cave watching the other family dragons going to sleep.

Moonstone sighs and says, "I hope are baby will come soon, it has been a few weeks before he or she has hatched.

"I know sweety, but all dragons takes there time to hatch by the cold wing up here.", says Opal. "We just need to keep it warm and give it love until they come out."

"You are right.", says Moonstone. Moonstone walks to Opal and and they both curl up on each other while having the egg in the center of them.


Later that night, clouds above the cloud caves started to rain. Then later on the rain got harder and harder and harder! A big thunder bolt woke up Moonstone and he heard some of the dragons roaring loud in the hard rain. Moonstone uncurls himself from his wife and looks out the cave, and sees all the dragons are missing in the storming rain! All the cloud caves has vanished and there were no dragons insight! Moonstone does a big roar to see if there is anyone out there, but none responded back!

Moonstone walks to Opal and tried to wake her up because his cloud cave is starting to disappear as well from the storming rain. Opal wakes up and looks at the ceiling, they both started to get worried and Moonstone is telling Opal that they need to leave the cave! So Opal picks up her egg and carries it in her mouth, and they both fly down to the surface. The rain is still storming so they try to fly away from the rain. When Opal looked back, there cloud kingdom is gone...


Later the next day, they found a crystal cave and rested there for the night.

When it became morning, Moonstone wakes up by the sun shining in the cave. He uncurls himself and walks to the opening of the cave. He starts thinking that, maybe the rest of his kind is still alive, but somewhere far away. He starts to think, since he is the alpha, he should go find them all and bring them back to the big crystal cave they found until they can rebuild the cloud kingdom.

Moonstone walks to Opal who is sleeping and rubs her head with his then says," I will be back. I am going look for the others, be safe when I am gone. I know you will be."

Moonstone walks to the opening of the cave again, opens his wings, and flies into the sky searching for the others.


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