The kiss of the ferret

Harry Potter, the golden boy, was taking a shameful midnight stroll around Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, until he turned around only to see a small, white ferret following him...

(Drarry fanfic:Warnings: Snogging, slight swearing, hurt and comfort)


1. The first night stroll

Harry Potter was bored. He had no girlfriend to hang around with, he had no homework to do, and (though fortunately) there was nothing recent to do with the Dark Lord. One night, he couldn't sleep. It wasn't because of any nightmares, or that Ron was snoring too loudly, but simply because he wasn't tired and couldn't sleep.

Harry cast a simple 'lumos' with his wand, then climbed out of his messy bed. He made sure the other Gryffindors were asleep, then set off out of the Gryffindor tower. He knew for a fact that there would be prefects running night patrol at these hours, but Harry wasn't in danger, for he had his trusted invisibility cloak wrapped around him snugly.

The castle was dead silent, apart from the few ghosts who liked to moan in the hallways about their own problems. Filch's cat, Mrs Norris, was very distracted by a small mouse that was clambering across the floor, resulting in an annoyed caretaker. "Oi, you silly cat! Get back to work!" Filch complained at his striped cat, who appeared to not be listening. Harry gave a silent chuckle, and then carried on. He passed a few prefects along the way, dodging them skilfully. To his luck, they all seemed to be headed to the opposite direction.

The moon was now fully out, and the night had become darker. The time flew quickly as Harry proceeded to stroll around the castle. Even this was boring to him. The only entertainment he could seek was to get detention by a professor for sneaking out at night, but that was a type of fun he certainly did not need right now.

He was sure for a brief moment that he heard the patter of tiny feet follow him, but he guessed that it was probably either another rat or mouse scurrying across the empty floors.

With nothing else to do, Harry decided to make his way to the astronomy tower, which he knew for a fact would not be used for any class tonight. The Astronomy tower was strictly out of bounds unless it was used for a lesson. It was the tallest tower in the whole of Hogwarts. Harry also considered it to be the most peaceful and tranquil place in the castle. It was a long journey, but Harry reminded himself that it would be worth it.

Once he arrived, Harry finally could take off the invisibility cloak. He could tell by instinct that no one would be coming here at this hour anymore. He walked slowly up to the golden bars where the telescope be, and leant against it. He looked out the window, watching the stars glisten, almost as if they wanted to talk to him. It felt so relaxing, and it was certainly worth it all.

Just as Harry was slowly closing his eyes, probably getting ready to doze off, he heard a familiar low voice behind him, which made all of the tiny hairs on the back of his neck want to shoot off:

"So you come here too, Potter?"

Oh god, it had to be anyone, but Draco Malfoy. 


"Malfoy! What are you doing here?" Harry hissed, already grasping his wand tightly in his hand. Draco smirked at the sudden retort. "Well well, who knew that the Golden boy would be breaking the school rules even at this hour?" Draco advanced towards Harry, but he had no wand on him. "Maybe I should tell the professors..." Draco stopped a meter away from Harry, then chuckled. "Even if you did, they would question why you were out of bed too." Harry inched back just a little, making a valid point to the blond boy in front. Draco laughed under his breath. "Well, at least I have protection against things like getting in trouble. But since the night is young, and dare I say, that you have been going through a lot, let's make a deal." Draco smiled, making Harry shudder. "If you tell me what you were up to, I'll tell you what I was up to, and you won't suffer any sort of detention whatsoever." Draco clapped together two pale hands. Harry hesitated. It was a fair deal, but was it true?

After a few seconds, Harry nodded, then sat down, Draco joining him promptly. Harry cleared his throat, then began: "I couldn't sleep. Not because of nightmares, or anything, I just woke up, feeling bored and zero percent tired." He sighed, brushing his raven hair out of his face. Draco raised his eyebrows, then nodded. "Well, I'm surprised, I really am. I've never heard of anyone waking up feeling bored before." He raised a knee, then took hold of it. "Right! I've told you now it's your turn!" Harry almost yelled, but mentally reminded himself to keep his voice down. "Alright, alright! I came here to relax a bit. Then I saw you heading here and I decided to follow you." Draco yawned. "Wait! Followed me? How? I would've seen you! But how did you see me? That's impossible!" Harry spat. Draco laughed quietly again. "I've got a little secret, Harry." Harry felt himself turn red. Draco Malfoy, had never called Harry Harry before. It sounded strange, but the way Draco had said his name was almost....lovely. In that sinister, husky voice, it almost....

Harry shook his head. Oh no, he did not just almost think that! "A-anyway, what's this secret of yours then, Malfoy!?"

