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Jonah and her best friend; Lewis go to a rocket launching and something rather... unexpected happens. What will she do? What are the consequences? And how far will she go for the people she loves? How far would YOU go for the people you love?


2. Rocket Launching

'Margaux?' Lewis asked,

Jonah snapped out of her daydream again, 'How many times have I told you not to call me that?' She snapped

'Sorry, but you weren't responding to "Jo", "Jonah" or "Steel" so "Margaux" was kind of my only option left.' Lewis smiled apologetically.

'Whatever,' Jonah groaned annoyed. 'Just don't do it again.' She said knowing it wasn't going to last.

'What were you thinking about anyway?' Lewis asked. '

Jonah inhaled and looked down into the coffee pot. 'I should probably get back to work,' she, picked the pot up and turned.

'You were thinking about the night your mother died weren't you?' He asked. Jonah didn't answer. 'Jo, it's not good for you, you're not supposed to-'

'I can think about whatever the hell I want.' She said, 'you're my best friend not my dad. But I should really get back to work though, I need to close up' she said, 'I don't want to miss out on the rocket launching because I had to work late because I was talking to my best friend. Seriously those tickets were expensive.' Jonah said and turned around again but bumped into someone the hot coffee spilling over his shirt. 'Oh my god! I'm so sorry!' She said.

'It's alright,' the stranger said. Jonah put the coffee pot back on the table and started drying his shirt with her apron. 'No, seriously, it's fine.' He said and grabbed her wrists. For a moment it looked like his hands shimmered like metal. He quickly pulled his hands away again and Jonah stumbled a step back.  'You should be careful though. It might not be so fine of it hits you the next time. Or someone else.' He added, spun around and left. Jackie looked over to Lewis but he shrugged.



'To tell you this story you have to do something for me first. You have to believe that anything can happen. You have to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. Because in this story... nothing is impossible. So get ready.'



'Come on, come on, come on!' Jonah hurried, jumping up and down.

'I'm coming. Geez! I thought you were becoming a cop not a rocket launching ekspert.' Lewis said and smiled.

Jonah wrinkled her eyebrows shortly, 'is that even a thing?' She asked

'Don't ask me,' Lewis said unknowingly, 'you're the nerd, I just came up with something that sounded nerdy.'

'Nerdy?' Jonah asked and raised her eyebrows. Lewis shook his head and chuckled. Jonah was about  to say something but then a man came up to the podium. 'Oh, look, look! It's starting!' She said excitedly and handed Lewis the half-empty popcorn can. 'Sorry, I think I shook half of it out while jumping.' Lewis raised an eyebrow accusingly. 'Alright fine, I ate some too.' Lewis laughed again and threw some popcorn into his mouth.

'Welcome.' The man at the podium said and smiled a warm and happy smile. 'As most of you I hope know, my name is Rodney Casey. I built a special type of rocket which were are going to test today. My friend and co-worker Nathan Cooper will be the one flying the rocket so we wish him good luck.' A man next to him waved as Rodney Casey introduced him. He was wearing a white space-suit and now walked over to Rodney Casey who was holding the helmet for the suit. Nathan Cooper bent down and Rodney placed the helmet on his head.

The crowd clapped and cheered. Nathan Cooper bowed in one swift movement and then climbed a metal laddder on the rocket and slid into the seat. Rodney Casey pointed to a large screen behind him which now stood on 00:15. He held a remote up to it and pressed a button. The clock started counting down and when it reached 10 seconds the corwd joined the counting. The rocket set up and Jonah felt the blood drain from her face. 'Sgoexlode.' She muttered so quiet that almost she couldn't hear it.

'What?' Lewis asked and looked down at her.

'It's going to explode-' She screamed and tackled Lewis landing on him as the crowd began to scream and a loud explosion crashed through the screams and a sort of wave rushed through knocking the rest of the crowd to the floor. The wave energy hit her hard and warm like fire and she couldn't help but scream. She felt small parts of glowing metal and fabric landind on her back burning through her clothes and at the same time water from the harbour splashed onto her back taming the fire and cooling her back. Everyone lay still for a while and then Jonah rolled off Lewis. She felt exhausted and her lids fell shut. She heard Lewis screaming her name multiple times but she was gone.




'You don't care! You don't care what happened to anyone who died that night! You don't even know their names! It was a mistake of the government to trust you with something like this!' A man snapped harshly. 

'Ronnie Hathaway, Leia Williams, Sarah Knightly, Steve McAdams, Claire Flowers, Christian Flowers, Kristina Lewis, Danny-Sean Rathford,' he hesitated before saying the next name, '....Nathan Cooper.... and .... Margaux or as she changed her name to; Jonah Fray.... I know the name of every person who died that night and it haunts me every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every, week, of every month, of every- I can't say year... yet. But I will, one day.' Said they voice of Rodney Casey. Jonah heard the sound of a door slaming and then it opened again and the sound of a woman and man arguing came in. 

'No, "20 dollar nose bleed" isn't a good song. But it might be so terrible she'll wake up. Fine you can play it.' A woman's voice said

'Yes!' The male voice said and soon after music started playing.

Jonah felt something being taken of her chest and then stuck back on. 'Heart beat's normal but her pulse is going insane.' The female voice said sounding worried. Jonah fought to wake up but it was lke she was stuck. She fought the war inside her with everything she had. 'It's rising rapidly!'

'Should we call Lewis and her Mr. Beck?' Rodney asked concerned.

Lewis, Jonah thought. The name rang through her head again and again and then suddenly she felt wide awake and... free. Like she had been wearing metal chains and she was now released. She flepped her eyes open but lay completely still a bright light shone into her eyes and then eventually they got used to it slowly. Jonah saw the silhouette of a woman standing bent over her. As Jonah's eyes relaxed a little more she saw that the woman had a narrow face with high cheekbones and perfectly arched light brown eyebrows. She had green-brown eyes and shoulder-long wavy brown hair. Her lips were dark red and she had long block eyelashes. 'No...' the woman said quietly almost in a whisper. She sounded astonished. 'She's awake.' 

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