A Forbidden Love Story

This is for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Competition.
Rose Granger-Weasley has become close friends with Scorpius Malfoy. What happens when this friendship becomes more than just, well, a friendship?
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This starts in fifth year, but it might move on.


13. The Wedding

Hermione's POV

"Mum, what if we drop the rings?" This is only one of the extremely long list of worries that Rose has been listing off all morning, for this is the day of her wedding.

"Rose, relax. It'll be fine." I say. "This is your day. All about you and Scorpius."

"But Dad doesn't approve of Scorpius." she says, biting her lip like she does whenever she's worried.
"That is your father's decision. But he'll come around." I say. "If he doesn't, I'll make him."
"Oh, don't do that!" Rose says, nearing hysterical. "He has to come around by himself!"
"Rose, relax!" I say again, starting to get alarmed. "I was just kidding!"
"Sorry, Mum." Rose says, calming down. "I'm just so nervous. What if I'm late? What if I trip when I'm walking down the isle?"
"Rose." I say, helping her into her wedding dress


                                                                          ^Rose's Wedding Dress^

"Rose, you'll be absolutely fine. I was worried, too, when I was marrying your father. Everything went fine, and it was magical. Please relax, and enjoy yourself." I say.
Rose takes a deep breath. "Okay. Okay. This day will be magical. I'll love it. It will be amazing. Nothing will go wrong." she tells herself.
"That's right. Everything will be perfect." I say, tying her hair up the same way I had mine for the Yule Ball. "Now, you're ready to go, and guests are already there. It's supposed to start in five minutes, so lets go on downstairs." 

​Rose has started chewing her nails.
"Rose! You haven't chewed your nails since you were seven!" I say.
"I know, but I'm just so nervous!" Rose says.
"Well, we're going downstairs now, so please stop." I say. Rose stops.
"What was I thinking?" Rose asks. I stare at her.
"What?" I ask.
"I'm only nineteen! That's too young to be getting married!" she says.
"Rose. I was married when I was nineteen. Your dad's parents were married when they were eighteen. Harry's parents were married when they were nineteen. My parents were married when they were twenty. This is normal. I had the same thoughts right before I walked down the isle. But trust me, if you said yes, it was because you knew you had found the right one." I say, laying my hand on her shoulder. "Now, let's go down there, and get you married. This is going to be the best day of your life, I promise you."
Rose nodded. "Okay. Let's go"
And we walked down the stairs.
"Ginny, my daughter's getting married." I whisper as the bridesmaids glide down the isle.
"I know, Hermione." Ginny says.
"It seems like only yesterday I was running from both a three-headed dog and Flich with Harry and Ron." I say, tears filling my eyes. "It went so fast, Ginny."
"I know, Hermione." Ginny says. "I remember Harry smiling at me the first time he came to the burrow, and I put my elbow in the butter dish." she, too has tears in her eyes.
"Ginny, Rose is worried that she's not ready to be married." I say. "But I know for a fact, that I'm not ready for my daughter to be married."
Ginny put her arm around me. "Come on, Hermione. Rose is going to be okay. You've still got Hugo."
"But for how much longer?" I ask, tears running down my face. "Rose left so quickly. Hugo's already starting his seventh year. Soon he'll be gone, too."
Ginny is about to reply when the music swells, and everyone stands, as Rose comes through the double doors on Ron's arm.
Rose's POV

Mum was right. As soon as those doors opened, my fears and worries left. I saw all my cousins, aunts and uncles. I saw Elizabeth, Nicole, and Alyea. I see Mum, Ginny and Astoria with tears on their cheeks. I see Harry, beaming at me. I see Draco, standing near Scorpius. And I see Scorpius. My heart swells with joy, and I instantly know that I made the right decision.
Soon, I'm standing next to Scorpius in front of the priest.
"We are gathered here today," the priest begins. My mind is consumed with other thoughts until I here, 
"Scorpius Draco Malfoy, do you take Rosaline  Hermione Granger-Weasley to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish; in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"
Scorpius looked down at me. "I do." 
"Rosaline Hermione Granger-Weasley, do you take Scorpius Draco Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish; in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?"
I look up at Scorpius. "I do." 
"Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." he says to Scorpius. 
Scorpius looks at me, and then we kiss. 
"Okay, I'm throwing the bouquet!" I call. A group of all the single women gather behind me, as I throw the bouquet over my shoulder. There's a gasp, and I turn around to see my seventeen year old cousin, Lily Luna holding my bunch of flowers. 
"Goodbye!" I shout, as Scorpius and I run out of the hall to climb aboard  hippogriff to take us to our honeymoon in Paris. "Bye!" I wave, as Buckbeak takes flight, and Scorpius and I are off. 
​I so loved writing this chapter! It made me so happy!  

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