Changing || L•H

My name is Jenna Irwin and I have been mute ever since Freshman year of high school. The only person I talk to now a days is well my brother Ashton Irwin. I stopped being social in freshman year because I would always get bullied on how stupid and none pretty I looked so I stopped making friends because all my friends became my enemies except Ashton. My parents well they were never around at the time or even now really because of business trips or always working late and leaving really early so they really don't know that I'm mute. My life has took quite a turn because becoming mute made me want to become a writer because I write more than I talk, like when I'm getting bullied for no reason I would write a note in Ashton's locker and we would meet up and talk. But then my life started to change when the new kid came. They came and changed me into the girl I am today.... (Note: the boys are on the verge of becoming famous in this story!! So they are regular teenagers right now!!)


5. 4

I wake up bundled in my covers I was going to move but I felt hand around my waist I was about to freak out but then I remembered what happened

I shake Luke lightly and he opens one eye he bolts up quickly and frantically "Sorry are you ok Jenna do you need anything " he says with a smile showing his little dimples

I shake my head no and get up he gets up as well then I hear a knock on the door and I walk up to door and open it wide open and his smile sudden drops "Luke? Where have you been I've been looking for you I thought you left to go somewhere?"

"Oh well here's the whole story and such..." I listen to Luke tell Ashton about everything that happened yesterday and Ashton looked very confused

"I found this very hard to believe but whelp what can you do" Ashton then comes over to me and gives me a hug I almost immediately hugged him back "It's ok I know you miss him but we have to move on we can't hang on anymore " I let go of him and gone downstairs I grabbed my phone and walked out the door

I know I have a tendency to leave when I feel uncomfortable but I just can't help it I don't want to move on I can't move on I sigh and walk to the park and to a tree right and the back of the park I sat down and leaned my back against the tree

I take out my headphones from my pocket and plug it in to my phone I needed to escape from the world right now I couldn't stand another moment here on this planet I needed to break away I needed to go to my own little world

I close my eyes but soon here footsteps coming towards me I opened my eyes slowly a saw the park manager "um ma'am it's time for you to go you've been here for hours and we're closing now I nod and leave.

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