The Lands

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2016
  • Updated: 22 Sep 2016
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A detailed depiction of a fantasy world that I created.


11. East Port

"The poor are richer than the wealthy."

Known for it's charity, ruby red roofs and wine, East Port is the hottest part of the lands, bar the Fire Wastes that is. The great trading capitol is as old as the farms in the Southron Mountains. Fishermen first settled there due to the unusual coral formation that provided a natural wall against the ocean. Over time, the citizens of East Port have built upon the coral forming a giant wall to protect against violent storms that began after the eruptions in that created the Fire Wastes (although the storms are less frequent now). The wealth of the ocean and perfect vineyard conditions made it easy to make a living. Hearing of its wealth, many artisans and traders brought their wares to the city. The few who made an exodus from East Port settled and helped to build the Five Great Cities, although only Cloud Kingdom has surpassed East Port in wealth. 

As a sign of wealth, many merchants and fishing admirals adorned their houses with bright red roofs. The material used in the roofs glittered and glowed under the magnificent sunsets, which in turn attracted tourists and generated even more of an income. With all this money, many citizens created charities to help those less fortunate. They built homeless shelters and distributed food and clothes to those less fortunate. The hot weather means that even if you cannot find shelter at night, you are in no danger of freezing to death. The only time the elements threaten people is during the rare storms of epic proportions. 

The people of East Port worship the Gods purely as a formality and (some might say as a result) is one of the most accepting and peaceful places in The Lands. Crime is rare and even the homeless live to an old age. Due to the rich culture and plentiful supplies, many say that the poor are richer than the wealthy as they do not have the stress of running large companies and can instead focus on pursuing their interests. 

Many times East Port has been invited to rise to the rank of 'Great City', but they say they are happy the way they are.







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