Muke, 5sos: "I missed you."

Michael and Luke are best friends in the beginning. As the story begins to close, they find each other separating apart, from growing older. Luke has moved on, but Michael still misses his brave best friend and boyfriend.


3. chapter three


Luke's pov

Why does he have to be so fucking mean sometimes? It's like he's a guy for a day and then a kid the next. I don't even get it. I walked into my room and shoved the camera man out of my face getting annoyed.

I locked the door and never wanted to come out again so I slammed it shut. I went into the bathroom and took out my cocaine. I sniffed it up and then cut four times on each of my wrists.

I walked out all high but tried to play it off like I wasn't. I had on my blink-182 long sleeve sweat shirt, my black skinny jeans with rips at the knees, my black and grey beanie and my black sunglasses. I grabbed my skateboard and headed for the park not telling anyone. Or making eye contact with anyone.

I skated for about an hour before I had gotten a call from Michael. I ignored it. I got ten more, plus text messages. About 50 of them. I decided to respond to one of his hundred calls.

"Where the fuck are you." He asked sternly.

"I'm at the skate park. Just calm the fuck down okay. Jeez."

"Sorry, but with the event that happened last night, I don't want you to go anywhere without me. Got it?" I didn't answer.

"Yeah. Fine. Just leave me alone. I'll stay in my room. Fuck you Michael."

"Id like to see you try, asshole." I could tell that he was about to cry because of his voice. I wanted to know if he was okay, but I just hung up instead. I felt like a complete jerk. I know he gets hurt. But I can't help it because if someone's a jerk to me, I'm a jerk back to them.

I rode back to the house and herd crying coming from upstairs. I ran upstairs to Michael's room and saw him sitting at the edge of the bed. He cut his arms to deep and was loosing a lot of blood.

"Mikey!" I said and ran up to him. I picked him up and cradled him in my arms. He cried in my chest. I took him downstairs and rested him on the couch.

"Do you wanna go to the hospital?" I asked, looking at his bleeding arms.

He shook his head and said, "Can you fix m-me?"

"Yes. I will. But you'll have to heal, which means you can't go to any of the upcoming concerts. So basically I'm grounding you for doing this."

Michael nodded and looked at his arms. A tear rolled down his cheek. I frowned and kissed his forehead.

"Don't worry Mikey. you're safe with me now. I love you and I will never let you go."

He blushed and said, "I love you too."

I smiled and kissed his lips.

----20 minutes later----

I patched him up and said, "That'll do." He smiled and said that he was going to go put on a long sleeve shirt. I took off my shirt forgetting about my cuts and tore a few of the healed ones open.

"Ah, Fuck that hurt!" I said grabbing my arms.

"Luke, why did you cut?" Michael asked scared.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it. I was just pissed, that's all. Go get changed. I'll be staying home with you tonight." I said and kissed his neck.

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