Wild Card

See what The Sky system does to save our world..


1. Busy System....

It was busy evening in Wicollesta, the control center of Sky System. According to the theory of Texcola written in 2056, there are 12 universes and there must be a control system to keep contact and peace to maintain the universal peace. There is mistress named Helena most ravishing women of all times in universe who is worst sadist and deepest devotee of Medusa who has only devastating powers is assigned as Hell Goddess. Cressida, the head of  Wicollesta was commanding the three operators sitting down to her high raised seat. 

"Check Standard System." said Cressida

"All Clear," said Greg

"Nicole Check the center and give readings."

"Virus check: Clear. Databases: updated. Control system: no faults.

"Edward activate Dredfradom anti virus, now"

"Do you mean Dreddsfog? The anti virus you just spoke about is very strong. The last time it was used is 170 years ago."

"Edward activate it now on Level 1 before I come there and do it on Level 5!" she yelled.

"Okay! Activated on level 1"

"Nicole inform the higher authorities about activation of the Anti Virus."


"Greg open the Texcola."

This command struck the three operators and the fifteen members in the control center. The Texcola was not opened since 2057 and it was clearly forbidden. The youngest of the fifteen members Demetra spoke up.

"Cressida! You are not supposed to do that all by yourself. You should speak about opening of Texcola in Tekk assembly or ask higher authorities about it."

"OPEN TEXCOLA!!" Someone yelled from the top. It was Master Zaikins. He was the head of highest authority-Collesta. He had long blonde hair with most handsome face. He was 6'9" and had well built body. He is only obsessed with one girl-Celestina.

'Zaikins?! What the heck that freak's doin' here?' thought Cressida.

Greg opened Texcola.

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