The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


2. The Cloud Kingdom, Home of Wealth


"Where no one is poor, everyone is a slave."

Although the Cloud Kingdom is in fact a city, the people who dwell there are so arrogant and pompous and rich that they believe that they should be above the council and rule themselves as an independent kingdom. As it is, they are so rich that they can mostly buy their way out of the law.

The Cloud Kingdom lies at such an altitude that the clouds are solid as ground and the blue sky turns to liquid, leaving only lilac above. Liquid sky is the most valuable resource in all of the Lands. It is the source of the Cloud Kingdom's wealth. Before the kingdom was established, the only way to obtain liquid sky was when it would occasionally fall in gem form.

The only way to reach the Cloud Kingdom is by air-ship. Before air-ships were invented, the only way to reach the Cloud Kingdom was by climbing one of the three mountains that reach the right altitude. Air-ships can only be launched from the Tri-stair (a group of three land based towns that run the air-ships). Before the establishment of the Tri-stair, there were many cities hidden among the clouds. With air-ships being the most convenient way to reach the Cloud Kingdom, traders ceased to travel to the other cities and the Cloud Kingdom became the only habbited area of the sky, or so the legend goes. Passage on an air-ship costs a small fortune, although money is so abundant in the Cloud Kingdom that this is not an issue for most residents. Passage on an air-ship is one of the few things that you can only pay for with physical money.

Money is so common place that people in the Cloud Kingdom the it's citizens deal in favours, dreams and secrets. There is an exclusive restaurant in the kingdom where the price of a meal is your last words. This means that most people can only afford to eat there once in their lifetime. A shop also exists where the price of a pair of shoes is a favour. Bartering in favours can be dangerous. When a favour is called in you could be asked to anything from buy someone a drink to committing murder. However, if a favour is called and you cannot or will not pay, everything is taken from you in compensation. With a reputation for not completing owed favours, no one is likely to deal with you. When you have no money, the only way down to the ground is by falling.

The slums are where you go if you choose not to fall. It is the greatest secret of the Cloud Kingdom. To mention the slums will sentence you to them. It is the ruins of the original Cloud Kingdom, live those who have lost everything. All crimes, including begging, are punished by banishment to the slums. If you live in the slums, you are forbidden from owning clouds or from voting.







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