Stockholm Syndrome (Pokemon FanFiction)

For the anime/manga competition.
(Legal stuff - all characters and plot etc. belong to nintendo or whoever owns Pokemon idk)


1. Chapter 1

Whoosh! I heard the sound of something flying towards me, similar to the sound a meteor might make flying across the sky. But it wasn't a meteor, it was a Poke ball.

The red and white ball of death, my friends call it. They swallow you up and very few who have the misfortune to be engulfed by a Poke ball are ever seen again.

I took a quick glance behind me and found that the poke ball was inches behind me. So I ran. I ran for my life towards the tall glass until I felt something hit my tail. The poke ball was on the floor, millimetres away from my tail. The red and white ball of death doesn't seem so intimidating now, I thought.

Holy fuck I was wrong. The tiny ball opened up. It was hollow. The next thing I knew I was being sucked into the sphere by the vortex it created.

“Pika!” I screamed, as I tried to resist the undercurrent but, of course, my efforts were futile, In a matter of seconds, I was trapped in the ball. Oddly, the poke ball was spacious. On my way in, I had briefly wondered how the hell I was going to fit into the ball. From the outside, it looked as if it was no more than a few cubic centimetres in volume, but the interior felt like it could comfortably accommodate a hundred Pokemon.

My mind was racing. I have to figure out a way out of here. Oh who am I kidding, no one ever gets out.  Actually…

The last thought I had was about a Pokemon speech I went to see a few weeks ago. He was a CP level 332 Infernape, and a Poke ball survivor. I was absolutely mesmerised by him; he was a god to me. He gave me hope that Poke balls weren't the death sentence my elders always taught me they were when I was a Pichu. I idolised him, the same way you would idolise your favourite celebrity. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the advice he gave about Poke balls.

Conserve energy so you don't faint as quickly? I tried desperately to remember the speech. No no no, that's a myth. Your body doesn't care about the future when you're in danger now. Muster up all the energy you can, that way, you're more likely to break free. I took a deep breath, and pushed all my limbs against the wall of the Poke ball to try and escape. I managed to make a few fractures, but I'm no level 332 Infernape.

As I lost consciousness, I started to remember the talk. When Pokemon get caught, they're instinct is to panic. Stay calm, save your energy. Everything seems bigger and time seems slower but in reality, the poke ball becomes redundant after a few seconds.

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