The kiss of the ferret

Harry Potter, the golden boy, was taking a shameful midnight stroll around Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, until he turned around only to see a small, white ferret following him...

(Drarry fanfic:Warnings: Snogging, slight swearing, hurt and comfort)


3. Fawks's special delivery

Harry reached Care of Magical Creatures just in time, and saw that Draco was already there (obviously). Hagrid came out of his wooden, slightly broken hut, and clapped two big hands together. "Righ'! Mornin' 'Arry, Ron, 'Mione. Gather roun' everyone!" Hagrid waved a hand towards the mixture of green and red, then placed his arms on his wide hips. "I've got a righ' treat for ya, ya know. Really special, tellin' ya." Hagrid started walking towards the Forbbiden Forest, the Slytherins and Gryffindors looking like right ants compared to him. Since it was now the evening, the sky had gotten dimmer, and the trees in the forest didn't help with letting much light in. Harry looked over to Draco, who was giving him a, "What do you think it is?" look. Harry shrugged, then proceeded on.

"Come 'ere, but not too close." Hagrid held out his arms. A couple of Gryffindor girls gasped, so Harry looked up front. In front of the class, not too far away, stood a pristine, white unicorn, with strands of delicate silver hair. Harry had never seen a live unicorn before, and was amazed at it. "Isn't he gorgeous? Make sure to keep quiet, so ya don' scare 'im." The unicorn shifted slightly, then grazed along the grass floor. It's horn looked as if it had been made of ice, and glistened in the unexisting light. "Righ', so this is an adul' male unicorn. I'm goin' to allow ye in pairs to go pet 'im. Just approach slowly, and star' at the mane, all righ'?" Hagrid winked to Harry. "'Arry you go first. Malfoy, you go with 'Arry." When Hagrid said this, harry saw Hermione give him an apologetic look, which was totally unecessary, becuase Harry wanted to go with Draco anyway. He waited for Draco to come out of the crowd, then walked with him towards the impressive creature. Draco lent slightly into Harry, then whispered: "In classes like this, just pretend we still hate each other." Draco gave a sneaky wink, and then proceeded on.

The unicorn had noticed them, and slightly backed away. "Whatever you do, don't do the same thing you did with Buckbeak." Harry said quietly. He remembered how Draco had insulted Buckbeak the Hippogriff in third year, and, although he didn't get cut deeply, it still looked painful, and that horn on the unicorns head looked suggestively sharp. Draco rolled his eyes. "I only did that because I was jealous that you managed to befriend it. I also was trying to impress you, you know?" Draco smirked. Harry shook his head. He was the first one to reach out his hand and slowly reached for the unicorn’s icy mane.

Draco followed slowly after. They slightly touched their hands together, then both gently stroked the unicorns mane with their fingertips. It had to be the softest thing Harry had ever touched in his life. He suddenly noticed that Draco was looking at him with a hazy smile, blushing right up to his ears. Harry blushed too. Luckily for them, their backs were facing the class behind, so nobody could possibly see their expressions. The unicorn sat down, Draco and Harry automatically doing the same. They sat down, suddenly everything turning all glowy-like and romantic. Harry desperately wanted to lean in and kiss Draco, but he wasn't stupid; the class would see that. The unicorn nuzzled their hands affectionately, it's nose all warm and slightly wet. "You two alrigh' over there? You can stay there if ya wish. There's a couple more of 'em coming over." Harry looked over to his left, watching five silver unicorns coming over in the distance. "Alrigh' , rest of ye, go fin' yourself a buddy, then pet 'em to yer hearts content." Harry watched the rest of the class go rather far away from his current location, but he didn't mind. Now he could spend some alone time with Draco, without anyone listening in or watching them. "Finally alone, eh?"

"My thoughts exactly." Draco smiled. Harry noticed that Draco and the unicorn had a lot in common. Both were equally as beautiful (and had soft hair) and both had to be marvelled from afar, until they earn your trust. "Are you ok?" Draco suddenly said, breaking Harry away from his daydreams. "Yeah, I’m fine." Harry patted the unicorns nuzzle affectionately. "I really want to kiss you right now." Draco confessed, which was slightly sudden. Harry looked to were the class was: nobody would be able to see them, for Harry could only just see them, thanks to the other unicorn's glow. "Fine. Just a quick few." Harry leant in, placing a fleeting kiss onto Draco's lips. "Aww, don't tempt me honey. You can go harder." Draco pouted. Harry placed a harder kiss onto Draco's lips. He kissed him a few more times. Draco moaned softly, then quickly pulled away. Harry raised an eyebrow, the looked behind him, only to see Hagrid coming towards them. He panicked: had he seen them?

"Sorry to disrupt ye boys, but I just got an owl from Dumbledore for you two to go to his office." Draco suddenly gasped. Harry instantly knew why.


 "Do you think that maybe-?"

"My father's found out? Or-"

"Dumbledore has found out and isn’t happy?"

Harry and Draco were panicking. They both knew that whatever the headmaster wanted to see them for, would definitely be something to do with their relationship. They held hands briefly, before letting go, and after a good few guesses of the password (liquorish quills) entering Professor Dumbledore's exquisite office.

Harry had been here more than once, but he wasn't sure if Draco had. He noticed Draco looking towards a fiery red bird with ink black eyes and a golden breast. It was Fawks, Dumbledore's phoenix. Fawks had saved Harry's life in second year, when he had fought the Basilisk in the chamber of secrets. He couldn't be more grateful to the bird. "Hello Fawks."


"Yeah, that's Fawks. Dumbledore’s phoenix. Isn't he beautiful?"

Draco nodded and smiled. Fawks then stretched out a wing, almost as if he were beckoning the boys over. If the bird was or not, Harry went over anyway. He noticed a letter attached to Fawks's leg. On the back, it read: Harry & Draco.

"Draco, come here." Draco came over at Harry's words. Harry untied the letter from Fawks's leg, who made an approving squawk. Once the letter was opened, Harry read it out loud:

"Dear Harry and Draco,

I am truly sorry for calling you out at an inconvenient time. I am guessing that the unicorns were just lovely, yes?

It has come to my attention that you have both started a rather intimate relationship with each other. How I know, is quite confidential, but I must relieve you by saying I have nothing against it. I think that it is wonderful, and please feel free to use that empty potions class to your heart’s content. I will also make sure that Lucius Malfoy does not here of this matter, but if he were to somehow be knowledgeable of it, I will make sure he causes you both no harm. I am not at all concerned about Narcissa Malfoy, for I will be speaking to her shortly.

I am sorry that I could not talk to you both in person. I have a very important meeting with The Order, one that I cannot miss. Think of this letter as Fawks's special delivery!

I hope I have your understanding.

Professor Dumbledore"

When Harry finished reading, a wave of relief swept over him. "Isn't that great Draco? We actually have the headmaster on our side!" Draco smiled widely, and then gave a confused, almost disgusted look. "That's great, but wasn't that letter kind of creepy? Knowing about our relationship like that, saying such embarrassing things! But I agree, it means I can make out with you in peace." Draco exhaled. Fawks rustled his wings happily. "Yeah, you can." Harry's heart skipped a beat.

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