THE Spring Break


1. Meet Them......

It was a sunny day in New York City. I mean it was spring's starting. Bertha Jones was a fair lady with long wavy blonde hair with front braids merging with rest of wavy hair. She had grey eyes, pink glow on her cheeks with pink lips. It was easy to fall in love with her. But she was a hard strange girl. She was mostly interested in Paranormal Research. She was good student. But at present she was plucking passion fruits from her garden. She was doing it so elegantly that anybody would get lost in thoughts. She is not lovey dovey type. But in backyard was Philip Walton sitting in Jacuzzi relaxing with a lemonade. Philip Walton was a man who was very cool guy. No tension only relaxation. Jane Kyles was busy in her weekly visits to orphanage and charity work. Ross Hallways was in his room doing his office work. Bertha threw a passion fruit at Philip. He accepted it and went on munching the fruit. Jane was busy serving food to children in Charity Foundation. "Broccoli Cakes coming!"said Jane running out of the kitchen. Broccoli cakes made by Jane were awesome. They were actually mixture of spiced broccoli and wheat flour. 

The Day ended and they all came to know about the mandatory college trip...🙌 

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