A Forbidden Love Story

This is for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Competition.
Rose Granger-Weasley has become close friends with Scorpius Malfoy. What happens when this friendship becomes more than just, well, a friendship?
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This starts in fifth year, but it might move on.


6. A Very Frosty Christmas

A/N: The title of this chapter belongs to J.K. Rowling, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince chapter 16. I don't own it at all. 


Dad and I haven't spoken since yesterday morning, and I show no inclination to remedy that. I have, however, made a point to spend as much time as possible with Scorpius. Not that I'm going to listen to anything Dad said yesterday. We're going to keep seeing each other, and nothing's going to stop that.

It's been very awkward, since we were very loud, didn't bother with a silencing charm, and everyone saw and heard me storm up to my room. Now it's Christmas, which is going to be very awkward. I left my present for Dad under the Christmas Tree, mostly because it's shared with Mum. 

I decide I can't put it off any longer after lying in bed for two hours and having every single one of my cousins bang on my door and tell me to hurry up. So I get dressed and walk downstairs. 

Everyone else is sitting in the living room using a Muggle contraption Mum says she liked as a child, called a television. I personally don't see the point in it, but it's fun nevertheless. It's like the portraits at Hogwarts, only when they move, it follows them much more smoothly, except for when it keeps switching from one thing to another. They're watching a movie called How the Grinch Stole Christmas. That's so stupid, you can't steal Christmas. And those things called Who's? What the heck is that about? 

I sit down next to Scorpius and lay my head on his shoulder, and he puts his arm around my waist. Audrey turns the television off, and we start opening gifts. 

I hand mine to Mum, and she opens it. I made it, and there's two, one for her and one for Dad.  For Mum, it's a perfume bottle with a potion inside it. This is a unique potion I invented myself, for Potions is my best subject. When you drink it, you work like the genie in the movie Aladdin (don't get that one, either. I don't get most movies. Why would you call somethin "movie"?) You can grant three wishes for anyone; whether it's yourself or someone else. I sent many people to both the hospital wing and St. Mungo's while perfecting that one, but it works now. 

For Dad, it's something I found in the attic the summer before my second year at Hogwarts. It was a giant spider, but I managed to undo the transfiguration I could tell was on it, and now it was an old teddy bear. I heard that George's twin, Fred, turned it into a spider when Ron was three and broke his toy broomstick. Dad stares at it for a moment, and so does everyone else. Ron, Ginny, and, of course, George, are the only ones who understand it's significance. I don't even know, I just thought that it would be nice for him to have it back, since it's something from his past. Then he puts it aside and puts his head in his hands, but Mum tells us all to carry on, so Harry hands me a present.

When I open it, it's a small potions bottle with ruby jewels encrusted into it. Inside are several rose petals, floating in a potion that keeps them fresh forever. I smile at it, then stand up and hug Harry.

"Thank you." I whisper. He nods. 

We continue to open presents, with Dad and I still not speaking to each other, until there's nothing else to open. Draco stands up, and Astoria follows his lead.

"Thank you for inviting us, but we shall be leaving now. Thank you for your hospitality." He pulls Scorpius off his feet, and they walk to the door. 

"Scorpius, WAIT!" I shout. "I left your present in my room, I'll be right back!" I turn to Draco. "He better still be here when I get back." I sprint up the stairs and grab a small package from my desk, and sprint back down the stairs. As requested, Scorpius is still there. I hand him the package, and he opens it. 

Inside is a canvas on which Rose painted a rose and a scorpion entwined together. Scorpius looks at it and hugs Rose, then hands her a package. 

Inside is a small charm bracelet, so far with only two charms, a rose and a scorpion. Rose hugs him, and then Draco drags him out the door. 

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