"Well, it’s only fair if I tell you. Basically, my father recently taught me how to turn into an animal without being an animagus. It's something that the death eaters figured out, and father thought that I should learn how to do it too. So, he taught me. And now, I can turn into a pristine white ferret, just like that Professor Moody turned me into." It all made sense now; the patter of feet Harry had heard, had been the patter of ferret-Malfoy's tiny paws. "But still, how did you-"

"You see, for a brief moment, the, invisibility cloak is it? Well, it revealed part of your foot, and I quietly sneaked underneath to see who it was. I then saw it was you, and followed you." If it had been an ordinary ferret, Harry wouldn't have felt the need to tremble slightly. But the thought of Malfoy crawling beneath him without him knowing?

"Well, you shouldn't be using that kind of dark magic! But it's impressive, I've gotta say." Harry mumbled his last words.

"I have a feeling that you're tempted to see..." Draco purred. Harry's head shot up in shock. But before he could speak, there was a poof, then a small white ferret appeared in Harry's lap. He looked down at it. He could swear he saw the ferret smirk at him. Harry couldn't believe that, ferret or not, Draco Malfoy was contently sitting in his lap, rubbing his tiny white paws together. Harry smiled. Draco looked cute as a ferret. He reached a hand towards ferret-Draco, and slowly stroked his soft, snowy back. Ferret-Draco squeaked in pleasure then clawed himself up onto Harry's shoulder, nibbling his ear. Harry couldn't help but laugh at the ticklish sensation, forgetting that this was still Draco Malfoy. He played with ferret-Draco for a few minutes, then brought the rodent close to his face. The small pink nose edged towards Harry's lip and 'kissed' him. At that moment, there was another poof, and the wait in Harry's hand became heavy, and he could no longer feel a small wet nose against him, but a pair of angelic soft lips. He retreated in shock a little, but Draco just continued to kiss him. He pushed Harry onto the floor with now human hands, and bent down for another delicious kiss. Harry stopped resisting, then wrapped his arms around the blonds’ neck. He wasn't quite sure of what and why he was doing this, but he liked it.

After a few moments, Harry and Draco broke away from the kiss, panting softly. "W-what...was...?” Harry tried to speak, but failed. Draco smiled warmly, something which Harry had never witnessed him do before. "So, how was it?" Draco pressed his cheek against Harry's. "Brilliant." Harry whispered. "But why...?"

"See, there's also another reason why I wanted to turn into a ferret." Draco caressed Harry's chest lovingly. "So that I could meet up with you like this one night, and tell you that," Draco looked into Harry's emerald eyes "I have more than a crush on you." Harry's eyes widened. "R-really? Since when?"

"Ever since you approached me that day while I was sitting up in that tree. You looked so cute looking up at me like that. Then when that stupid crow turned me into a ferret, you laughed, and it was the most beautiful laugh ever." Draco paused, then blushed and looked away. "That was a slight lie. I've probably liked you ever since I first saw you."

"But you hate me! You always make fun of me and my friends!"

"I made fun of you to tease you. I love seeing your flustered face. You always gave me attention, even if it was in a negative way. I tease your friends to make it seem more real. If I only teased you....I'd be found out." Draco sighed a heavy sigh, and then looked back at Harry. "This better not be a lie, Malfoy." Harry smiled deviously, but still adding a serious tone as he spoke. "It's not, I promise. Also, don't call me Malfoy. Draco will do just fine." Draco smiled, his heart almost audible from how fast it was beating. He felt a slightly tanned hand brush away the front locks of his platinum hair. "Well, that was definitely the most pleasant thing I've experienced. You turn me on Mal-Draco. And, I think that, I love you too." said Harry. "You don't have to think, because I can see it in your eyes that you do. Don't be shy with me, Harry." Draco lifted himself up off the floor, straddling Harry. "We should head back, before someone catches us. I'll turn into a ferret, and you can carry me." Draco stood up, to let Harry up as well. "Alright. But say, do you want too, tomorrow..."

"Same time same place. Of course, my dear." Harry blushed at the 'my dear', then scrambled to the golden bars to pick up his wand and invisibility cloak. Draco 'poofed' himself into his ferret self, and Harry picked him up, covering them both with the cloak.

Ferret Draco nuzzled into the crook of Harry's arm, his tiny white paws covering his furry face. Harry thought this was incredibly adorable. He woke up the white ball of fluff, then whispered: "I'm somewhere near the Slytherin dungeons. I forgot my map, but I think I know where we are." he kissed ferret-Draco's small body, then set him down on the ground, hearing his tiny paws patter along the corridor. Harry also made his way back to the Gryffindor towers. He couldn't wait for tomorrow, and he almost tripped with excitement.


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