Changing || L•H

My name is Jenna Irwin and I have been mute ever since Freshman year of high school. The only person I talk to now a days is well my brother Ashton Irwin. I stopped being social in freshman year because I would always get bullied on how stupid and none pretty I looked so I stopped making friends because all my friends became my enemies except Ashton. My parents well they were never around at the time or even now really because of business trips or always working late and leaving really early so they really don't know that I'm mute. My life has took quite a turn because becoming mute made me want to become a writer because I write more than I talk, like when I'm getting bullied for no reason I would write a note in Ashton's locker and we would meet up and talk. But then my life started to change when the new kid came. They came and changed me into the girl I am today.... (Note: the boys are on the verge of becoming famous in this story!! So they are regular teenagers right now!!)


3. 2

After about an hour of writing and doing some boring homework I decided to go downstairs and eat something

I'm usually not that hungry but I just had the urge to just go so eh now I'm downstairs about to walk in the kitchen when I'm the living room I see both boys just playing FIFA

I sit down on the couch instead and watch them I don't think they noticed me until Ashton almost sat on me not paying attention

"Oops sorry Jenna didn't hear or see you walk in" he said "oh and I'd like you to meet Luke he will staying with us and also he is the one who didn't appreciate all my cookies" he said while pouting Luke started laughing a little but then put out his hand for me to shake

I hesitated at first because I'm not a people's person but I eventually agile he hand got up up and went to the kitchen

I'm guessing Ashton didn't tell Luke about me being mute it must've slipped his mind because Luke was curious enough to follow me into the kitchen

"Hey um Jenna right are you ok? You seem tense or something " I just shook my head and grabbed an iced tea bottle and went back upstairs to blog about my day and stuff

" Today wasn't exactly different from yesterday but some things have changed like the fact that I now have two immature guys living with me and yeah it's one hell of a ride but I'm happy that my brother has another friend unlike me who doesn't even have the slightest chance of getting friends but life full of disappointments and I'm just going to deal with horrible bullies and annoying people my whole life but maybe something good will come out of all of it"

I hit post after rambling on about not having friends aw well who cares anyway

Not even two minutes later I get a reply from someone who read my post or should I say the boy who is the only one to read my post

"Dear Writer101,

Your life is going to turn out great one day and maybe that day would be today or tomorrow but if you need a friend I'm here just call or text me here is my number ***********

From, Your #1 Fan

I smiled at the post and not wanting to ruin my chances of actually having a friend I started to text him


Unknown:Hey! It's you I'm so glad you texted me!

Me: I'm glad your excited your probably the only person, besides my brother, who is excited to talk to me

Unknown: Anyway I'm a big fan of yours your writing speaks to me and it's amazing to bad no one else read your writing they just never took a change I guess

Me: yeah... I guess so

Me: anyway it's pretty late I'm going to sleep Night

Unknown: Night sweet dreams and text me tomorrow ok?

Me: okay

I turned off my phone and got in my pjs I walk downstairs to say goodnight to Ashton

I walk up to his room and knocked on the door unfortunately it wasn't Ashton who opened it

It was Luke "oh hey do you need something?"

I sighed and walked around him I'm really trying not to be rude but I'm just not used to talking to people

I walked up to Ashton who was his bed "hey sis what brings you here?" " Night" I said quietly

"Oh and I've told Luke to sleep in here instead of Harry's room tonight so yeah"

I smiled and hugged him and went to my room to sleep

I woke up earlier than usual and got dressed in a Nirvana crop top with high waisted black jeans and converse and an unbuttoned red and black flannel to use for a jacket

I walked downstairs in the kitchen and grabbed an apple I know cliché but hey I'm hungry

When I finished I decided to take a ride with ash I didn't feel like walking I went up to his room and knocked

He opened it with him half dressed with no shirt on and his hair messed up "how are you ready so quickly you make me feel like a high school teenage girl getting ready for prom sometimes ya know "

I smiled and shook my head and walked in his room me and Ashton have seen each other naked i mean come on we are siblings we've had baths together as youngsters so we really don't mind it now

I sit on his bed while I watch him search for clothes and Luke is still in the bathroom do whatever once they are both ready we get into his car and drive off to "hell"

Once we arrived I quickly get out of the car I wave to Ashton before leaving and try to get past crowds of teenagers in the hall ways

I sigh and finally get to my locker and shove everything in

*Skip to lunch *

I walk outside and climb the tree farthest from the school and sigh I soon hear someone else climb up and sit next to me " hey there Jenna " Luke said happily he seemed nice and I didn't want to be anymore rude so I wrote down on a piece of paper 'hey Luke '

And handed it to him he read it and replied 'your brother told me you don't talk to others besides him but I want you to know you can talk to me'.

' your not the first person to say that to me ' I jumped down leaving him there in curiosity

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