A Forbidden Love Story

This is for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Competition.
Rose Granger-Weasley has become close friends with Scorpius Malfoy. What happens when this friendship becomes more than just, well, a friendship?
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This starts in fifth year, but it might move on.


14. The Final Chapter

Rose's POV

"YOU IDIOT!" I screech as I lay on a hospital bed, contractions going through my body. "I'M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN!"
"It's okay, Rose Bud." Scorpius says, laying a hand on my shoulder. "You're going to be okay."
"Technically, you asked me." Scorpius points out, and has to dodge my hand as I try to slap him. "Okay, okay, sorry." he says, hands up in a gesture of surrender.
A few hours later

"One last push!" the healer says.
I scream as I push as hard as I can, and hear a baby's cry, and the pain stops.
"It's a girl!" Scorpius says.
"Wonderful!" I pant.
"I'm going to clean her off, then you can hold her." the healer says, and I nod.
"You did it, Rose Bud." Scorpius says. "You did it, and you're both fine."
"I know." I pant, and smile. "I'm sorry about all that stuff I screamed at you."
"That's totally okay." Scorpius says, smiling. "I know not to take what you say seriously when you're angry or in pain."
"That's probably a good idea." I say, and then the healer's back, and he's handing me my daughter.
"What are we going to name her?" Scorpius asks me.
"Well, if I choose the first name, you choose the middle name, and on the next one we swap." I say.
"Agreed." Scorpius says immediately.
"Her first name is Hope." I say.
"Her middle name is Rosaline." Scorpius says, and I smile at him, then down at Hope.
"Welcome to the world, Hope Rosaline Malfoy."

Well, this story is officially over. I'll be writing a sequel series, that's not going to be entered into a contest, about the life of Hope, and that will be a series, one book for each year. Thank you for hanging with me throughout this book, I hope you loved reading it as much as I love writing it! Keep an eye out for the next book, title to be decided later. I will put the title in here as an edit.

​Edit: The next book will be called The Rebel. Keep an eye out for it!


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