The Grammar Guide

A basic guide to grammar and punctuation. A new chapter will be published every Sunday.


1. Introduction

I'm no grammar expert. However, I thought that this would help me learn grammar, and help others as well. Whether you are a writer who sucks at grammar, or a reviewer who doesn't want to explain the punctuation of dialogue every damn time, I hope this will help.

I'll publish a new chapter every Sunday. If any revisions need to be made to the text provided, please notify me in the comments. Also, if you know anyone who could benefit from reading this, please send them a link.  

*P.S. I originally wrote this for a writing website named Figment, to which there may be references. Any time I mention the words, 'Figgie', 'Swap', 'Swapper', or 'Figment', it has to do with that website. 

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