Allyson Sanders had 17 years worth of beatings from her abusive parents. A week before her 18th birthday she decides to run away. After she successfully escaped she realized that she had no plan and then she met Jason McCann


2. Chapter 1


Allyson's Pov 

After about an hour of crying my eyes ran out tears, and I just lay down in bed with my phone in hand seeing if one of my friends would be kind enough to let me stay with them until I get back on my feet. After about three no's I huff in frustration.

" Some friends they are " I mumble getting out of bed and grabbing my bag picking out a pair of pajamas.

Her pajamas: 

As I am putting on my pajamas I hear my phone buzz on the nightstand I groan and put my pajamas on quicker it's probably another one of my friends telling me that I could not stay with them. My phone buzzes again ,

and I go over to the nightstand and pick it up seeing that I got a text. I throw my hair in a messy bun before reading it .


" Don't worry i'll take care of you " I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at the number , it's not familiar at all.


" Who is this " I text back and walk over to my bed with an unsettling feeling in my stomach.


" Don't worry about who it is just be thankful that i'm going to help you." I ignore the text deleting the conversation and lay down starting to doze off when I get another text .


" Princess don't ignore me " The feeling in my stomach gets worse and I begin to get angry.


" I'm not your princess you must have the wrong number because nobody calls me that , I'm gonna call the cops if you don't stop harassing me." I delete the number again and decide that if the person texts back I won't reply.


Thirty minutes have passed and my phone has buzzed a ton of times. I yawn and rub my eyes deciding to just see who texted me , when I see that it is from that same number I almost scream out in anger. Who are they and why won't they leave me alone , but when I get to the last text message my blood runs cold .


" You are my princess "


" Didn't I say not to ignore me "


" I should bend you across my lap and spank that cute little ass of yours " 




" Okay I see what you are doing your playing hard to get aren't you beautiful .. that's alright i'll be there tomorrow at The WestBorough Hotel to pick you up sweetheart goodnight , ps . I love your striped pajama bottoms they look so good around your ass" 


"This person knows where i'm staying and what bottoms i'm wearing maybe I should call the cops " I think clutching my phone tighter in my hands and dial 911 not pushing the call button. I walk over to the large window and shut the blinds before looking around suddenly feeling very paranoid. My heart thumps fast in my chest and I get ready to push call until a thought comes to my mind. Maybe it was my friend Charlotte I told her where I was staying and she knows that these pajamas are my favorite.

I throw the phone down and giggle thinking about how crazy I was just acting of course it was Charlotte she loves pranking people. I lay down on my bed closing my eyes and forgetting about everything as sleep takes over.

One thing that I was wrong about was the person texting me being charolette.


~The Next Morning~   


I wake up and yawn grabbing my galaxy s7 edge off of the charger. I read the time seeing that It is 9:30 am , my stomach dropping when I remember that I have to be out of here by 12:00 am. I need to figure out what i'm going to do because i'm gonna have to leave in 2 hours and thirty minutes. I am snapped out of my thoughts when my stomach growls , and I get out of bed going straight to my bag and picking out a sweater and black jeans along with some brown boots and a scarf.


I head to the bathroom and take a quick 20 minute shower washing my body with my vanilla body scrub and washing my hair. I get out and dry off putting my outfit on and drying my hair . I put my curly hair in a messy bun once it is dry and put in some earrings before doing my makeup which consists of winged eyeliner , mascara , and lip gloss.


Her Outfit :



I head to the Buffet located inside of the hotel after grabbing my phone and purse and order some eggs , bacon , sausage , hashbrowns , and an orange juice . It comes to 8.22 $ and I hand the guy the money, then I put the remaining 15 dollars in my purse and take my food to my table . I eat slowly while checking my messages to see if any of my friends changed their minds about me staying with them but all I got are " I hope you find somewhere to go." after about 5 minutes a tall handsome guy with tattoos joins me and just stare at him taking in his beauty . I may have drooled a few times but hey dont judge me you would have to !!!


" Hello " he says to me.


I look at him and blush as we make eye contact " Hi " i say lowly feeling very shy and look down.


He has this dominating aura that makes you just want to sink down in your seat or run away from him. After about five more minutes we are chatting as if we were bestfriends and giggling and I feel myself loosening up as I forget about all my problems.


It's a shame that he wasn't being completely honest with me.



I hope you like , comment , and favorite this story .. This is our first book on here and we hope you enjoy it !!!  





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