Stockholm Syndrome (Pokemon FanFiction)

For the anime/manga competition.
(Legal stuff - all characters and plot etc. belong to nintendo or whoever owns Pokemon idk)


4. Chapter 4

The boy and his mum were having a conversation outside the gate, but I didn't understand very much of it. Whenever they would say words I understood like “Pokemon” or “pikachu”, I would interrupt by saying “pikachu!”

When I heard the words “poke ball”, my stomach tightened. The child pulled out a poke ball, just as a feared, and dropped it on top of me. Somehow, I managed to deflect it with my tail. He kept dropping the ball and it kept bouncing off me. Having just discovered this ability, I, mirrored this actions and bounced the ball towards him until he gave up.

He picked me up again. When I looked into the crowd, I saw an opportunity to electrocute everybody, as a “fuck you” for years of incarceration at their hands. I took the opportunity, and all of them, except the pesky child, fell to the ground.

“Pikachu!” I exclaimed, pleased with myself.

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