The kiss of the ferret

Harry Potter, the golden boy, was taking a shameful midnight stroll around Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, until he turned around only to see a small, white ferret following him...

(Drarry fanfic:Warnings: Snogging, slight swearing, hurt and comfort)


5. Fear, sleep, and rodent mischief

Harry woke up the next morning in a pleasant daze. He noticed that Draco had already left, but a small note lay on the empty pillow:

Dear Harry, my love,

I hope you slept well. I am sorry, but I had to leave early, to meet up with the two annoying nuisances known as Pansy and Blaise. I promised the, and I am a man of my word. I will see you later today.

From Draco xx

Harry laughed. Draco was becoming such a sap, it was unreal. He folded the note and placed his wand on top. He got dressed fairly quickly, and then headed down to breakfast, which was delicious as usual.

He talked to Ron about many things, including the event yesterday at Divination (Harry had been with Dumbledore) , were Professor Trelawney had apparently told Ron that he would face sudden anger during the week, but have it resolved in passionate happiness. "The woman is mad. That's all I can say." He said after swallowing down a particularly large piece of toast. "Yep, she is, and I'm guessing that Hermione had gone completely insane when she found out her 'future'?"

"Oh yeah, furious I tell you! Bug-eyes told her that her studying would start to fail. I could almost see her hair curling in anger, I could." Harry almost chocked on the glass of pumpkin juice he was drinking. Everyone knew that Hermione was a study geek, and that someone telling her something like that was worse than telling Rita Skeeter a great bunch of lies about, well, everything, then having them published.

Whilst imagining Hermione's angered face, Harry took out his timetable, noticing the first two classes to be advanced charms. This was fine, as Harry wasn't bad at charms, and he did want to pass his OWL's when he got to them. Professor Mcgonnagol was a feisty teacher, and she certainly wouldn't have any students fail the charms exams. Suddenly, Ron had nudged Harry hard in the shoulder. He had appeared to be looking down at Harry's feet, and when Harry did the same, there stood, all happily, a snow white ferret. Harry immediately knew who it was.

"Gee mate, it looks a bit like Malfoy, remember?" Ron smirked. The ferret suddenly didn't look too pleased swishing its tail. Harry picked up ferret-Draco, resting him gently onto his lap. Ron didn't know that this was Draco he was holding, but he didn't have to. A couple of Hufflepuff first-years let out a swooned "awww" as they passed Harry. Ferret-Draco made a sort of happy squeaky sound, his paws patting Harry's lap in a specific manner. Harry massaged ferret-Draco behind the ears, making him close his midnight black eyes in pleasure. "I think it's taking a liking to you, ey mate!" Ron smiled, reaching towards the fluffy white ball. Harry was surprised when ferret-Draco didn't attempt to bite or scratch Ron when he stroked him, but remained calmly in Harry's lap, probably enduring it.

 "I should probably take it back outside." Harry said, before the subject escalated any higher. Ron nodded, then confirmed he was going to stay behind with an affirmative much on his croissant.

Harry took ferret-Draco outside by the lake, noting to not come too near, for he didn't want anything to do with the giant squid right before class. He set his rodent lover on the soft grass, and then watched as it turned skilfully back into human Draco. "That was the best feeling behind my ears; you need to do that more often!" Draco moaned, then stretched his arms behind his back. Harry smiled "I love how you didn't mind Ron petting you."

"Well, Weasel- I mean, Ron, did give me some nice strokes, so it's fine." Draco stated, yawning. Harry blushed. "You know, I’m sort of jealous if you say that." he looked down at his feet, then felt a warm body press against him. Draco now wore a devious grin. "Oh really, saint Potter? Jealousy is it? Remind me to make you feel that more often."

