The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


9. The Southron Mountains


"The heart of the sweetest apple is rotten."

The Southron Mountains are a range of volcanic peaks that are about as far away from the North Peaks as it is possible to get and are made from a soft lilac stone called Heliopus. At the centre of the range lies the third highest peak in The Lands, which is actually a dormant super volcano. While some scholars are beginning to understand the danger the dangers that it poses, others refuse to even acknowledge the volcanic nature of the mountain. 

The ground at the base of the mountains is incredibly fertile and so consists mainly of farmland. The warm climate also makes it possible to produce crops all year round. The majority of fruit and vegetables, as well as the finest cotton and grain, etc.

The farms have been around time out of mind and are believed to be one of the first places settled in The Land. Yet the area has little history of note. The hospitality of the farmers is unrivalled and the scenery is stunning. The rare thunderstorms are magnificent to behold. However, although the community at the farms seems serenely peaceful, a hidden culture of slavery thrives. The Southron Mountains has the highest mortality rates in The Lands.












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