The kiss of the ferret

Harry Potter, the golden boy, was taking a shameful midnight stroll around Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizadry, until he turned around only to see a small, white ferret following him...

(Drarry fanfic:Warnings: Snogging, slight swearing, hurt and comfort)


4. Comfort in red and green silk

"You know I wouldn't really do it." Draco smirked. "Plus it wasn't a malicious act, just a clever tactic." Harry rolled his eyes. He knew in his heart that Draco wouldn't actually had done anything to the innocent second year, but he had his doubts. "So, what did you do?" Draco moved his wand with a ‘fwip’, causing red sparkles to fly about. Harry watched them fly about. "Me? Nothing much. I was so bored in history, that I stopped thinking about whatever we were learning about, and started picturing you instead, causing me to write 'Draco' unconsciously on my parchment." Harry remembered the moment like it just happened. Fortunately, Ron hadn't seen.

Draco snorted. "Wow, you're such a sap." Harry hit him on the shoulder playfully. "Well, the night is still young, I suppose, so we should still be talking, or drinking, or whatever the hell people do at this hour. But I've been yearning for you all day, so I'd rather not waste our precious time together." Draco raised a knee, leaning back on one hand. "Would you do me the honour?" This time, it was Harry's turn to smirk. "Sap." he mocked. Draco screwed up his chiselled face, and then jumped, no, pounced, on top of Harry. Draco dug his fingers into Harry's unruly hair, messing it up even more, giving him passionate kisses. Draco slipped his tongue into Harry's mouth, making Harry moan and give in to ecstasy. "I want us to sleep here tonight. Together." Draco whimpered in between kisses. Harry was too happy to object.

After a very lustful session of kisses, snogs and brief neck biting (resulting in a few purple blotches), Harry and Draco were now lying in each other’s arms on a very fancy bed (magnificently conjured by Draco) wearing only baggy boxers. They lay on silk sheetes, which were red and green. When Harry asked why those colours, Draco said that it was for comfort. “I love you." Harry nuzzled Draco's temple. He could feel Draco slightly tremble, the grip on Harry's upper arm tightening just a bit. It was weird to see Draco so revealingly timid, but Harry liked it. It gave the blond a whole new different personality. "So, have you been worried about anything lately? I know that you have had a lot to do with the Dark Lord in your life." Draco asked. Harry didn't feel angry at him, but did he have to bring that up? Then the bad thoughts started. Draco had obviously read Harry's mind, because then he said: "I started grim thoughts, haven't I." Harry nodded, then felt Draco snuggle closely into him, as if they were to melt together if he came any nearer. "You can talk about it if you want." Draco offered. Harry gulped. He knew for a fact that Draco would not sell him out to his father. But for some reason, he still felt anxious. "Fine, I guess. I'm just a little nervous. I only ever talk about these kinds of things with Ron or Hermione, and you can obviously tell why I'm hesitant to talk to you about it." Harry explained, then hearing Draco sigh, "Please don't mush me up into the same group as my father. I'm not siding with the Dark Lord. I've never told anyone that, but there you go." Harry kissed Draco on the head, feeling so happy that he had said that. "I'll tell you."


"And then there's just this whole drama about my scar hurting!" Harry had been talking to Draco about, well, everything, for at least two hours by now. "It will get better."

"But how do you know that?"

"I just do." Draco yawned. Harry felt slight guilt as he looked into Draco's droopy, tired eyes. "I'm sorry, I rambled. You go to sleep, I'll shut up." Harry took off his glasses, placing them onto a now carpeted floor, which had also been conjured earlier by Draco. "You don't have to, I always look like this in the evening anyway." Draco reassured Harry. "How about this. I'll make you forget about all your problems to help you sleep. You see, I also have problems of my own sometimes, which are hard to banish. I created a tactic involving myself. Every night I would whisper sweet nothings to myself, making me think of happy thoughts. I'll do the same for you if you want." Draco smiled cutely. "Ok."

"Great! Now, close your eyes, and relax your body. Hmm...what can I think of. Ah ha! Ok. Unicorns."

As soon as Draco whispered the first word, a bright picture of a unicorn standing in a darkened forest came to his mind. It looked so calm, and happy to be there. Like nothing in the world could harm it, and it could revel in it's own light.


This time instead of a bright twinkling fairy, an image of Professor Lockhart trying to tame the blue Cornish pixies in Harry's second year came into mind. It had been hilarious, but he couldn't help but revisit his justified opinion of the professor being a pathetic fool.


Harry immediately saw a bright brown deer grazing in a spectacular meadow somewhere in the mountains. Animals seemed to always calm him down, and having Draco whisper all this into his ear with hot breathe, made it all the more relaxing.

"Draco, your true love"

Harry thought that Draco would say this sooner or later. He knew well that Draco still had the Malfoy blood gushing through him, and that meant that he still would be slightly a narcissist. Nevertheless, he held Draco tighter. "Of course..." he breathed into the blonds’ ear. He felt his lover caressing his hair, then Harry felt himself drifting, like he was sitting on a fluffy cloud with Draco, and the world grew darker, and darker, until he was sure that he was slowly falling asleep.

That night, Harry dreamt of the time when he petted the unicorn at Care of Magical Creatures with Draco, and could almost feel the sweet kisses his boy was giving him. It felt magical. Nothing in the world could hurt him with the unicorn and Draco by his side. Every word that Draco had whispered played thoughtfully in his head in the dream. It was so wonderful, everything glowed; the trees, the grass, even Harry and Draco themselves. It just felt so perfect.


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