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Jonah and her best friend; Lewis go to a rocket launching and something rather... unexpected happens. What will she do? What are the consequences? And how far will she go for the people she loves? How far would YOU go for the people you love?


3. I'm Back

Jonah sat up with a shock and locked her fingers around her neck. 'Who are you?' She hissed. The other two took a step toward them, but Jonah held the woman up threatningly, 'don't come near me, I will kill her.' They took a step back again and Jonah proceeded to her questioning. 'Who are you, and what do you want with me?' 

'We just wanwna help you please let me go-' the woman choked, 'see I don't have ay weapons on me or anything.'

She weakly yanked her lab coat to the sides revealing nothing but her clothes. Jonah nodded toward the others, 'what about your friends?' said Jonah. The other two spun around showing no signs of weapons neither in the open or hidden. Jonah let the woman go and she landed on her feet and stumbled a few steps back. As the woman stepped away Jonah could see that she was wearing a tight knee-long black cotton skirt with reached to her waist. Under the skirt she was wearing a white blouse and a white lab-coat. Her black high-heeled shoes echoed a little as she stepped away. Jonah felt a sudden rush of dizzines and nausia. She held a hand to her head, the woman quickly grabbed a glass with water standing on a table next to Jonah and handed it to her. Jonah took it and smelled at the edge as if to make sure it wasn't poisoned. 'I don't mean to sound ungrateful but... where am I and who are you?' She asked

'Oh! Right!' The woman said and almost jumped, 'I'm April Reyes. This is Jason King-' she turned to to a man standing over by a radio the song was still playing. He had messy black hair and green eyes. He wore a plain blue t-shirt showing his muscles and blue-jeans with it. He hesitantly held up a hand and it seemed like he forgot to sink it again. 'And this...' she said and turned to a man sitting by a desk with a glass surface. 'Is-'

'Rodney Casey.' Jonah said fer lips seperating. Rodney Casey smiled and nodded.

'Anyway, you were in a coma for 14 months-' April started

'Fourteen months? How did that happen?' 

'You took the blast for your friend Lewis and well it saved his life. He's been here everyday he left about an hour ago.' April replied.

'I have to go find him. Did he say were he was going?' Jonah asked

'I don't think that's a good-'

'Where did he go?' Jonah asked determindly

'He said he was going to work.' April said with a sigh.

'The police station. Of course.' Jonah said feeling stupid

'He's a cop?' April asked

'No, he works in forensics.' 

'And he says you're the nerd?' April asked incredolously 

'I am compared to him.'

'Ok I guess,' April said and handed her a turquiose knee-long dress. 'I think it'll fit you,' she said, 'your clothes were mostly blown up.'

'Thanks,' Jonah said. After she had changed she ran down the street trying not to fall in April's slightly heeled boots. She slid the glass door open behind which was Lewis's lab. Jonah passed the shelves of chemicals, jars of a fluids and liquids and so on until she found the metal desk at which Lewis was standing with his back to her. Jonah felt a rush of nervoussnes. What if he'd gotten a new best friend? What if he'd moved comepletely on from her? He held a flask with a purple liquid up to the light. 'What's that?' Jonah asked and immediatly whished she hadn't. That wasn't the way they should meet again. He turned around and dropped the flask. The purple liquid spread on the wooden floor like water. 

 He looked down at it,'oh... shit. Boss is going to be mad about that one. Nevermind.' He looked back up at Jonah, 'Jo?' He asked almost in a whisper, 'is it really you?' He asked close to tears, 'I'm not just hallucinating?' 

'No,' Jonah shook her head smiling, just as close to tears as Lewis, 'it's really me,' Lewis ran towardher and Jonah did the same.

They met in the middle of the room and Lewis pulled her into one of his warm and loving embraces. 'I missed you so much. I thought I'd lost you,' he said his voice trembling

'Well, I guess it's going to take a lot more than an explosion and a few heart attacks to bring me down.' Jonah laughed

'Jo, I'm serious,' Lewis said and pushed her away but still held her shoulders firmly. 'I watched you die five times.' 

'I know. I'm sorry,' said Jonah and hugged him again. She felt his body trembling and a few tears soaking her shoulder. 'I'm okay now. That's all that matters,' said Jonah and held her hand comfortingly to the back of his head. 'I'm okay,' she repeated.


'My mother died when I was a child. She was murdered. I intend to find out who he was, and when I do... I'm going to kill him. I'm going to make him regret what he did to my mother.'

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