Changing || L•H

My name is Jenna Irwin and I have been mute ever since Freshman year of high school. The only person I talk to now a days is well my brother Ashton Irwin. I stopped being social in freshman year because I would always get bullied on how stupid and none pretty I looked so I stopped making friends because all my friends became my enemies except Ashton. My parents well they were never around at the time or even now really because of business trips or always working late and leaving really early so they really don't know that I'm mute. My life has took quite a turn because becoming mute made me want to become a writer because I write more than I talk, like when I'm getting bullied for no reason I would write a note in Ashton's locker and we would meet up and talk. But then my life started to change when the new kid came. They came and changed me into the girl I am today.... (Note: the boys are on the verge of becoming famous in this story!! So they are regular teenagers right now!!)


4. 3

I now walk back into the school and go to my least favorite and probably everyone's least favorite subject Math

I sigh and grab my textbook and head to the class when I finally get there I head to my seat which is in the back next to the window

I love to sit there and look out the window and just think sometimes I don't even know what I think about other times I find myself writing or doodling on some of my math papers which I have no intentions of doing anyway

I was looking outside when I felt the presence of someone next to me I turn to see who it is and I see the person I left five minutes ago Luke

he writes down on a piece of paper then hands it to me with a smile it read 'hey I see we have the same class '

'No really because I thought sitting next to each other in the same classroom with the teacher teaching the same thing to the both of us at the same time '

I write with a hint of sarcasm but eh whatever

'Woah don't get your panties in a bunch oh and I have something to tell you'

'I'm trilled to hear'

'Ashton has practice and I didn't hand in my forms yet so we have to walk home together '

'It doesn't affect me at all so'

I sighed and I handed him that last message I really have been having a bad day and now I have to get bombarded with questions for him after school great note the sarcasm

The bell rings after a very long time of listening to boring things in math and I quickly escaped,go to my locker and walk out side to wait for blondie yes that's my nickname for him

He finally came outside so I started to walk "hey! Wait up!" I hear blondie calling after me I look over my shoulder and shrug and keep walking

He finally catches up to me and grabs my shoulder and slightly moves my body so I'm facing him " ya know you shouldn't do that " he said in a whisper almost out of breath

He inched closer I can feel his breath on my nose because of his tall ass body he leaned down to my ear "I would wait for you even if it took a lifetime " he slowly came back to my face and looked into my hazel eyes

Then he let go of my shoulder and backed up only a tiny bit I took a deep breath and sighed this kid is crazy if he thinks those tricks work on me because I have been through worse trust me

I walked around him and continued my walk to my house with him trailing beside me not saying a word thankfully

We arrived minutes later and I walk straight to the kitchen still with blonde trailing behind I grabbed a granola bar and ate some of it and again he did the same following my exact moves I got a paper and a pen 'are you mocking me blondie?'

He smirk at the paper 'maybe maybe not hazel?'

'Really my nickname is hazel?'

'Yes you decided blondie I decided hazel'

'Whatever makes you sleep at night blondie '

I smile and walk out the room once again leaving the blonde in curiosity I walk up to my room not even two seconds later I hear a knock I open it and see blondie chewing a piece of his granola bar

"I need your help with something please" he said with a classic puppy dog face I sighed and nodded he smiles making a yes sound

He told me to follow him down the hall we arrived at the door of Harry's room... the last place I wanted to be

All of a sudden I get flooding memories and I started to run downstairs and out the door I kept running not caring that Luke was running after me but I collapsed to the ground when I came to my spot Harry's grave I sat there sobbing when I felt someone hugging me comforting me i didn't care if others were watching I just cried in his chest as he held me

Soon when I stop crying my eyes grew tried and I feel asleep in his arms but before I closed my eyes fully I saw Luke's face he was comforting me he was telling me everything was going to be ok he was helping me get through this horrible moment he was changing the moment to comfort

I woke up in a familiar room Ashton's room I sit up and see Luke at the edge of the bed with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands

I put my hands on my face remembering how I felt and what I did "Your awake!" I get startled by his voice and jump a little

"Oh are you ok I'm sorry I startled you!" He said worriedly I nod and get up from Ashton's bed I know why Luke's worried he is afraid that if something happened to me he will get held responsible because I'm just Ashton little sister I sigh knowing that I really need to stop getting my hopes up

I need to stop getting my hopes up on someone who could actually care about me besides my family I want a friend I guess

I started to walk to the door when his voice interrupted me " are you sure your ok do you need help?" I nod not wanting help but unfortunately I needed it he got up quickly and came to me he took Amy arm and put it around his neck while his other hand was holding my waist

We walked to my room and he set me on my bed gently then he got the first aid kit and helped my ankle that had gotten hurt when I collapsed quickly on the ground

As he was helping he was staring at my tattoo on my ankle it was a picture of a tiny heart with a broken piece in the middle "nice tattoo do you have others?" He said trying to make a conversation apparently I nodded

"May I see them?" I stood up slowly not trying to hurt myself more

I take off my flannel and lift up the sleeve to my nirvana shirt and reveal a saying that harry used to say it was " The life have should be the life I love " he touched the writing wondering what it meant " I think I've heard that somewhere " I nodded and didn't want to show him the rest so I lay back down and he smiles " it's ok may be another time good night hazel" I close my eyes an instantly feel asleep

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