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Jonah and her best friend; Lewis go to a rocket launching and something rather... unexpected happens. What will she do? What are the consequences? And how far will she go for the people she loves? How far would YOU go for the people you love?


5. Blah

Something sticky started running around Jonah's shoe. She looked down. A brown liquid was running on the floor to her shoe, her eyes followed the trail and turned up in a ninety degree angle. Her partner Carter stood almost frozen in the door. By his feet lay the two cups of coffee he had brought with him. A smile slowly spread on the edges of Jonah's peach lips. She stood up and walked over to give him a hug. He placed his arms around her still incredibly surprised. 'I'm sorry I ruined your -and whoever that cup was for- coffee.' Said Jonah

'That was for you.' He said

'Me?' Jonah asked a bit surprised

'Yeah...' said Carter slowly, 'I brought you one everyday just in case you had waken up.' 

'Aw. And I thought you didn't care much for me. Well thanks and again sorry. Anyways, Cap gave me a new case it's seems pretty hard but I think we can do it, you up for it?' Asked Jonah

'Sure, I love a challenge you know that.' Said Carter. Jonah led him back over to their desks, picked up the file and handed it to hun. He flipped it open in one quick movement. 'Oh no. Not this case. Jo, it's unsolvable! We've been at it for months! It's impossible!' He protested

'Nonsense!' Said Jonah sounding fake upset, 'nothing's impossible. "Impossible" is just a word people use to make themselves feel better when they give up!' She took the file out of his hands. When her hand briefly touched his it turned black like his skin but then it disappeared again. Jonah looked up at him to see if he had seen it, but he remained unknowing. Hesitantly she looked closer at the file and found they had six suspects. 'Six suspects?' Jonah asked and looked up. Carter nodded. 'Alright let's bring 'em all in for interrogation.' 



'I swear I didn't have anything to do with this!' The boy exclaimed panicked, 'You have to believe me! We all got the same text saying; be at -wherever it was- at -whatever time it was-.'

Jonah felt unconvinced as a slender woman stepped into the room after the 16 year old boy. Her face was narrow and she had short black hair. Her eyebrows were shaped in a narrow arch making her always look angry not to mention her narrow dark red lips. Her skin was unusually pale like the boy's. She sat down at the opposite end of the table. 'I want my lawyer,' she said sharply and looked away like Jonah had said anything offensive. 

'Please, I'm not accusing you of anything-' Jonah tried to lie unsuccessfully. The woman looked at her with the same dead expression. 'Alright, well we have evidence that puts you at the time of one of the murders. But you might just be innocent. And if you really are so help me prove it. Tell me what you know. Please...' Jonah pleaded. 

'Fine,' she said, 'at exactly 11:09 AM my friend texted me - which was unusual - to meet me at the harbour by the shipment containers and when I arrived at 11:36 AM she wasn't there and neither was any body.'  

The next four interrogations went all the same but it bothered Jonah that they all had the same pale skin. As she let the suspects sit in the interrogation room she walked around to the other side of the one-way mirror and poured herself a cup of coffee.  'What do you think?' Carter asked his arms folded across his chest. 'Are you convinced yet? This case is impossible Jo.'

'Nope,' said Jonah dryly, 'I think they're all lying.' Carter rolled his eyes. 'Have you noticed their skin is all exactly the same tone? And all of them except for that woman said that they got a text saying when and where to go. But the woman only got a text at 11:09 am saying to meet at the harbour and after how percise she was there is no way she made a mistake in not saying when to meet. Also I doubt anyone asked her too meet at 11:36 knowing 100% that she would be on time.'

'Damn....' said Carter slowly, 'we're all terrible detectives... so how do we figure out how they did it and why they did it?'

'We follow them, obviously.' Jonah said like it was the most obvious thing ever. 

'Right, of course, stupid me, sorry.' Said Carter lost in thought. 'Who do we start with?'

Jonah looked suspicously through the one-way mirror at the woman. She raised her hand and pointed at her, 'we start with her.'

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