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Jonah and her best friend; Lewis go to a rocket launching and something rather... unexpected happens. What will she do? What are the consequences? And how far will she go for the people she loves? How far would YOU go for the people you love?


4. Cells Be Like....

'After the incident that night I thought I woke up completely normal. Turns out I was wrong. I was everything but normal. That thing changed everything about me.'



Jonah walked down the street and then suddenly someone passed by her and grabbed her purse. She ran through the streets and then suddenly she was on the other side of him and he ran straight toward her. 'What the-' Jonah started but then changed her mind at jumped straight at the mugger and grabbed her bag. She looked down at her hand. Blood was spilling slightly from a cut on her finger. As she looked down at it the skin pulled together leaving only a faint scar, 'what the-' she repeated but walked straight to the Casey Laboratories.

'Sorry we're closed for visistor-' Jason looked up a little surprised to see her, 'oh, h-h.. h... hi-hi Jonah. Hi.' He stammered

'Hi, um can I talk to Dr. Casey something... strange just happened?' Asked Jonah

'Dr. Casey? Y.. yeah sure, yeah.' He stood for a while staring at her, 'oh! Oh! Now. Oh, right, sorry, follow me.'

He led her up a spiral corrider where Rodney Casey sat at a computer staring focusedly at the screen. 'I had a feeling I'd be seing you again soon.' He said without looking up from the computer, 'have you been experiencing any side-effects, yet?'

'What, you knew this was going to happen?' Jonah snapped incredulously

'I didn't know it was going to happen. I had a theory.' He leaned back in his chair and sighed, 'so...' he said relaxed, 'what did happen?' 

'I was walking down the street and someone mugged me, so I chased after him and well I was looking stright forward and then suddenly I kind of disappeared and re-appeared further up the street, and then I knocked him to the ground and I got my bag but I got this scar on my hand and it was bleeding but it just healed in like two seconds.'

'Ah.' Rodney said not sounding very surprised. 'You teleported.'

'I teleported?' Jonah asked. Rodney nodded slowly like he were listening but his mind was yet elsewhere. 'And what was the thing with the hand? Super-healing or something?'

'Something like that...' Rodney simply replied and looked at her.

'How is that even possible? That's way out of the boundaries of science!' Jonah protested 

'Not all science can be proven by science.' Rodney said and looked sideways distractedly again, 'you see, sometimes we have to broaden our minds... step outside the box. Just because it's new and strange doesn't mean it's not somehow scientific. We just need to figure out how. You're smart Jonah. You might not understand at the current moment, but you will.'  

'So why do I have these... these powers?' Jonah asked

'We don't know yet. That's why would like to run some tests and see what we can find out, would that be a problem for you?' 

'No, that's alright, I guess.' Jonah said 



'Are you okay?' April asked and released the needle from her skin.

'I'm fine... it's just all very new and... wierd...'

'I understand,' April said comfortingly and handed her a glass with a yellow liquid. 'Orange juice,' she said, 'you gave up a lot of blood it's good for you,'

Jonah took the glass and drank it slowly, 'thanks,' she said. April smiled. A little while later Jonah sat in something like a living room talking to Rodney as April entered. 'I have the test results.' She said sounding both a little happy and worried in a wierd way.

'What?' Jonah asked

'Your cells remain unchanged. They are exactly the same as before.' 

'How can you know that? I mean I haven't been here before? Or what?' Jonah asked as no one answered and looked nervously around. 

'I hacked into your medical records...' April admitted quietly, 'anyway it means you've always been like... this.' 

'How's that possible? I've never... teleported before or had super healing.' 

'I'm guessing your powers have been dormant. Maybe you've been taking depressants for your powers... possibly without you knowing.' April quickly added before Jonah could interrupt protestingly. 'It also means that probably both your father and mother are like this and don't have the same powers causing you to have more than one.'

'Were.' Jonah corrected quietly

'Excuse me?' April asked

'My mother was murdered when I was seven and the only father I've ever known is Mike. He's as good as but he's not my biological father. They never caught whoever murdered my mother.'

'Don't get me wrong or anything. I condole your loss but, if your mother was some sort of vigilant it's quite possible that someone has targeted her probably as revenge so there we have a motiv and your father... well who knows... maybe he is too, there still has been these mysterious findings from the police and mysterious helpers... maybe your real - biological father is one of them.' Rodney suggested

'Or maybe he's dead too.' Said Jonah dryly, 'or he's not a good guy, but a bad guy.'

'Don't be so negative,' Jason said coming in with a cup of cola from McDonalds.  He took as sip, 'and don't be such a spoil-sport. Let's find out what else you can do if you can do something else. Come by tomorrow and I will have equipment ready for testing. It'll be fun.'

'Sure I guess,' Jonah said and shrugged, walking out. 

'Oh and Ms. Yates?' Rodney asked. Jonah spun around and looked at him questioningly. 'Don't tell them yet. Especially not Mr. Lewis.' Said Rodney

'But I tell him everything!' Jonah protested

'Not this. At least not until we know more about what you can do. It's safer that way for you and for him. Please?' He asked.

'Fine,' Jonah said and stamped out that was until she realised she had forgotten her back and went back inside. They were all gathered around a computer and they looked up when she came in. She grabbed her back and held it up. 'Forgot this,' she said and left.



The next day Jonah woke by the bright sun shining through her window. She pulled on her uniform and then realised she had forgotten about the promotion she had gotten before the incident and pulled on a pair of jeans and a scarlet t-shirt. She grabbed her black messenger bag and took the bus into the precinct where she sat down at her desk. Her captain came up to her and threw a file on her desk. 'Glad to see your up and running again - not sure if it's smart but you are one of my best detectives so I want you on this case. It came up a few months ago and no one has been able to solve it yet.' Jonah sighed and opened the file. She looked at the picures. Several dead bodies all lying exactly in the same position. They were paler than usual corpses. 'They've all been drained from blood. That's why they look like those vampires from Twilight.' Her captain explained

'What's Twilight?' Jonah asked

'Oh right you were in the island when that came out. Nevermind you're better off not knowing anyway. Just get to work please this-' he circled his fingers around the spread out pictures, 'needs to stop.' 

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