Changing || L•H

My name is Jenna Irwin and I have been mute ever since Freshman year of high school. The only person I talk to now a days is well my brother Ashton Irwin. I stopped being social in freshman year because I would always get bullied on how stupid and none pretty I looked so I stopped making friends because all my friends became my enemies except Ashton. My parents well they were never around at the time or even now really because of business trips or always working late and leaving really early so they really don't know that I'm mute. My life has took quite a turn because becoming mute made me want to become a writer because I write more than I talk, like when I'm getting bullied for no reason I would write a note in Ashton's locker and we would meet up and talk. But then my life started to change when the new kid came. They came and changed me into the girl I am today.... (Note: the boys are on the verge of becoming famous in this story!! So they are regular teenagers right now!!)


2. 1

Jenna's POV

I sat there on my computer trying to think of what I'm going to end my blog with.

"Today was another horrible day at school you know the usual getting ignored and never being noticed but today I did sit at Ashton table with a few of his friends but it felt awkward because I really didn't think it was a good fit. Trying to make friends is fucking hard as hell when no one even sees you as a person but it's one of the perks of being me right?"

I sighed and just hit post I know no one was going to read like all my other blogs well except this one follower that I have he reads every single post I really appreciate the thought but I think he just does it because he feels bad for me and what not

I sigh and close my laptop and go to sleep another day of hell awaits me yay!! Note the sarcasm

I walk up to the smell of waffles which means Ashton must be really happy about something if he decides to cook this early or at all

I walk out of the attic and yes my room is the attic and no it not a bad I actually like my room to be honest

Anyways I walk downstairs to the kitchen to see Ashton cooking some waffles and baking cookies

"What's the occasion?" I she quietly

"What I can cook on a beautiful morning " he said while pouting "unfortunately no so spill what's up" he pouted more "well if you must know I have a old friend who is coming back to our school and he moving in"

"Ashton we have no more rooms " I said tiredly "umm well we do it's Harry's... room " he said looking down I wipe away a little tear that slipped when he said his name "that room is off limits and you know that so please..." Ashton sighed "I know but we have no choice " I walked out and went back to my room and got dressed

So let me fill you in on my little brother Harry he was the happiest little boy I've ever met but he passed not to long ago because of his cancer and I've never moved on from it

I put on a white tank with black skinny jeans with a few rips on them and a red and black oversized flannel over my shirt I unbuttoned a few to show my tank top underneath then I walked downstairs and out the door I couldn't deal with my brother right now

I walked all the way to "hell" with my book bag slung over my shoulder I entered the building getting lots of glares from sluts and fuckboys but I don't mind it doesn't really matter to me what they think anyway I got to my locker and shoved everything in and went to my first class only to get stopped by Alesia aka slut #1

She smirked "well if it isn't the one who never talks and always needs her brother to get through life" she started to laugh with everyone else I just walk past her and go to class ugh it's going to be a long day fuck my life

Skip to the end of the day ~

I started to walk back when I heard my named getting called I turned around and saw Ashton running towards me " hey are you okay?" I didn't say anything he knows I'm mute to other people but he still trys

We finally get home to see some guy in our house sitting on our couch on his phone "LUKEY!!" Ashton yells and gives him a hug I ignore them and head up to my room and started to write.

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