*WIP* part 10


1. *WIP* part 10

We stayed like this for a strangely long time - it felt like it.


For a moment i felt safe


This sensation didnt change but others became more noticable


Neither of us had said anything, for now it was just breathing and heartbeats, the sensation of his body warmth - most likely something that went for him towards me as well.


It also felt as if we were studying each other in some way, i know i did, taking in his smell, sensing his warmth, the way he held me, he too seemed focused, i couldnt see his face but his breath fell heavy across my shoulder making me shudder slightly


When i moved slightly he didnt let go immediately but he did loosen his grip slightly, moving his hands down my sides from my back - i was intrigued by what he was doing it didnt feel like coercion so far and he sank his head down close to my shoulder again, taking a deep breath


,,Noel.’’ i hummed a reply but flinched as he moved his mouth at my throat, pressing down on the skin with his lips- it felt like was going to bite me and gripped him hardly, he looked up and i furrowed my brows, his eyes fell on the spot where he had placed his mouth and i swallowed carefully, i grabbed him by his shirt collar, he didnt fight back but looked slightly unsure


,,my turn.?’’ he nodded and i put my hands around his neck, going for his juggular, he hadnt bitten me- so i wouldnt. - he did shudder slightly as i moved down from under his chin to the nook of his neck- around the area he had started this on and i sank my teeth in slightly, he exhailed shortly but sharply and grabbed my shoulders, moving me slightly away from him


I could tell by his look that now he wanted his share - he did what i had done however i didnt expect to mirror his reaction as well, i tried to move away a little and he let me -


My knees were shaking, he grabbed me by the waist and went for my lips this time, i tensed up slightly but my hands went for the collar of his shirt again-


I was the first to initiate the biting with this act - it was strange, it felt good though- hands wandering, biting- a couple of times we knocked our teeth on each other but we didnt think much about that


However we both stopped when he stopped a part below my waist, at my pants, we were both out of breath and i felt ridiculously hot - i swallowed a little nervously and he pressed his forehead against mine- whatever i could see in his eyes- it talked of knowing something.


,,no..’’ i shook my head gently, grasping his hands, removing them carefully, he lowered his head to the nook of my neck shortly giving me one last bite and i returned the action


After that we left each other in separate parts of the apartment.


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