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Jonah and her best friend; Lewis go to a rocket launching and something rather... unexpected happens. What will she do? What are the consequences? And how far will she go for the people she loves? How far would YOU go for the people you love?


1. Prologue

Margaux ran down the street her back-pack banging against her spinal-cord. She heard the footsteps behind her. 'What's wrong?' One of the boys yelled, 'can't take a beating?' She felt something grab her back and she fell to the floor head first. A little blood dripped from her nose onto her lips. Someone kicked her ribs on one side and then someone else on the other. Margaux reached out a weak and shaking hand slowly, careful not to be noticed and grabbed one of them by the anckle and pulled him to the floor. Everyone looked at the boy she had pulled to the ground and Margaux grabbed the looping opportunity, scrambled to her feet and ran home. 


'Why did you get in a fight this time?' Her mother asked and washed some of the blood from her cheek away with a wet wash-cloth.

'They were picking on someone else. I couldn't just stand by and watch them.'

'So you let them beat you up instead. You're so much like your father. You always want to help those who need help. There's so much good in your heart.' Her mother smiled. Margaux flinched as her mother washed her cheekbone. 'That's going to leave a mark you know,'  she said softly. She brushed a strip of her ginger hair out of her face and smiled weakly. Suddenly the lights outside the house began to flicker and the trees started to wave their branches wildly. 'Margaux go to your room.' Her mother said and stood up her face had suddenly turned dead serious. 

'Mom what's going on?' Margaux asked scared. The furniture was vibrating.

'I said go to your room!' Her mother said and grabbed her shoulders, 'you need to go to your room and no matter what you hear you can't come out do you undertsand me?' Her mother asked


'Do you undertsand me?' Margaux nodded. Her mother pushed her away toward the stairs as the windows shattered and the front door blew open.

Papers and magazines started flying everywhere. Margaux stood frozen on the staircase her eyes wide. 'Mom!' She yelled and jumped a few steps back down

'No!' Her mother screamed as something came in and started swirling around her. 'Stay away!' Her mother yelled her long ginger hair flying all around her, 'go to your room and lock the door!' She screamed as the colour drained from her face 'Go!'

All kinds of colours started swirling around her mother in a circle shape. Margaux started up the steps but slipped and fell. She got back up again and looked for her mother through the railing but she was gone, as well as the colours and everything was lying silently on the floor. 'Mom?' Margaux whispered and supported herself at the railing while trying to get up. She carefully went back down the steps. A man was standing in the middle of the living room dressed in a dark blue suit, with a matching mask. One of the neighbors ran in through the door and the man just disappeared. Margaux walked slowly over to the place where her mother had been before. More and more people appeared in the door. Margaux saw two feet and as she walked closer she saw the body that had once belonged to her mother. Her hair was shattered around her head and her eyelids were closed. 'Mom?' Margaux whispered again, 'mom?' She asked and fell to the floor next to her mother's lifeless body. 'Mom?' She asked louder. 'Mom? Mom?!' Her voice became louder and louder a man made his way through the crowd and stopped a few metres away from Margaux, and then six men dressed in police uniforms came in. 'Mom!' Margaux screamed again and again. She felt someone grab her around the waist. 'No!' She screamed and kicked everything she could reach. 'No! Mom! Mom!' Tears ran down her cheeks and dropped down onto the rug. She kicked the ornaments off the tree, and the vases from the shelves. 'Mom!' She screamed again as the firm hands pulled her out of the house. She bit her teeth deep into the skin and ran back into the house. She almost reached her mother as the hands grabbed her again and pulled her back out.

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