"That's just mean." Harry murmured, looking to the side, feeling quite flustered. "You know I’m kidding, don't be jealous. There's only one person in the whole world and universe for me, Harry. And that is so obviously you." Draco pressed a long kiss to Harry's lips, who immediately felt better about the whole situation. He kissed back, inviting the blond's body warmth to seep through him and into his furiously beating heart. He was sure they would've stayed like that forever, if the damned bell hadn't rung. "Ugh, typical for that crappy bell to ring now. What do you have?" Draco took a hold of one of Harry's hands. "Advanced charms. You?"

"Divination, to listen to that crazy insect of a woman." Draco rolled his eyes. Harry laughed. "Well, we better depart, before someone catches us." Harry said quickly, before planting a hard kiss onto Draco's neck, and running of back towards the castle. He looked behind, noticing that he had left Draco behind looking very red and dazed.


"Harry, I'm seriously worried about your OWL's you know." Hermione sighed, struggling to carry her stack of books. He had made a few mistakes in Herbology (which was after charms) and Hermione kept trying to make him feel the guilt. She wasn't succeeding, as Harry just wanted the day to be over so he could spend time with Draco at midnight. "Harry, are you even listening?" she stepped in front of him, looking quite displeased. "I hate to break it to you 'Mione, but no. I'm looking forward to something else today, and I keep daydreaming." Harry huffed, blowing a midnight strand of hair from his face. Hermione suddenly smiled, then shrugged. "Alright, alright. Go do what you want. You know for a fact that I'll be in the library if you need anything."

"Yeah, I know. Thanks 'Mione." she smiled once more at him, then trotted off.


Harry took his leave shortly after, straight to the Gryffindor common room and up to the boys' dorms. He got changed into something more casual; a pair of navy shorts and a baggy red t-shirt. He knew that Draco would wear something proper and more sophisticated, but Harry couldn't care less. He was about comfort, not flair.

When midnight did come, Harry was sitting on the bed in the empty potions classroom again. He waited for Draco whilst looking around, particularly at the cupboard on the other side of the room, and the brown oak desk. This could be an amazing classroom with a good clean up, but Harry and Draco had already claimed it for themselves. He saw that the dust had disappeared, and he couldn't help but wonder if Draco had cleaned it up during the night. As he thought this, a little white ferret scrambled into the room, shooting itself at Harry's lap. Harry was about to smile until he felt fur-ball shiver.

"Draco? What's the matter?" The ferret enlarged at his words, and Draco Malfoy was looking into Harry's eyes, trembling, his lower lip quivering. "Oh Harry, you have no idea what just happened." Draco curled up onto Harry's chest. A sharp pain struck Harry in the heart. He had never seen Draco look so upset and scared, and it made him extremely worried. "You don't have to talk about it now if you don't want to, but you know I’m there for you." Harry whispered, caressing Draco's chest lovingly. "Just stay with me...don't go off anywhere, don't always believe what you see. Just, stay with me Harry James Potter." Draco licked one of Harry's fingers, sucking and biting on it, like a ferret.

 It had taken quite a while to calm Draco down, but it all worked out in the end. It had seemed that Lucius Malfoy had written to his 'loyal' son about some sort of plan to catch and deliver Harry to the Dark Lord finally, which had terrified Draco in an instant. Of course, Harry wasn't going to fall for anything, and he reassured his lover that he would stay with him for all eternity. But now that Draco was back to normal, his personality came back, and Harry could sigh in relief. "I can't believe what you've chosen to wear." Draco put on his famous Malfoy smirk. "Well, I'm all about how something feels, not looks." He eyed Draco's creaseless shirt and black trousers. "I'll have you know Mr Potter," Draco ran a long finger down Harry's torso, making him shudder and blush "that this particular shirt is made of pure silk, so it's very easy to...slip on." Harry gulped. "Dray, stop turning me on..." Harry exhaled, then closed his eyes. He felt something warm press just above his collarbone, then retract. "Fine, but you have to help me fall asleep." Draco whispered, nipping Harry's ear. Ever since Draco had come into Harry's life, he had never wanted to sleep more. "Come on, darling." Draco pulled Harry into an embrace, and they fell asleep faster than lightning.

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