Our life in her world.

This book is gonna be a story about a young couple's life together in Croatia.


11. chapter 11

As the young couple sat there thinking about everything they had been through together, Jay still wasn't done.

Jay: Bae I know we just tore up the dance floor just now, but walk with me there is something I need you to see.

Elena: Is it another dinner in the park cause i'm starving?!?

Jay: It is dinner, but it's not in the park. We are going home to eat just the two of us.

Elena: Really?!? Just us like no paid chef just us!!

Jay: Just us I promise.

After hearing that Elena grabs her fiance, and runs towards their apartment with new energy. For she hadn't had him to herself in what felt like forever, but was really only two days.

As they reached the apartment Elena is still super excited about getting some time with Jay.

Jay: Bae you're bouncing are you alright?!?(smiling slightly)

Elena: I'm just happy we fine have some us time!(hugging him while saying this)

So as they walk inside Jay takes Elena's coat. She was thinking he will hang it up then walk away but no,

He turns on Stand By Me by Prince Royce and takes Elena by the hand.

Elena: Jay what are you doing you never told me we were going to dance, i would have dressed better.

Jay: In my eyes you are always ready so don't worry about that.

Jay: last time we danced you lead us, now it's my turn to lead my forever girl.

As the young couple danced they were having such a good time that they didn't see the hours passing.

Elena: Oh my Gosh bae it's super late and we haven't had dinner yet.

Jay: Right i'll get right on that you sit right here and relax.

Elena: But I wanna help you cook bae.

Jay: Okay.(he says this with a smile) 

As the young couple get there meal underway, Jay realizes he would love this girl forever.



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