The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


3. The City of Mirrors, Home of Beauty

"Where all faces are beautiful, all souls are ugly."

In the City of Mirrors, no one is ugly: you can't be in a place where the streets are lined with mirrors. Even the beggars are beautiful - most of them became beggars by spending all they had to attain beauty. Symmetry, beauty and order mean everything to the citizens of the city. 

The city is home to the Great Glass Temple. A crooked, cracked clock sits at the top of the highest tower in the temple. The legend goes, that once the clock was beautiful, but after heretics overran the city, the Gods cracked the clock and made it crooked in punishment. There was then a religious revolution and beauty was established. Beauty is said to be the physical embodiment of truth, which is the virtue held most dear by the Gods. Apparently.

 At the centre of the temple lies a room which only the most holy and the worst criminals and heretics are permitted to enter. This is because at the centre of the room lies a mirror made from liquid sky and water from the Mirrors. The Mirrors are a collection pools on the border between the City of Mirrors and the Marshlands. The Mirrors are said to be able to show visions of the future. The possession of the Mirrors have been the source of many skirmishes between the people of the Marshlands and the City of Mirrors.

The mirror at the centre of the temple, which is old beyond reckoning, shows people what they truly are. Only the most holy are deemed pure enough to gaze upon their reflection in the mirror without loosing their minds. The worst criminals and heretics can be sentenced to gaze upon their reflection. Those who remain sane are declared innocent. Those who do not have a tendency to commit suicide, rendering an execution useless.

In the City of Mirrors appearances mean everything, as does truth. Lying is considered a terrible sin. Those who can afford it take a truth serum each morning to prevent themselves from lying. However, many citizens have learnt how to twist the truth. In this way, the City of Mirrors may actually be the most dishonest place in the Lands.


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