The Gas Man

The stories your parents tell you are not always liese


1. The Gas Man

  i first heard about the bogieman when i was five my parents used to tried him like a ghost storie "if you dont be good and do your home work the bogieman is comming and take you away from us" that was the most creepy this to be told as a five year old, that some man would come to your house and try to take you away just because you was a not doing my home work, parents can be cruel but . but now that i think about it, it was working, so what can i say they most have know what they were doing. Now i tell my children,s the same, my daughter hates it but mysteriously my son love it "daddy daddy hove does he look like?" well i says he has a big gas mask on and armor on and last but not least a big black cape" i say,d to make it more exsiting  "like a super hero?" no like a super villain i says "where did he come from" no buddy knows all wee know is he can only take little boys and girls who dont do there home work, "did he ever take you" yah it was close i said one time i woke up and i saw him in the grand mom and granddad rush,d into my bedroom "what did he say" the same as always i say,d your child has now obaid me my grandma begain crying and i was given one more chance. now that i think of how i describet the man it was not some thing i made up. i remember one day the Viertnam war has just ended and my dad came home. my dad was the best storie teller ever but i remember,d one time he told me a storie of the gas man as he calls it one time when he was at the battle field suddenly there just shows up a man in gas mask 20 feets away he walks slowly to him and every things just stop and all his mates where gone and so was the enemy he say,d that it felt like he was going to heaven he says that it felt like he just got shoot be a bullet when he was looking at the gas man then he woke up in the hospital i saws the look in his eyes i just knew it was real.7days later a pilot reports that when he got on the flight there where 5 men when they landed they where 6. after that peoples just begian saying that the gas man was in there back yard . now it was the big thing people want the atention.             
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